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  1. I've never been more disappointed in any group of people in my life so much as I am right now. Matt, go ahead and remove my mod privs please. I'm finished here. I'm not coming back. Congratulations. You all win. I'm going to go have fun somewhere else.
  2. Suit yourself. I'm not sure why you think lots of flaming will calm the situation, but you're free to do what you want.
  3. Originally Posted By: Vivi OOCI'll keep my skepticism until and unless I've a reason to do otherwise. The reason to do otherwise is already here: because I said so. Do you think I'd put up with all of this if I wasn't in it for serious? No way. No way in hell. I would have put up with this kind of relentless character assassination for about fifteen minutes and then left yet again. Every time someone says "I'm skeptical of what Nova says" I hear "I think she's lying. Despite the thousands of words she's written on this topic over the past week, I think she's full of shit." How much of that am I required to take to prove my sincerity? At some point it stops being a skeptical semi-warm welcome back and becomes a pointless beating. I think we've been past that point for quite a while now. Despite everyone's efforts to paint me as a liar, I'm still trying. Why, I have no idea, since nobody wants to listen, but here I am anyway. I don't have the stomach for stupid pointless internet forum fighting for its own sake-- I only stoop to this because it is apparently necessary to win everyone over all over again. If that's not sincerity, I don't know what is.
  4. Originally Posted By: Alex OOC(T)his didn't seem to work. I have nothing for it. All my efforts turn to dross. Fuck this. Hey, now you know how I feel. Cheap shot aside, if you really want to discuss this in depth, let me know.
  5. I want what's best for the site, whatever that may be.
  6. Do it. Do your bloody deed and have it over with. Clearly it's not about the best interest of the forum, but instead is about getting rid of me at any cost. I had no idea I was such a threat to harmony, what with my radical talk of "less fighting, more writing" and "hey, let's knock this off and have some fun." So please have your bloody coup, and enjoy the spoils. I don't think it will be so delightful to have as you think.
  7. Guess what? My horrible awful tyrannial dictate to you writers is: GO WRITE AND HAVE FUN. What an ogre. Ugh ugh. I'm awful. I'm sick of this bickering. Carver, you want the mandate of the masses? I think you have it already. Take the job.
  8. Originally Posted By: Dawn, OOCMy intention is not to cause an insurrection, but to try to regain moderation of this forum in the case that we need it. At this point, there is no one who can provide moderator functions for us, in the case that there is an OOC fight or any forum maintanance. Problem solved. I'm here. I'd like to add Carver and Nathan to the roster, in case I go crazy and wander off again. It really is that simple. If this is not a coup or insurrection, then it really is over now. If it's not over, then someone is being less than up-front about their intent. Right? Everything else is just internet forum drama llama nonsense. Let's go write some stories now.
  9. Originally Posted By: Dawn, OOCOriginally Posted By: ShaeAre you willing to be a nominee for moderator and step aside if you are not chosen by the writers of 200X (to include anyone that had a character as of Feb 4th, per Dawn's original post) as one of the three new mods? Bumping this up. Flicker, we really need you to weigh in on this one way or another, because if you're not on board, we need to know. Thank you. It's a silly question to ask, when you think about it. My stated position is that we need one or two new moderators (again, contingent on Seph's return or non-return), in addition to myself. I see no reason to remove myself from my position. There are, at most, a dozen active posters right now, if that. Do we really want to open the can of worms that an election would entail? We'd have a thread in which we argue over the best way to tally the votes (run-off, simple majority, etc.), we'd have a thread in which we argue over the legitimacy of the results, we'd have a thread in which we argue over secret versus public ballots, and we'd have a thread in which we argue over whether this mechanism is even allowed per the 200X Bible, and then we'd have a thread where we argue over the text of the amendment to the 200X Bible which would allow the election to occur in the first place. None of this is conducive to the intent of the forum: fun, and writing. Let's keep seeing shows of hands for who is interested in the position. Right now I favor Dawn and Nathan. I would be honored to be an equal third with you two. Note that I said equal. I will not be the first among three. When we had all three moderators, I was overridden in secret votes two times. Twice I went to Seph and Mr. Fox with an idea, and twice the vote was 2-1 against me, and twice I accepted their counsel. If Nathan and Carver have an idea that I don't like, guess what: Nathan and Carver's idea gets implemented. When I created this forum, and let's not forget that it was my idea in the first place and my task to shepherd that idea into reality, I bent over backwards to include as many ideas and voices as possible. When 200X was ready to launch, I took off my "sole creator" hat and put on my "one of three moderators" hat. After the weeks of stress, lost sleep, flamewars, and setting the rest of my life aside to get this thing up and running, I put my trust in others. I have already relinquished 2/3 of my authority and put my trust in the other writers here and the system I have created. I think it's over-reaching to ask me to let go of the remaining 1/3. I really do not want this to turn into a huge flamefest or to break down into point-by-point quotewars. I laid all of this out so you'd know where I stand. Can we please get back to the writing now? When I check in from my PC at work, I'd like to be able to spend more time writing my story in progress and less time dealing with this issue.
  10. Before all of this blew up, I privately asked Nathan to be a mod. I'm certain he's got what it takes to do the job.
  11. I'm never going to pretend that I'm good at public relations. The best I can offer is to do my level best and then try to smooth over the feathers that I inevitably ruffle. This isn't the same thing as being a Lovable Bastard or a Grouch With a Heart of Gold, but more like someone who is Clueless About People. Because I am. XD
  12. I'd like to apologize in advance for breaking this reply into many quotes, but for once that actually seems to be the appropriate way to handle it. Dawn closed on a compliment. Thank you. I'd like to open with one: Given the precipitous nature of my return, and my heavy-handed demeanor so far today, it speaks volumes for your maturity and grace that you've taken the time to post as thoughtfully as you have, and it flatters me that you hold me in high enough regard to do so, instead of giving me the thrashing which some would say I richly deserve. I really think you should--time permitting--join me on the mod staff for 200X. Please consider it. Pretty please with sugar on top. Originally Posted By: Dawn, OOCI wasn't interested in the new mods making many changes to the 200x Bible. I just wanted to see things back on the road again with the forum that has a great version of my favorite character (I'm all sentimental, you know...).I agree with you absolutely. My aim is not to incite a great change, but rather to find one or two (contingent on Seph's response or non-response in the next two weeks) thoughtful moderators who have the desire and the attachment to this forum to carry on its original ideal, and to ensure that the shameful state of disarray--which is my fault--is not repeated. You all deserve better than what you've been given, and I'm sorry. Quote:I have the following concerns with Nova remaining moderator. leaving again - Nova has addressed this. feelings that leaving has caused - I don't see that Nova's addressed this. Perhaps she has, but if so, it's been to dismiss those feelings in favor of her own feeling of ownership over 200x. loss of playership due to issues with the moderation - not addressed. This may not be an issue, and I don't know if it will be. But I have observed that forums that have a lot of OOC bickering have seen a loss of participation in that forum, at least for a time. I think of it as leaving for emotionally non-polluted areas.I'd like to see the last two issues addressed by you, Nova. I'm glad you asked, since this is something that weighs on more minds than yours and mine. First off, I am sorry that I left abruptly and without ensuring a chain of succession. When I went, I thought it was only for a day, then only for a day or two, then only for a week, and so on. This is something that everyone has experienced at some point in their life, when the manner of your parting with someone is not as you had hoped. As the days away from each other become weeks and months, a kind of awkward guilt fills one's thoughts. It becomes harder and harder to bridge the gulf back to your friend, because of the shame that one feels in remaining away for so long. This shame and guilt looms larger--falsely so--than the joy that you would feel upon being reunited. It's why it's so hard to call an old friend after being apart for a long time, and it's why I stayed away for too long. We're all wired this way in our brains, and it's terrible. It's doubly terrible for me, because I know about this mechanism, and I know that it should be easy to overcome it once it is recognized, yet it got the better of me anyway. That's simply embarassing. I like to think that I'm a rationalist, a scientist, and that I am in control of my own mind, and yet I fell prey to this destructive guilt. I am sorry. Your second question is one that can only be answered with the help of clairvoyance. Will players leave if I am here? I don't know. Will players leave contingent on who the new moderators are? I don't know. What I do know is that the moderation staff will all be trusted members of the 200X community, not outsiders. If you trust each other--and the continued survival of the forum despite the absence of leadership speaks volumes for that trust--then I think that this concern will evaporate. (As an aside, I prefer to think that I am trusted. That self-image has been bruised a bit today, but I stand fast by it. I hope to show those who doubt me that I am sincere by my actions.) Quote:And my closing remarks to Nova: all I ask is that you remember that we are a group of writers, put together to steer ourselves on the stories we want. That is the guiding principle behind 200x. The mods are important to that process. My personal opinion is that if the majority of the board no longer wants Nova or anyone to moderate, they should get to make that call. Please listen to the voices of your writers, for they are speaking to you.I've never stopped listening. My original proposal for 200X and the official Bible are vastly different, and it's all because of the input of the participants. Most of the stress that I suffered during the gestation of 200X was brought on by listening to as many different voices as I could, all at the same time, but it's worked out well for all concerned. In addition, a mechanism for updating the 200X Bible is contained in it. Anarchy worked very well when the population was smaller, but I wonder how it will work if activity here suddenly increases. I'm skeptical, but I confess to being biased towards authoritarianism in this regard. Quote:That's what we need, more than anything else: resolution so that the fun can start again.I agree completely. Quote:(I remember some hints you dropped about 200x Mithril and I'm very interested in seeing her!). I'm glad you're returning to the boards. If we can keep the opprobrium to a minimum, I can spend more time writing and less time accounting for my failures. If we can all work together to do this, I promise we'll meet Mithril 200X very soon. She's a character in the story that is percolating in my head.
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