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Character Contest, Month Seven


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Well, the masses have spoken, and we push on bravely forward.

And this month, you can't have your pudding until he eats his meat, it's AMPED!

Amped's month is from Today until August 21st.

Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!

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I'm going to be finishing up Amped's write up when I get back from the gym tonight, in about 2 hours. I'll post it as soon as it's complete. That should answer most questions about him until then.

Though to give a quick rundown

Tons of Hypermovement

Moderate Elem Mastery: Electricity

Minor Momentum Control

Tons of M-Dex, some M-Wits, low level of M-Str (2) and M-Stam (2)

I'll have more details on the full write up.


It should be in my profile now.

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Small note: the deciding to buy condoms and what the clerk said was almost verbatum from my first experience with buying condoms.

The goose droppings happened to a friend of mine while going to prom.

And the frozen flower happened to another friend of mine while on the way to the Winter Dance (the car's heater was broken).

So yea, you could say this story was inspired by true experiences. wink

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Time for the winners, but a few things to say first.

Singularity - Consider this Canon, it's already been approved by the other participant. I loved it, because I really enjoy developing the relationship between him and Dervish, and I see this all being stuff that could happen to a now 16 year old.

Timeslip - Once again, consider this Canon as well, it's a great telling of the aberration of his I like the most.

Now onto the posts from people involved in the contest.

Samhra - This one is still under consideration for Canon. I don't know what path he's going to take, but if he turns down the dark path, this is how I see it happening.

Troll - Once again, you played up the aspect of the character that I think has the most depth to it, and you played it very well. It's also in a situation I could see him being in. This is canon as well now. I kind of like him being hunted.

Jager - you hit the nail on the head. Amped is now 16, he's got way too much baggage for somebody that age, and he's got to have relief. I love how you had a bit of his past pull him back in, and how he fell in love with it.

Alchemist - I'm glad you made it before I posted. You're one of the people that helped me introduce Amped how I wanted him too. It also makes me realize how public Amped's trouble with life is.

I loved every post that was here. All of them that want canon consideration can be considered so. I wish I didn't just have to pick one, but I do.

So the winner this month is - Samhra

I want to thank everybody that posted for me this month.

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