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  1. Quote:Originally posted by Alchemist: Otherwise, we die and are reborn every day, as our memories are changed every day, every moment, of our lives. What a beautiful way of putting it. I find this infinitely more attractive than the idea of staying the same, that seems boring. I think in general that we get changed and shaped by what happens to us all the time, it's just a question of degree. Some changes might not be obvious while others stare you in the face.
  2. Psimon I see what I do now as very similar I'm just trying to explore a different set of riddles. Jager I think the problem is that both Novas and Baselines aren't taught very much about how to explore what they want for themselves. Most of the teachings in daily life are instructions on how to fit in. Everyone is constantly bombarded about what their place is, so why search for it when you've already been told?
  3. Walker was somewhat perplexed by Preston's last comment - People are dying - what did he mean by that? Had there been some change in what Preston had perceived of the future? Still the fact that Preston had implied that Neil knew a great deal about the situation and would be sympathetic to Walker opened up other possibilities. Thank you officer that has been taken down and will be used against you. Carefully Walker stood up, deliberately avoiding Preston's gaze, "I'll see myself out", he said. So saying a portal with glowing edges formed in the air in front of Walker, a stony red desert the sky pink with dust was visible on the other side. Walker stepped across the boundary changes rippling over his form. Before the portal closed Walker's silvery form, leaning forward at what seemed an impossible angle was visible bounding across the Martian surface. Some distance away from where Walker had originally stepped onto Mars he stopped. Knowing that the warp-gate had shut behind him he knelt and picked up the computer that he had previously stashed under a rock. Strapping it to his arm Walker looked up and formed a warp-gate back to Earth, to the place where he had last heard Neil was staying. Walker waited impatiently while the computer powered up, a plan starting to buzz through his mind. Walker fired off a quick and urgent sounding opmail to Neil, be online Neil, be online, he thought. Several agonising minutes later the computer pinged and Walker read the received mail with relief, Neil had agreed to an immediate meeting and given his real space location. Walker accessed the opnet and downloaded a tourist map of the area. Studying it intently for a few moments he opened another gate and went through to meet Neil.
  4. Psimon: My own experiences leave me undecided on which model best applies. I can fiddle with structures in my brain and cause myself to think differently and experience things in a novel way. Yet I can transorm into a bird and still think exactly like myself, even though I must have structures in my brain that allow me to fly as well as my whole brain being smaller. Interesting paradox.
  5. Psimon: Literally speaking: I could make a chair but it would probably be a bad one as I lack carpentry experience. I wouldn't sit on a chair made by myself without great care, put it that way. More metaphorically: I have been responsible for the discovery of a number of terrestrial plant and insect species plus several marine inverterbrate species. I have also made a number of interesting observations and scientific measurements on objects within the solar system. I haven't really done much of that sort of thing lately but on previous occasions I have informed the scientific community of all results.
  6. Quote:Originally posted by Timeslip: ...Also, a change made by brainwashing is both artificial and fragile -- it doesn't involve the kind of personal soul-searching and whatnot needed to undergo a true transformation of personal convictions, and can snap back to the original state with little or no warning, given the right stimuli... Ah but what if one uses the techniques of 'brainwashing' to induce that process of personal soul-searching and whatnot? Also you are assuming that there is a 'true' original state to go back to. Everyone likes to think that there is something essential about themselves that makes them - them. I see it rather that a collection of modules in the brain, physical or otherwise, create the overall individual. Brainwashing is such a dirty word, hyper-powered psychosurgery might be a better term. Brainwashing is what baselines do, Novas do something different. That being said if one alters too many modules in another beings mind then can one can be said to have killed the individual in some sense?
  7. Personally all this makes me wonder whether in 500 years people will be saying, "They fight like Jager and Tarot" rather than "They fight like cat and dog." Far be it for me to suggest that every Nova should live as interesting a life as Tarot, Slattern, myself or whoever. Mal forbid. But I do think that Novas in general should learn not to be too worried about being judged, or worry about failure or worry about whatever else it is that stops them from being Novas and actually living their lives.
  8. Quote:Originally posted by Psimon: Hi. For those that don't know me I'm an older player that was once a regular and then dropped off the face of the earth on and off as I had Internet access like Walker sometimes does. Yep my internet connection is crap, never mind the fact that my girlfriend is always hogging the computer. I also agree with you that it's all about telling an interesting story with an interesting character. To me it doesn't matter how far Walker rises or falls, it's how he interacts with the other Novas that post on the IC board. Walker has joined the Teragen and is a boastful marvel, but he's also got history and a back-story that hopefully makes him a complex 3D character rather than a cardboard cut out 2D one.
  9. The thing was I was trying to give the character concerned a moral dilema. It doesn't hurt you when you use your powers but it hurts those around you. Of course the player turned the whole thing on it's head and made it into a weapon. Thus munchkining his way out of some roleplaying
  10. Walker seemed lost in his thoughts for a moment his head bowed, when he looked up there was a frown lining his face, he spoke slowly as if confirming the situation to himself. "It won't make a difference will it? You're too much a chip off the old ancestral block, hard headed and opinionated, you'll never help me to release Aisha or those Harvesters whom you consider to have committed crimes." Walker shook his head slowly as if he couldn't believe what was going on, an expression close to amazement creeping across his features. "Even if I offer to stop my crusade against the Church of Michael Archangel that still isn't going to change your mind is it? I'm not sure what the whole story with your wife is though I've heard lots of rumours. Would even an offer to help her recover from any residual Michaelite propaganda make a difference?" Walker hoping against hope looked at Preston with a desperate pleading expression. After a few moments of studying the expression looking back at him Walker nodded to himself, he felt curiously dizzy and light headed almost as if the alcohol had had an effect after all. There was no deal to be had here, at least not the sort of deal that Walker really wanted, still something positive had to come from all this. "So what about those that have commited no crimes then? You mentioned something about releasing them because you felt it was the right thing to do. What exactly did you have in mind?"
  11. Quote:Originally posted by Tarot: ... so Billy the radioactive cyclops pops into the chemist and the two old ladies at the counter immediately begin melting while the other customers scream in terror... Even though I was using a system very similar to Sphere:- A maximum of 7 taint for beginning characters (since revised downwards to 5). Also the ST get's a large amount of input on the initial aberrations and most of the input with regard to future developments. Something like this happened... Player: I'm standing next to him and using my molecular manipulation power to transform a small stone into a gold nugget. Myself: Puzzled expression OK... May I ask why? Player: Because you said that when I use my powers my taint makes me give off hard radiation and it will do aggravated damage to most Novas. Myself: Stunned silence. If there is a way for a player to manipulate and abuse the taint system some of them will just have to find it.
  12. As I mention in the post above I did manage to maintain some sort of relationship with my family. Eventually though they all agreed that I had changed too much and when one day my older brother screamed in my face that he didn't recognise me anymore...
  13. Walker

    [OpNet] Children.

    1) Wow! 2) Hey I'm one of them cool things off the telly!
  14. The really tragic thing about the whole situation is that some people have no idea at all how interesting the life of a professional party-going Nova can be. I believe this misunderstanding then gets them thinking that there's something dangerous going on. Just my theory there.
  15. Xeno, The fact that you see what you are doing as unique should not alarm you unduly, I think. Two individuals with exactly the same talents and subjected to the same set of stimuli will still have a different set of experiences and will come to different conclusions. Those differences of opinion could be quite radical even though the initial conditions are much the same. Of course in the Nova age such things as telepathy and group minds are possible but I don't think that invalidates the above argument.
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