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Aberrant RPG - Sprint and Mega dex


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In my long run on the "back-to-basics" thema, I have few questions.

The first one is:

What is the correct formule of Sprint rating when a character has a Mega Dex?

On p158, the rules say"Mega-dex rating is added to the ... sprint score". Anyway, this makes a very poor +1 to +5 meters, the same as for running score: unexponential and unfair to me smirk

So I used to calculate sprint rating way: instead of (Dex x3)+20m+Megadex, it was (Dex+Megadex)x3+20m, which makes no such a difference, except for high-level Megadex (exactly what I wanted).

BUT I just read Hypermovement, and I'm afraid it's overly combo with Mega Dex when Sprint rating is calculated this way.

Your opinions please. How do calculate sprint movement ?

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