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White Light

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Real Name: Lina Doritha

Nicknames: White Light

Place of birth: Bruno, Wisconsin

Age: 16

Marital Status: Single

Known Relatives: Father, Mother, little Brother

Allegiance: Independent

Eruption: Holy Exposure

Height: 5’ 2”

Weight: 94 lbs.

Eyes: Green

Hair: Black

Known Quantum Abilities: Little is known publicly about Lina’s powers. Her skin is white, and she can create light using parts of her body. She is very intelligent, fast, and flexible.

Abilities/Special Skills: Lina has religious followers that she may call upon whenever she has any need, including labor and monetary needs.

Character Stats


Strength: ●● Dexterity (Graceful): ●●●●● Stamina: ●●●

Perception: ●● Intelligence (Discerning): ●●●● Wits: ●●

Appearance: ●●● Manipulation: ● Charisma: ●●●


Athletics: ●●●● Martial Arts: ●●●

Endurance: ●●● Resistance: ●●●

Awareness: ●

Academics: ●● Bureaucracy: ● Computer: ● Linguistics: ●●(French, Japanese) Medicine: ● Science: ●●

Arts: ●● Biz: ● Rapport: ●

Style: ●●

Streetwise: ● Subterfuge: ●●

Etiquette: ●●●

Perform: ●● Acting


Attunement: ●

Cipher: ●

Euphiber: ●

Followers: ●●●●

Influence: ●●

Resources: ●●●●●

Initiative: 11

Willpower: ●●●●● ●●●●●

Quantum: ●●

Taint: ●●●●●

Aberrations: White Skin, Phobia - Astraphobia

Mega Attributes:

Dexterity: ● Stamina: ●

Intelligence: ●

Appearence: ●● Charisma: ●

Mega Enhancements:

Accuracy (Dex)

Durability (Sta)

Regeneration (Sta)

Speed Reading (Int)

Awe-Inspiring (App)

Mr. Nobody (App)

Inpiration (Cha)


Bioluminescence: ●●●

Quantum Bolt: ●●● (Lethal - White light causes burn damage)

Force Field: ●

Claws: ● (Extra: Aggrivated, Armor Piercing) (Linked Power: Dependency 2 - Bioluminescence) (Weakness: Damage 1)


Intolerance -1 (Christians)

Vengeful -2

Enemy -0

XP: 4 Gained (April 1st)

3 Spent - 2nd Dot of Mega-Appearance (Tainted)

Aberration gained - Low Level Phobia - Astraphobia

4 Gained (May 1st)

2 Spent - 2nd dot in Acting

2 Spent - 2nd dot in Linguistics (Japanese)

1 Left over

4 Gained (June 1st)

5 Left over

4 Gained (July 1st)

6 Spent - 1st dot of Force Field

3 Left over

4 Gained (August 1st)

6 Spent - 1st dot of Claws (With extra)

1 Left over

4 Gained (September 1st)

5 Spent - Enhancement Gained - Regeneration

0 Left Over

4 Gained (October 1st)

4 Gained (November 1st)

December - Inactive

January - Inactive

5 Spent - Enhancement Gained - Mr. Nobody

2 Spent - Background Gained - Cipher

1 Left Over

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Being only a girl of fifteen, this Nova has managed to captivate and acquire a group of baseline followers. Ranking on her own religion, Lina finds them all entirely gullible and incapable of free thought. If she didn't use them so much, she would want them dead.

Lina grew up in Wisconsin, and erupted in a church service. When she came to, she was paper white. She has not visited a Rashoud clinic, or a hospital since before eruption. The area she erupted in was too far removed from society that she was merely taken to a local nurse who gave her bed rest. People told her that while unconscious, she would dream while thrashing violently and glowing white. After waking, she spent the next few days alone, using her powers at will, trying to learn how to use them. She still has very, very limited control over them, but its not them that she uses regularly.

She found that people had thought she was a gift from God. Upon hearing this, Lina renounced God. As she quickly found that her following would do nearly anything for her just for a simple word of prayer, that it was easy to make others join. Word has spread of the testament of Lina. Lina often borrows money from the group with no attention to give it back, and periodically calls in unnecessary favors.

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Lina gained an enemy.

Real Name: Unknown

Nicknames: Kid

Place of birth: Unknown

Age: Unknown (Appears to be in his 20's)

Allegiance: Independant

Height: 6'1"

Weight: Unknown (Very, very skinny)

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Character Stats


Strength: ●● Dexterity: ●● Stamina: ●●

Perception: ●●● Intelligence: ●●●● Wits: ●●●

Appearance: ●●● Manipulation: ●●● Charisma: ●●


Athletics: ●● Drive: ●●● Firearms: ●● Legerdemain: ● Martial Arts: ●●● Pilot: ●●● Endurence: ●●● Resistance: ●●●

Investigation: ●●●● Bureaucracy: ● Engineering: ●●●● Intrusion: ●●●● Linguistics: ●● Medicine: ●●●● Science: ●● Survival: ●●●●● Rapport: ●●

Intimidation: ●●●● Style: ●●●● Interrogation: ●●●● Streetwise: ●●● Subterfuge: ●●●●


Backing: ●●

Contacts: ●●

Euphiber: ●●●

Willpower: 3

Quantum: 3

Taint: 4


Black Thumb

Mega Attributes:

Perception: ●

Intelligence: ●●

Manipulation: ●

Mega Enhancements:

Bloodhound (Perception)

Eidetic Memory (Intelligence)

Overwhelming Question (Manipulation)


Disrupt: ●●

Immobilize: ●●

Psychic Shield: ●

Telepathy: ●


Bad Vibe -2

Intolerance -1

Phobia (TBD) -2

Vengeful -2


Euphiber Attunement 2

Fairly accuracte picture as to appearance and style.


(Photo of a guy named Julian. Thanks Julian.)

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