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Character Contest - Month Three


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Up from the depths, thirty stories high, breathing fire, he stands in the sky, Godzilla! Godzilla! Godzilla!

And ENDEA--------VOR.....

That's right, straight from the island nation of Japan, hot on the heels of our last participant, this month's featured nova is the Lovely Nova Senshi Hino "Endeavor" Sakurako.

Let's have a blast and see what's cooking!

E-chan stories are due April 18th.

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Keep it coming! Competition breeds innovation! So says Sakurako. *pulls out pom-poms and cheers the gang on*

Good work by all, again. Sorta sucks I gotta pick one.

I do reccomend to Ashnod that Saimhe is the next character up. I already got a nice story dreamed up in myhead that'd take me only a few hours or so to write. ^_^

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Okay, first, I will review each piece.

Amped: You got yours in under the wire. It's pretty well weaved together, but it seems to take Endeavor out of the spotlight a bit. These contests are about the character "in the hotseat" more than anything else.

Ashnod: Definately above the bar work. thing is, you actually got into Endeavor's head VERY well indeed. Even I have thought about a story just like this. I'll accept this piece as Canon, if you're wondering. Indeed Sakurako needs to get out more.

Jager: This will be part of Canon, but unfortuantely, it would have been better served in a fiction outside the contest. Amped's 45/55 involvement of Bandwidth was forgivable, but this story was more a Jager story.

Long: Very cute Haiku, small, but weighs a ton! Good work.

Alchemist: Futures... whenever we act, we create a divergent tangent of timeline that would be the opposite choice, or an alternatlve considered. This story illustrated the... inefficiency of scrying the timeline to look into the future. It's a very good piece of science fiction work, and if you're wondering, I'll also take it as canon. Something she did probably before the dive, but never really let on about, or wants to admit.

Prodigy: This is a very well written story, but damn violent. Also I don't think it would have been in her right interests to not follow her "guest's" directions. But again, it was good, and darn brutal.

Doc Troll: I found your story very amusing to say the least, almost cartoonish. Then again, at times Sakurako's behavior is somewhat cartoonish. I would even say this is Canon as well, just beacuse it fits her. But the time on ths would be after she joined up with the Windy City Knights sometime next month or so.

Saimhe: First, I must say this is straight Canon. Probably before you and the gang stop by to visit. It was a very descriptive story, not really involving Sakurako's powers, but Sakurako in a different light. Vulnerible, lost, preparing to move on.

Anyone else.... *looks around with binoculars...* Nope... so I suppose it's time to decide who's cuisine reigns supreme... no... wrong show...

This was a good collection of stories, don't get me wrong. But one in particular did shine through.

Month Three's Winner is...





*SPIT IT OUT ALREADY* says the crowd...

I was split between Ashnod and Alchemist's stories. Alchemist's Sci-Fi yarn was VERY awesome, and Ashnod's story was true to Endeavor in every sense of the word. Both stories are now considered canon as well (as mentioned in the reviews). Ashnod's creativity was VERY heavy. But, Alchemist had a slight edge in that department.

So the question is, who got the 3 run score, and who got the GRAND SLAM? Both are good, but one is a tiny bit better.

It's my opinion that Alchemist got the Grand Slam. Alchemist, you seem to have alot of experience with science fiction, and you captured the heart of it with every word. While Ashnod captured Sakurako's conundrum with herself, you captured her potential.

So, Alchemist is the official winner of this month!!! Congratulations.

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Now that the contest is over I shall reveal a wacky thought that came into my head. A long time ago in a parallel universe far, far away...

Endeavor battles her evil nemesis Ronin-Man in a fight to the death following Ronin-Man drowning her genetically engineered pink kittens. Ronin-Man has made some adjustments to his Goofiber suit rendering him immune to Endeavor's electro-katana. There's only one thing for it. Quickly she attunes a handy push-bike and performs a hyperspeed slam sending Ronin-Man sailing into the distance...

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