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2006 Month Seven


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International Man of Style

l33t Hax0r who steals your Megahertz

Single-handedly won the 2009 World Series by himself, playing all nine positions at the same time.

Designed the world's first car that uses old CD's for fuel.

Backed up Tori Amos on her farewell tour.

Helped his landlady mow her lawn when he grew up.

Some or none of these things might be true....

Month Seven is Cade. Cade stories accepted until 23:59 Pacific time, July 31st.

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Here's a quick write up on Cade.

Real name- Michael Paul Alistaire.

weight- 110 kg

Height- 2 m

sex- male

During his tenure as an Elite Cade made a vast array of friends and contacts around the world. Using his innate charm he befriended an army of wealthy people, and served as both a bodyguard and at times escort for a slew of clientelle. He has never really failed a mission, and boasts being one of a handful of novas to directly fight Long and walk away from it. He is currently a Member of the Windy City Knights and Co-founder of the Chicago Foundation. He divides his time between these two obligations and his relationship with baseline lover Maria Castille. Her father runs a multinational conglomerate and is quite pleased with the relationship between his daughter and former Bodyguard.

On the subject of Cade's abilities, He boasts near total invulnerabilty to harm in any fashion. Sensory attacks seem to not phase him at all. From reports from past DeVries mission debriefings his mind is impenetrable except to the most skilled psychics. Poisons and disease don't affect him, and on the rare occaasion he has been hurt his wounds sealed almost instantly. He is capable of flight and also of opening portals between different locations. He is fairly strong and extremely agile for a nova. His Thoughts are lightning fast and he's shown an uncanny ability to understand people. He has evidenced greatly improved perceptive abilities, it's even rumored he can read minds. He's amazingly attractive even by nova standards, his voice can be soft and gentle, yep powerful and commanding as he chooses. Whether by asking or demanding something, almost always, he gets what he wants accomplished. He has shown remarkable control over Gravity, and among other rumors are his abilities to disrupt other nova abilities and to litterally rob them of the fule to use their remaining powers.

Currently he leads the life of a public servant and philanthropist. He has his hands in a dozen charities other than the foundation. In his spare time he has been seen helping build homes for Habitat for Humanity and once or Twice he's actually gone to a soup Kitchen and served. When asked why do the small things He responded "I like to see the fruit of my labor. I like to get to know those I help."

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  • 4 weeks later...

Vixen- that was the best laugh I've had in ages. Thanks alot man.

Ptesan-Wi- You captured the dialect of Alexandria very well. I like hoe you hit on several aspects of Cade all at once, how you have him solve the problem in a way that benefits everyone. Thanks for a great read, definitely canon.

Jager- Dude this was by far one of the best descriptions of a multiple combatatant gunfight I've read. I really enjoy reading it.

The three of you did a great job, but i can only pick one of you.

This Month's winner is Ptesan-wi for "Poor Relations"

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