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  1. I don't even remember if I'd answered this or not. Without a Node, I wouldn't have lost my memory, I wouldn't have learned about my asshole parents, I most likely would have had a credit card fraud/pornography scandal before the age of 17. Without my node I wouldn't have met Carver, who introduced me to Saori, who I commissioned artwork from, which let me know her all the better, which leads to us dating now. I think the Node is a much better deal even after all the bad it did bring.
  2. The little blue seventeen year old, known as Amped everywhere he went across Chicago composed himself quickly as Velvet, the owner of this club approached them. "I'm Amped, or Jonas, either one, and this is my girlfriend Gu Saori." Jonas motions to Saori as he identifies her. "I would just like to ask that an exception be made for me and Saori. I have legal documentation that allows me to enter establishments due to my involvement with the WCK, but Saori and I haven't been able to go on a date lately, and I was hoping this could be one of our first dates in a while and we could chalk it up to official business?" Amped patiently waited for Velvet's response, but anything longer than an instant, seemed like eternity to him.
  3. A low altitude flight takes him just below the clouds as Amped flies across the Chicago skyline, Saori's hand in his. It had been a while since he had last seen Saori, though any amount of time is too long. Unforunately bad circumstances had brought her to Chicago this time, and it was something that definitely had her upset. Amped was shirtless tonight revealing his small but muscular blue frame, and showing off the wonderful Irezumi Saori had given him. The two of them landed outside of the club. "Are you sure you still want to come Saori? I'm sure Long will be here, and I just need to make an appearance for work, but I can take you back home and come back for only a short amount of time then we can go do our own thing."
  4. "Sis, I just made the flight from Chicago to Colorado in under 5 minutes last week, I can spare the time out of day to visit you as much as we can both stand to see each other, and don't worry about the house, it's what I want to do." Amped was getting emotional as well, but he was acting like the younger brother always does, tougher than he really is, because he doesn't want anybody to see him cry.
  5. "I wanted the puppy, but you can take Kruger with you. He wouldn't be as happy with you. I can remember when you found him, how happy he was to see you. The other thing we need to talk about is the house. When I bought it, I said it was an investment, so I think I'm going to sell it, and I'll donate a good chunk of the profits to the Chicago Foundation. That way we'll be giving back to the city, that is, if you don't mind me selling your artwork."
  6. Amped walks in the door and hugs Carver and almost bows to Mythic before he catches himself and goes for the handshake instead. "Sorry, that's getting to be a habit now." "Harry and I have some news. He's asked me to move in, and so... I accepted." Amped listens, but he doesn't act too surprised. "To be honest, I've been wondering when this was going to happen, I'm happy for you two, you just have to make sure you don't forget me when the wedding rolls around. I guess we have some other stuff to talk about as well."
  7. Amped's on the streets of Chicago when he gets his phone call. He's fishes for the phone in his pocket with his left hand while he continues to hold up the rear of the civilian's car with his right hand, allowing them to change their tire even with their broken jack. "Amped speaking, talk to me." "Hey sis, yeah, I'll be home when my shift is over in a couple of hours, I'll talk to you then." "Love you too, bye sis." That sounded important, I guess it's about that time though.
  8. Amped embraces her in a hug before he looks into her eyes. "Thank you, thank you Saori." His words were simple, but full of meaning. I can't let myself do that again. I have too much power to let myself lose control, it could have ended up so much worse. You are what keeps me strong."
  9. "No, I didn't mean to kill him, He was rampaging, he had killed 20 people, 2 of them were cops, and threw a car across the street. Cade couldn't calm him, and that is what Cade does, there was nothing else we could do. I saw us losing. I saw terror in the eyes of the people around us. I saw Sean get struck down. I just lost it. I don't want to do that again. I need somebody to teach me discipline, I need somebody to teach me willpower, and I need you to be my anchor."
  10. When Amped sees Saori approaching he takes back to the skies and meets her before she lands. He gives her a simple grin and bows the he can while he's flying. "Hello Saori. I didn't mean to pull you away from your home, but I didn't want to meet the business end of Long for surprising anybody at your home." Together they climb in the sky, out of reach of the eyes of the people down below. The main portion of the trip is an awkward silence. He's worried if she will still have him, and his thoughts are making him be silent. Finally he chokes up the courage to speak. "I'll understand if you want to break off our courtship Saori" A blue tear begins to roll down his cheek. "It was the only way. The Crusader couldn't stop him. Sean couldn't stop him. Cade couldn't stop him. I was the only one, and that was the only way." He goes silent again while he waits for her reply, for once, not sure what is going to happen.
  11. Amped didn't know how fast he was going. He really didn't care at the moment either, but he had to get see Saori. She had probably already seen the news about everything, he had to see how she would treat him now. He had to see if they would continue their courtship now that he had been seen killing another Nova on television. He was in thought when the GPS on his goggles began to ring in his ear. He was almost there, it had only been about 62 seconds before he landed in Eisenhower Park in Denver. People were staring at him. Do they hate me? No, there's no way they could be here and see what just happened at the same time. They're still oblivious. They're just staring because I'm a Nova. Amped ignored them, and finished brushing the frost off that had accumulated in is Hypersonic flight. I've got to get in touch with Saori. He pulled his cell phone from his pocket and began sent a text message to Saori, it told her where he was. She's had to have seen the news feed by now. She'll meet me if she wants to continue our courtship.
  12. "I'll be fine Cade, it just had to be done." Amped would be fine. This wasn't his first time to kill, it was just the first time he killed out in the open. How was this going to effect everyone's opinion of him? How was this going to effect Saori's opinion of him? Those were his concerns, one he couldn't find out now, the other he had to find out. "Cade, I think you and the other Knights can handle this, but I have to go clear my head. I'll be back in a couple of days." Amped leaps up into the air, and with an audible boom flies upwards into the atmosphere, with another boom coming from well out of the visual range of any baseline, and well above the skyline, Amped begins flying towards the Rocky Mountains.
  13. I think I'm about to write a computer program that will change that for you...I think.
  14. Hardly a waste of time, it accomplished what he wanted for Ed.
  15. Before him lied a man, one that he stole the life from. It didn't bother him as much as he thought it would, not the actual act anyway, or the image of this stranger with blood seeping from his side. It was the monster that could be living inside of him, the one that could eventually turn him into this same creature, it had to be handled. Those thoughts were all he could afford himself at the moment though, he had official business to tend to. Pressing the button on his collar he spoke into his integrated throat microphone. "This is Amped, the threat has been neautralized, but there are possible civilian casualties in the surrounding areas, we should begin an immediate search and rescue." He embraced the humanity inside himself as he went to the deli across the street, surveying the damage, and helping everyone that could be.
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