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Aberrant: 2011 - 'Innocence' Discussion


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Brittany was admitted to Albert Einstein Hospital in Philadelphia about quarter after seven on the morning of July 4th. The story of what happened there with Cyn has been reported on all major news networks, was picked up by the Associated Press, and has been the subject of much opnet chatter. The video taken by the news crew has been making the rounds as well.

The almost unilateral consensus is that Brittany acted in defense of herself and others against clear and present danger, and she's being heralded as a hero who stopped a national killing spree. Her only current detractors in this matter are:

1. The members of the Westboro Baptist Church, who claim that all of the murders were God's vengeance upon a corrupt and permissive culture that encourages people like LiberTeen. They have protested the funerals of the officers and citizens who were killed in the attack, though the Patriot Guard was on hand to discourage them.

2. The Church of Michael Archangel, who claim that the Cyn/LiberTeen feud was emblematic of what kind of collaterol damage can be done to baseline society by warring novas, and have also criticized Philadelphia police for not arresting and charging Brittany with several criminal counts.

3. Focus on the Family, who have taken a marginally more moderate stance than the Westboro Baptist Church, but has effectively said that Brittany's "murder" of Cyn confirms her immorality and negative status as a role model.

4. Marie Esponisa, wife of one of the four murdered police officers, who claims that LiberTeen's inability to stop Cyn is what got her husband killed.

Largely, the attitude has swung towards support, however, and despite a few protests outside the hospital, most negative attention has been deterred.

Brittany was in a coma through the 9th, and was treated for numerous external and internal trauma.

Visitors (barring her parents) were not allowed while she was still out, but people were allowed to send gifts, which were inspected and delivered by Philadelphia police. Any reference or correspondence to the events of the 4th were being provisionally kept from her until she was awake and in a sound state of mind, so any cards or letters referencing the incident that were sent were kept aside until the 12th.

The Fic 'Innocence' will detail Brittany's time in the hospital. Any character who would like to drop by may do so at any break in the narrative, but please be sure to include a timestamp. Brittany is assumed to have been taking visitors since the 12th.

If anybody would like to ret-con a little bit and say that they've already visited or sent any sort of well-wishes, that's fine. Due to the length of time it took to finish the story and my not wanting to ruin the ending, the news of Brittany's condition is a little late coming. Unless your character has been living in a cave, there's virtually no reason they wouldn't know the salient details of what happened on the 4th and that Brittany was in a chemical-induced coma through the 9th.

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Having caught up 'Innocence', the thread is now officially open to visitors. I'd like to do them one at a time, since it's unlikely that two people would show up at once, unless somebody decides to do something wacky like hold vigil.

I already have one visitor. If there are any others, please let me know by PM or here so I can start structuring the rest of the fic. Thank you. smile

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At this point, I have James Adler, Kara, P3, and (I'm assuming) Robert, in order of request. My perhaps incorrect assumption is that Dr. Adler might have a slight jump on the competition, being a member of the medical community who might have had access to Brittany before while she was still in surgery. At this point, it's up in the air. If the interested parties could contact me and give me an idea of when they'd be most apt to stop by, it'd be really appreciated. smile

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