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White Light

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Lina lounged lazily on the dark green couch beneath her. She was leaning against the corner of the arm and back, with one leg outstretched and the other dangling off the side. She was wearing a black tank top with black and white pajama pants. Between her legs was her brother, lounging near as lazily as she was. The Sunday morning sun was still low, but the siblings looked wide awake in their contentment watching cartoons. Two empty bowls with remnants of milk and spoons were stacked on the table in front of them, and a few boxes were laid about the room.

Zach giggled at something that a cartoon rabbit did on the television, and Lina faintly smiled. “So how do you like it here Zach?”

He didn’t answer immediately, as he was drawn into the TV, and just as Lina had given up hope for an answer he responded. “I like it. I miss you a lot. Can’t you be back more?”

“I wish I could. I miss you too.” She wrapped her arms around him and he smiled. “But I will be back for a long while in July.”

Zach seemed to draw back from the television for a few seconds, than looked up at Lina by tilting his head backwards. “How long is that?”

“You don’t know your months!? Jeez!” Lina said, giggling. Zach’s face seemed to turn red. Lina kissed him on the top of the head. “I missed you so much.” She squeezed him, and he didn’t fight it.

“How long is July? That’s.. two months?”

“Yep yep. Well, almost a month now. June will be here in a week or two, and July is the month after June.” Zach nodded and went back into the television. They both seemed to lose themselves in each other so well, like they were one person. It wasn’t for a few minutes later that Zach or Lina moved.

Suddenly, as if he just remembered a lost treasure, Zach bolted up and turned around. He had a huge grin on his face. Lina looked at him questioningly. “I know something you don’t know! It’s about July!”

Lina watched his face. He seemed over excited, like he wanted to tell her but it was more fun to hold in. “Well. Out with it already!” Lina said, remembering that Ravenshire had hinted at a surprise. Zach didn’t say a word. He just giggled at her and kept smiling. “Well? Are you going to tell me or not!?” Lina was half giggling, positive that he would tell her.

“I can’t tell you! Daniel told me not to!” He stuck out his tongue at Lina. Lina was unsure what to make of this. Her brother always told her everything. Whenever he got beat up in school by a bully, whenever he was embarrassed about anything, and everything else, Lina was always the first to know. Lina kept up the smile, but it seemed to be more an act.

“And for some ice cream? Will you tell me than?” Zach shook his head vigorously. “And if I torture you?”

“Don’t.. “ Zach said, inching backwards.

“And what are you going to do to stop me?” Lina was sitting up, and folding her legs beneath her. Every inch that Zach moved back, she seemed to be gaining two. Suddenly, Zach shot up to his feet, and ran into another room. Lina stayed for a minute, lost in thought. This is good, isn’t it? He’s making bases with Daniel. This is what I want, right? Will it cost me anything from my relationship with him? Either of them? Lina realized that Zach was peering in from around the corner. Lina shot up and run after him. He could only get two steps before she was on top of him. She moved with amazing grace and godlike speed. She jumped over two boxes, and landed as softly as a step. She tackled Zach and began to vigorously tickle him. This lasted for almost thirty seconds, than Zach was out of breath. “You going to tell me now?”

Zach shook his head no, still smiling. Lina managed to hide her disappointment, but only at the cost of fear. A thought that she was losing him ran through her. Simultaneously, there was a bang, which came from the ceiling above them. “It was just Daniel getting out of bed.”

I must’ve slipped. He thinks I thought it was thunder? Let him.. Lina smiled at him pleasantly, and got off of him. “Fine. I don’t care anymore.” She walked back into the other room, looking only straight. Right before she reached the couch she was tackled from behind by her giggling brother whose arms were tight around Lina. They landed giggling.

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