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Aberrant: 2011 - Stressing visits

White Light

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Lina woke to the sound of pounding. It stopped momentarily, and Lina assumed it was her brother. She looked out the window and saw the placement of the sun in the sky, and determined that it was almost 11 AM. This was Lina’s last say home from school, and she was going to make it last. Lina felt troubled, though. She’d talked to Ravenshire last night; he had mentioned that some detectives had spoken with him. Maybe she wasn’t afraid of that, but she was definitely afraid.

After several more seconds, the suspicion had been confirmed. She heard voices. Lina sat up and swung her legs out. She’d slept naked the night before, and locked her door so her brother wouldn’t get in and accidentally stumble on a naked her. She grabbed an old bra, some white panties, a pair of grey and white pajama pants, and an overly sized ‘XXL’ tee shirt. She moved to the door and heard more voices. There were her parents, and two other voices that she didn’t recognize. She spotted her brother laying at the edge of the stairs, peaking down. She approached him quietly and lay next to him. Her parents were talking to a man and a woman. The man wore a suit without the jacket, and had a muscle man Henry Rollins thing going on. The woman was very pretty, and wore a fashionable woman’s suit in light blue and gray. Lina started to listen carefully.

“.. Ravenshire, age twenty-one, of New York City. Are you aware that the age of consent for New York State is seventeen, and the age of consent of interstate relations is also seventeen, unless otherwise higher in relation to State Law.” The man said. Lina’s parents nodded, and the man continued. “So you realize that there may have been a potential, very serious crime committed. We are here to solve this.”

“What Detective Stabler is trying to say is that it is possible that your daughter had sexual relations with a twenty one year old from another state, and that you have the ability, if not moral obligation, to press charges. Whether you intend to or not will not stop this investigation, as this is a crime against the state as well as a crime against person. Do you wish to press charges before we proceed with this investigation?”

Lina’s parents looked at each other for a moment, than her Father spoke up. “We’re sorry, Mr. And Ms. Detective, but we will not be pressing charges.” The two detectives looked amazed. The woman looked horrified, and the man looked furious. Lina’s mother spoke up to try and help them understand. “Our daughter is very special, to say the least. We believe that she is a actual gift from The Lord. Who are we to step in the way of someone of such stature? We love her, yes. We provide food, shelter, and everything else The Lord would have us to give her. But her life is that of her own and The Lord’s.”

The two detectives looked at each other for a long time before responding. There was obviously some body language being exchanged between the two, and Lina had figured that they’ve been partners for a long, long time. “If you ever change your mind.. “ The woman said, with a pause “Just say the word. May we speak with Lina?” Detective Stabler looked to the stairs and noticed Lina and her brother. He gave them a stern look.

“Let me go wake her.” Her mother said. No sooner than she started moving, Lina was on her feet and descending the stairs. “Oh, here she is. Why don’t you three go into the dining room and have a seat at the table. Will you have coffee?”

“Both with light cream and little sugar, thanks.” Said the woman.

Lina spoke. “And mine black.” Her mother nodded and went from the room with Father. The two detectives gave each other a look and moved into the next room.

“I assume you know what this is about, Lina.” The woman said. When they got into the room, she began to stare for a minute. Lina could tell that the woman thought she was incredibly beautiful, and resembled a doll of porcelain. The man didn’t give her the same look, though. He looked determined and anxious. “We’ve gotten reports that you spent a night with a Daniel Ravenshire, age 21. Is this correct?”

Lina was quiet for a minute before she took a seat. Her mother brought in the coffees, and Lina sipped hers, than finally responded. “I slept at his house, that is correct.”

“You do realize that if he touched you, a felony has occurred, don’t you?” Detective Stabler said.

“I am aware. Are you aware that stress leads to high blood pressure?” Lina said, instantly regretting this. I've made a huge mistake.

The Detective sat across from her, eyes keeping contact with hers. “From the speech your parents gave us, we could get you pulled from this home for uninhabitable conditions. Judges don’t look to kindly on parents who think their child is a god.”

Lina spoke without hesitance. “And, what? Not every parent thinks his or her child is a gift of god? Parents have different parenting styles. Besides, I am moving anyway.”

Her parents were in the other room, and Lina hoped that they did not hear. “Moving? You’re fifteen, where do you expect you will move to?” Said the woman. Lina realized that she had not heard her name, and had no idea what to call her.

“I am sorry, Ma’am. I didn’t catch your name.” Lina said politely.

The woman paused for a moment. “My apologies. I am Detective Bensen, and this is Detective Stabler.” Lina nodded.

”I’ve been checking out some private schools. Being a nova and all, I don’t suppose it’ll be too hard to find a school willing to accept me. I’ve been thinking.. maybe Connecticut?” She said. Lina was unaware that the legal age of consent for Connecticut was 16, but she had her heart set on it once Ravenshire had told him that he had plans on finding his way there. The two detectives looked at each other urgently, and Det. Bensen spoke first.

“Connecticut is a long ways away. If you wanted, I could give you the names of a few schools in New York. They have on-campus dorms, too.”

Lina smiled, believing this gesture to be of good will. “That would be nice of you, Detective Bensen.”

Detective Stabler looked to be getting impatient. “We talked to Ravenshire already, you know. If you lie to us, we will know.”

Lina looked more at ease than then she had before. So they are the same ones. “I’ve nothing to hide. And he already told me that you spoke to him.” Lina looked to their necks in search of a cross. Neither of them bore it, and Lina mildly felt bad that she would be lying to them.

“Lina.” Det. Bensen said as she sat down next to her. “Please, call me Olivia. When I was sixteen, I made a mistake, and I was briefly engaged to a twenty-one year old. I was manipulated, and I paid the price. There was no one there to tell me what I was doing wrong, including my mother. I don’t want to see you end up hurt. If he’s done anything with you so far, it’s pretty obvious that is why he is with you. If he really likes you, than he can wait until you’re of age. Do you follow me?”

He may be able to wait, but I can’t.. “I do, Olivia. I shall heed your warning. I promise you that we have done nothing that would be considered wrong in the light of law or morals.” Ha! The two detectives looked at each other, than stood up. They have absolutely nothing Lina knew. And to play to them.. “Can I get your number, for if I ever need to call you for anything? Like getting the names of those schools?”

Olivia smiled at her, and gave her a card containing her information. Lina saw them to the door, they exchanged shallow goodbyes, and the detectives walked back to their car.

“We have absolutely nothing.” Olivia said to Elliot. “No evidence, so admissions, nothing.”

”She was lying through her teeth and you know it. We’ll find something, and he will answer for his crimes.” Elliot said. “I don’t trust her whatsoever.” They moved the rest of the way in silence, both aggravated with their wasted trip. Lina watched them through a window, with her brother next to her.

“You’re moving.. ?” He finally said after they were out of sight. Lina looked down at him with sorrow, than led him into the living room to watch some television together.

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