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in keeping with the tradition i started in aws we will occasionally have special projects related to our characters and the game. This is the first for WS.

I know we haven't even finished characters yet and here i am asking for more but this one isn't too bad.

The project for extra XP is as follows

Each of you have created a student these kids all have parents, brothers and sisters, connections, pets what have you. What I want is for each of you to give me pics and names and whatever little descriptive blurb telling me who they are at least a short sentence not more than a short paragraph. I'm not looking for a book on these people. each such entry you provide will garner you 1 xp to maximum of 8. you can supply more but you will only get credit in xp at this time for 8. Each character at a minimum should be able to provide parents and your three connections.

again name and short description and a pic. Pics should be of real people preferably actors but they do not have to be if an illustration is supplied it needs to be life like not an exaggerated cartoon or anime character.

In the event that two or more of you choose the same actor/celebrity/image the player who sent the choice in first will have dibs and the other player(s) will have to pick someone elseActors chosen will go to the first person who sends them in.

Send your submissions to WS ST

have all of them you want credit for submitted by next friday evening which is one week from now.


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Lucius Cole (played by Jacob Isaacs)


Charlie's father. Manager of the Marias Valley Golf and Country Club, unrepentant cheating bastard, and anxious to get custody of Charlie even though Charlie wants him to go to hell. Unsurprisingly, he gets along famously with Mr. Jauntsen.

Hannah Fuhrman (played by Charlize Theron)


Charlie's suffering mother. Having had her surname changed back to her maiden name, she is trying to iron out the divorce and have custody of Charlie while having moved out and taking the help of friends in getting her life together.

Lionel Abraham (played by Robin Williams)


Shelly's high school drama teacher. The man who oversees all the plans and good friendly mentor to those who share his love of the theater, such as Charlie.

Sally Azuolas (played by Sharon Gless)


A Lithuanian-born immigrant and widower. The next-door neighbor to Charlie's house, whom freely lets him stay over as a refuge from his father (whom she detests) when Charlie can't handle his presence any more.

Kyle Everson (played by Ty Simpkins)


Charlie's study buddy. The Eversons own a barbecue restaurant called the The Griddle, boasting the best burgers in town (Bunnee disagrees).

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Gareth 'Gar' Bannon

Jason's Father


Gareth Bannon was not always a janitor working 12 hours shifts.  Indeed, ten years ago the reclusive survivalist was a much sought-after research and development biochemist with a career that could only go higher... until his conscience got in the way.  As a reward for his whistle-blowing he was sentenced to three years in Federal prison, his name blacklisted among reputable corporations, and his wife left him and his son for greener pastures.  Since moving to Shelly, he has made contact with some of Montana's more radical Constitutionalist militias and regularly spends weekends on 'retreats' with fellow conspiracy-theorists, all the while keeping his head down and not attracting the Man's attention.  He loves his son, but fails to see that despite being able to look after himself since he was 13, Jason needs his father's presence as much as, if not more than his distant love.  Gar knows that the system is not to be trusted, that the government lies and commits immoral actions, and that the nation has strayed from the moral underpinnings of the Founding Fathers.  He knows that sooner or later society will collapse, and he plans to be ready.


The Sons of the Constitution

Survivalist Militia Network


Despite their paramilitary outfitting... Despite their distrust of any law enforcement above the state level and disdain for 'coastal elites'...  And despite the fact that they have guns - lots and lots of guns - The Sons of the Constitution are relatively harmless, hard to believe though that is.  They don't plan to institute martial law, or revolt against the government, or any of that nonsense.  They see themselves as the people who will survive the coming collapse of society and preserve America when the government inevitably fails due to massive internal corruption.  Originally composed mostly of single or divorced men, many of whom are ex-servicemen, the Sons now include some women amongst their number, which has led to some discussion over beers about altering the name.  Unusually for those who have opinions on such groups, the Sons aren't particularly racist or bigoted, nor do they hold any institutional religious views, believing that the separation of religion from governance is an important part of the American Way.  All in all, they are perhaps the most 'moderate' bunch of Libertarian survivalists one could hope to meet.

Caroline Lafferty

Shelly High Chemistry & Physics Teacher


A native to Shelly, Caroline could have left and never come back after earning a place at Stanford studying Applied Chemistry and Physics, but the brilliant young woman decided that she wanted to give others the same opportunities she had. 

Moving back to Shelly, she directed her passion towards teaching and for four years now has been one of Shelly High's most successful teachers, gaining satisfaction from coaching even the most mediocre of her students into passing her subjects and, she hopes, inspiring the more gifted into achieving their potential.  But the current Junior intake has brought her a new challenge:  Jason Bannon.


Hank Graskle

Reclusive Survivalist


Former Marine, founder member of the Sons of the Constitution, scary.  That's all most people know about Hank.  To Jason Bannon, he's somewhat of a mixture of older brother and role model, and it is obvious that a lot of Bannon's stony expression and emotional distance was learned from watching and imitating Hank.  The former Marine was a badly needed anchor for Jase when he first arrived in Shelly aged 11 and angry at the world, and he took Jase under his wing as much to help Gar Bannon as to help Jason.  Hank is the one guy who Jason feels he can trust with anything, even more than his own father, as Hank has no particular love for the law and instead lives by his own rigid code.


Kaitlin Forster - Jason's Mother (Estranged)

Mysterious Arrival



What does one say to a mother who walked out on you when you were eight years old, because she didn't like the results of a medical test you took? What can you say, really, especially when nearly a decade later she shows up as the substitute Biology teacher in your High School at exactly the same time as life is getting really weird, and not just in the normal sense...

Kaitlin's presence in Shelly is a mystery to Jase, who in typical fashion only cares because he is concerned she might be part of a plot: by the Dark, by Proteus... who knows? Personally, he has nothing to say to her any more - she has forgone any filial respect or duty she might otherwise be due from the young genius.

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Teresa Allen - Mother


Cassandra's mother has been through quite a bit. She's pragmatic, putting what's necessary ahead of what she wants or feels in the moment. She's been a struggling student from a poor home, putting herself through school with modeling on the side, a young mother and newlywed with an unplanned baby trying to make ends meet, and now a widow who just wants to get past the darkest time in her life...with a daughter who's making that really hard. At least, between the settlement and her job as librarian, her finances are reasonably secure...enough to get some good wine to silence the lingering doubts over the price her family paid for that.

Arthur Allen - Father


Though deceased, Arthur casts a long shadow over his family. The circumstances around his death are cut and dry, as long as you accept that the evidence comes from a single source, or individuals beholden to that source. He was a man who struggled with the ethical quandary of his family's welfare pitted against his moral conscience. A psychologist, he was a keenly perceptive and empathic man, sensitive to the needs of others and perhaps a bit too willing to sacrifice himself to serve them.

Bacon - Doggo


Named after his favorite treat, Bacon is a German Shepard who's been around almost as long as Cassie can remember, bought as a puppy not long after the settlement over Arthur's death. They share a deep bond, and he often follows her around town; easily able to keep up with her on her bicycle. Bacon's quite a friendly dog most of the time, and while not formally trained can often understand the 'gist' of what Cassandra wants him to do. Whether or not he actually does it is up to him.

Barry Klent - Teacher


Barry is the faculty member who oversees the student-produced school newspaper. Though he teaches history and social studies, he has a great deal of interest in the media and news, and often writes freelance articles for the Shelly town newspaper and some magazines. Recognizing a kindred spirit in Cassandra, he's taken her under his wing to some extent, though this mostly means taking calls from her at weird hours to answer questions. He has kind of a thing for Cassie's mom too, though is way too intimidated by her (and by the sheer awkwardness of the situation) to actually approach her.


Bethany Seaberry - Childhood friend


The Seaberrys were family friends with the Allens pretty much right from the start. Next door neighbors when Cassie's family moved in, Bethany was her first friend in Shelly. They practically grew up together, though when Cassandra started hanging out with Dylan and the skaters, she and Beth got more distant. Beth was always quieter and shyer than Cassandra, but Cassie grew to genuinely value her creativity and intelligence. More recently Cassandra has been trying to re-unite with her old friend and maybe get back some of the old spark they used to have.

Bradley Eagan - Slacker/Maybe-Criminal Uncle


When Teresa got a generous settlement from Crossroads, Brad came out of the woodwork. He's Teresa's younger brother by a couple of years...and he followed a different course out of the slums than she did. Where she worked herself to the bone to put herself through school, Brad found ways to get other people to get him through tough times. He's a con artist, a grifter, and has done more than his share of other crimes...though you'll never hear a straight story about exactly what. A little too canny to just try to squeeze his sister for cash outright, he nevertheless has started haunting Shelly hoping for a piece of the pie...and to reconnect with family, of course!

Leila Cross - Rival/Frenemy


There aren't a lot of students that work at the school paper, but when one of them is Leila, it can feel like the whole room is full. She is to editing and design what Cassandra is to investigating and reporting, and they get on something like oil and flaming matchsticks. And yet, their respective relentless drives also force the best work out of each other, even if they can barely stand each other long enough to let it happen. Leila is constantly critical, as anything short of perfect articles, images or other content will reflect poorly on the paper and therefore her.

Dylan Cooper - Ex-Boyfriend


Back when Cassandra hung out with the skaters, Dylan and her were 'kind of a thing,' though it's hard to say what exactly they were. They didn't really go on 'dates' per se, but most of the time they were hanging out, it was with each other. Dylan was the one who introduced her to most of the rest of the skate crew, in fact. When her dad died though, she started getting less and less patient with the slacker lifestyle. She and Dylan broke up a few months later after fighting almost constantly. They've chilled a bit since then, but they still have some lingering bad feelings mixed into otherwise pretty good memories.


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Ian Allister-  Cade's Father


A former USMC soldier, Currently Sheriff of Toole County, father of two.   Seldom home due to work, Ian loves his children, though he is aware that Cade resents  him still over what happened with his mother.  He does all he can to provide for his children, and is already proud of what Cade's accomplished, and how he comports himself.   Like Cade he's quite tall, at 6'4,  and incredibly fit, though not quite so much as his son.  As the Sheriff, he's known for a disciplined, efficient approach.   Always seen as fair, His Election as Sheriff was markedly easy, as the retired sheriff threw his full support behind him.


Miyako (Shiba) Allister- Cade's Step-Mother


A  native of Tokyo, Japan, She met Ian on when she took a position at a hospital on Okinawa.   Several nights of drinking and karoke followed, and Miyako was able to bring a smile to his face after losing his wife.   Theirs was a whirlwind romance, and they were married quietly in a small ceremony.  Fluent in English, and forewarned about her stepson, Miyako was prepared, and quickly took over as the maternal figure in Cade's life.   Soon enough she would give birth to Haruka, and was impressed and happy with how her stepson immediately took to his half sister.  As nurse, she works long hours, and that's only worsened now that she's the head nurse, but she's quite confident in her children, having raised them both to be self-sufficent, but taking time to show them they're loved.   Hearing Cade call her "Mom" makes her the happiest, and She works hard provide for her kids.


Haruka Allister -11   Cade's half-sister


Probably the person he cares about most.   While he resented his father, he never held resentment for Miyako.  She didn't try to replace his mother, but instead be a mother to him in her own way.   When Haruka was born, Cade took quickly to the role of Big brother.  Haruka was fairly spoiled by pretty much everyone, and Cade didn't mind, as he did what he could to make her happy.   In return, Haruka grew up with a inner desire to be worthy of all the love and attention she got.   She's a much better student than Cade, though she's nowhere near as athletic.   She shows all the signs of maturing into a brilliant and beautiful young woman, with the full support of her family.


Marcus Allister


A nearly legendary outdoorsman and sportsman, Marcus is Cade's paternal grandfather.   When the youngster's mother died while his father was overseas, he quickly took to the task, along with his wife.   Serving as the authoritarian, he quickly instilled a sense of discipline in Cade, which survives to this day.  It wasn't all authoritarian childrearing though, as he often took Cade fishing and hunting, even at a young age, and imparting some of his skills to the youth.   In later years, he'd take his granddaughter Haruka, though she showed much less interest in everything save fishing, perferring to learn how to prepare everything with family recipes from her grandmother.

Linus Croft


An Affluent man, Linus is Cade's maternal grandfather.  Even Ian, Cade's Father, isn't sure exactly where Linus' money originated, only that the man owns vast amounts of land, and yet chooses to live in Shelly, in one of the larger homes on the outskirts of town.  He has endowed several grants to both the School in Shelly, and the Hospital.   He was always against Ian and Annette's marriage, but loves his grandson dearly.  He is mostly taciturn when around Anyone but his wife or Cade, and is gradually warming to Haruka.  Though she's not related, her interest in the family has thawed his heart somewhat, enough that he will willingly spend time with her without Cade there.


Coach Robert Kline


Not the man most would pick to be a skilled baseball coach, Robert Kline is happiest when coaching his team.   He loves the sport of baseball, but a leg injury in college ended his prospects of being a professional player.  He does have some contacts in the League, fellow players who did go pro, some who are now coaches, either at the college or majors leve.   He's taken an interest in Cade as the youth reminds him of himself, and has been helping him not make the same mistakes he did.

Izumi Shiba


Izumi is Miyako's mother, and the only member of her family Haruka and Cade have met.  While she didn't speak at length about the family, in modern times, she told stories about their long history, which both Cade and Haruka loved.   Her interest is clearly more in Haruka, but she is happy to see her half brother being so supportive of her.  She visits once a year for a week in the spring, and spoils both of them as if she's making up for lost time.   She hardly says a word to Ian, but Cade's heard her talking at length in Japanese with Miyako.   To her surprise, the last visit the kids did something special, revealing they'd both been learning Japanese, ostensibly to make her more comfortable in her visit.  While not perfectly fluent, Izumi respects the earnest effort they're putting into it for her sake.

Michael Bancroft


An old friend of both Cade's grandfathers, he was a rancher with lands to the south of town.   He lets Cade and his friends fish his stocked pond, provided they bring him half of what they catch.  Sometimes he asks Cade to help him out, as he's been confined to a wheelchair after an auto accident greatly impaired his mobility just at the start of the year.   Sometimes this takes the form of chopping wood, and other household work, and others, it's simply to help him get out to the dock on his pond so he can fish again.  He's a vast repository of knowledge about the American West, and no small amount of dirty jokes Cade knows have come from him.


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Jack Cassidy (Played by Mike Holmes)



Sean's father, Shelly-based builder/contractor. Hires students part-time, those willing to work hard and willing to learn at least basic skills that could be handy later. Forthright and honest, forgiving of mistakes if people own up to it, has no time for those who don't take responsibility for their actions.


Carolyn Cassidy (Played by Connie Britton)


Sean's mother, an accountant who works from home and keeps the books for Jack's Business. Level headed with a dry sense of humour.


Teagan Cassidy (Played by Carriejune Bowlby) 


Sean's older sister, just graduated and joined the army, with the intention of becoming a Ranger, and [art of the Special Forces. Was one of the Star Athletes at Shelly High, in mostly track & field/solo sports, and was an avid boxer. Intense, very active, aggressive, and protective of family.

Laurelei 'Laurie' Cassidy (Played by Emma Stone)


  Sean's younger sister, a Sophomore at Shelly High, flit's about various clubs and sports, trying to find out what she's passionate about. Sarcastic, playful, and a bit mischievous.

Courtney Adams (Played by Madelaine Pesch) -


Shelly High Senior and Head Cheerleader, beautiful, rich, gay, and mean about it, pointedly dislikes anyone who doesn't fit her narrow view of what boys and girls, gay and straight should be like. Hated Sean ever since he had to wear a real bra before she did.

Maxeen 'Max' Holdings (Played by Kat Dennings)


Waitress at Bunnee's, always seems to work the morning shift, in various states of repair. Talks to Sean about having large breasts and bras, doesn't seem to notice or care about his condition.

Gilbert 'Sulli' Sullivan (Played by Patton Oswalt)


- Owner and Manager of Sullivans Computers & Electronics in Great Falls, a business that builds custom computers for home, business, and gaming, , offers computer repair and professional IT services, and sells other electronic devices and video games. Sean goes there often to buy parts and video games. Was a bit flustered by Sean's development, but have bonded over talking about geek/nerd culture and computers. And yes, he knows about his name.

Jim Fines (Played by Jim Sterling)


- A games and technology journalist that rails against the bad practices of the industries, and sometime conspiracy theorist. Sean has only met him online, collaborating on YouTube Videos or Podcasts.

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Carl and Misti Jauntsen

Devin & Marissa's Father and Mother



Carl Jauntsen, is a Forest Ranger for the State of Montana and Misti Jauntsen is a high school administrator and sometimes substitute teacher. Despite them having successful, yet modest paying jobs, the Jauntsen family seems to be loaded. Carl doesn't do much to answer questions as to where their wealth comes from, often joking that Montana is not a very expensive state to live in.

Carl is a pretty decent guy and well known around the city of Shelly. As a Forest Ranger in a state that as close to nature as one can get, he interacts and mingles with just about every hunter, fisherman, outdoors man and survivalist within several counties. 

Misti is one of the loveliest women in Shelly and not just physically.  She is also personable, friendly, easy to talk to, and a joy to be around. She is constantly involved in school and community affairs and sometimes substitutes for the high school.








Tawny Roberts


Devin has only one friend in Shelly: Tawny.  When they first moved from Cali when Devin was thirteen he had no friends and no real reason to like anything about the changes that were going on in his life.  Enter Tawny, the down home country girl from just down the block.  She was the first person to approach him and the only since to befriend him.

Tawny lives only a few doors down from the Jauntsens.  Over the last few years as she's gotten to know Devin (and to some extent Marissa, too) she's seen them both go through changes from the kids they were when she first got to know them.

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Lt. Colonel William Pryor


William Pryor arrived in Shelly a little over two years ago, having been stationed there as head of security for the base. He is a driven and hard working man, though his wife sometimes teases that she is in a ploy marriage, as her husband is married to her and the Air Force, which is somewhat true, as he loves both his family and serving his country. Though he always wanted a son, that did not diminish his love for Lilly in the slightest, doing his best to spend time with her and form a strong bond , imparting his love for his country, the outdoors and sports (especially football). 


Cassandra Pryor


Lilly's mother, Cassandra, is a Head Nurse at the Marias Medical Center in Shelly. She is an intelligent, kind and compassionate woman who went into nursing right out of high school and has not regretted it. She married William at a fairly young age and though part of her has always wanted to put down roots, she understood that he career would mean they would move frequently. She has made the best of it though, getting to work in a wide variety of places. The arrival of Lilly was a blessing after so many failures, so she did dote on her daughter a bit, especially when she was younger, a habit that she still has not entirely gotten over. She understands that Lilly has a goal and is driven like her father, but feels she pushes herself too hard, an opinion formed from tending to Lilly's athletics related injuries over the years.


Staff Sargent Mayra Torres


Mayra Torres is Lt. Colonel Pryor's aid and often the go between for him and his family, taking messages and so forth. She is a cheerful woman, which is a contrast to Lt. Col. Pryor's more stern demeanor, who enlisted largely for a the benefits offered, especially education, and has done well for herself, though she would certainly enjoy a posting closer to a major city, or any city for that matter. She knows Lilly and her mother fairly well and if very friendly with them.


Coach Meyers
(played by Michael Chiklis)


Fred Meyers is the Shelly High football coach (as well as wrestling). A native of Shelly, Fred attended college and played for two years, always on the cusp of being cut before it finally happened. In Shelly, and Montana in general, he was good, but discovered that on the collegiate level, he was barely good enough. He returned to Shelly after college and ,in short order, became a coach at the school where he has tried to help others achieve the success that he was never quite able to reach himself. He is tough, but fair, understanding that he does not have the depth of talent that other schools do, but has always made the best of it. Recently though, after working on Lilly for over a year, he has finally convinced her to join the team which has greatly increased their prospects.


Will Beckett


Will Beckett plays the position of Center on the Shelly High football team. He was not thrilled about a girl possibly joining the team, though not for the reasons most of the other had. He knew how brutal the game could be and simply did not want to a see a girl get severely injured playing, however old fashioned his thinking might be. When he saw that Lilly was there to stay, he took his job as center even more seriously, taking it on himself to protect her on the field, though Lilly proving how tough she was did give him some peace of mind. This protective behavior has led to some teasing that he has a crush on Lilly, which he laughs off, though the truth of the matter is still up in the air.


Chet Walker
(played by Jesse Plemons)


A local bully who struggles to keep a GPA allowing him to keep playing sports, he possesses some genuine athletic talent. Chet was none too please about a girl joining the football team, and makes his feeling known frequently, often by trying to taunt Lilly. As a pass rusher, he has been reprimanded many times for hitting Lilly at full strength in practices, despite her being red shirted, which had led to some friction between him and Will Beckett. Much to Chet's dismay though, Lilly seems un-phased by the hits and gets up without so much as a complaint, sometimes even complimenting him with "Good hit." that only seemed to infuriate him even more. As for now, being one of the better players on the team and due to Lilly's lack of protests, Coach Meyers has let him slide and kept him as a starter.


The Heaths


Lori and Lacy Heath are cousins, but at first glance most would mistake them for sisters. Born less than a month apart, the two have been like sisters most of their lives, having been in the same grade since the beginning. They are part of most of the girls athletic teams as Shelly High, and work well with Lilly, making them a potent force. Though they are friends with Lilly, outside of sports the pair have a great interest in agriculture, being part of the FFA (Future Farmers of America) and working on their family farms which occupies a lot of their time, The pair hopes to attend Texas A & M after graduation from Shelly High.


David Burr


David Burr is the custodian at Shelly High and a rather quiet, seemingly pleasant man. He takes pride in his job and is generally well-liked, his cheerful whistling often signaling his approach. Over the years Lilly has got to know him a bit as he locks and unlocks the schools various facilities and rooms, allowing Lilly to stay late to train.

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Staff at The Marias Medical Center and Other Associated Persons


Doctor John Rayleigh, Chief Physician over the whole of The Marias Medical Center.  Has been in Shelly since 1997 when he first came to work at the original hospital . A pillar of they town community, Dr Rayleigh was instrumental in the growth and modernization of the medical center turning it, arguably,  into the one of , if not the, most advanced hospitals in the state of Montana. Dr Rayleigh is a widower his wife having died in an automobile accident in 2011. He has no known children.



dr cook2.jpg

Doctor James Cook, Chief of Diagnostic Medicine at Marias Medical. Cook is a world famous diagnostician who actually interned at Shelly in the late nineteen eighties then left to make his mark at Johns Hopkins and other large market hospitals around the globe. In 2009 he returned to Shelly and Marias where he has been ever since although he does do consulting at other hospitals around the world. He is a good natured man who is unflappable. According to his biography he is 62 years old and single with no known children.


Cassandra Pryor


Cassandra Pryor, is a Head Nurse at the Marias Trauma Center in Shelly. She is an intelligent, kind and compassionate woman who went into nursing right out of high school and has not regretted it. She is married Lt Col William Pryor and has one daughter Lilly. 




Miyako (Shiba) Allister- A  native of Tokyo, Japan, wife of Sheriff Allister, she is a Head Shift Nurse at Marias Medical. She has been at the hospital for 12 years.   Has two children, Cade and Haruka.




 Dr. Miles Winters, The Marias Medical Centers lead Oncologist, Has only been in Shelly since 2008. Miles is one of the most compassionate human beings one could hope encounter. He is single and has no known children.

the coroner.jpg

Bernie Fingleman, Toole County Coroner and owner of Fingleman Landscaping and Coyote Lawn & Garden Nursery. Bernie has been county coroner since he was first elected in 2010 when he ran unopposed. Before his election he served as an assistant coroner for six years. He is married  with four school age children.

His wife's name is Talia  IMG_0292-2-800x1200.jpg and his kids are Sophia (16) 67699289_2872017669492236_8941159171877765120_n.jpg , Darcy (14) Screen-Shot-2019-03-25-at-2.11.06-AM-e1553494605188.png ,

Clint (13) clint.jpg , and Travis (10) travis.jpg .

He has two assistant coroners, Jim Asper  coroner_jim_asper.jpg   and Shannon Mcallister coroner_shannon_mcallister.jpg


Doctor Carter.jpg

Doctor Julia Carter Head Neurologist at Marias Medical Center. Dr Carter has only been at Marias since 2017. She is cold, efficient and clinical in her treatment of patients seeing them more as problems to solve than as people. She is demanding and not forgiving with staff. She is single and has no known children.



Sean Jackson Chief of Nursing Marias Medical Center. Sean has been at Marias for nearly his entire career and has been head administrator of the nursing staff for the last 4 years. Sean is married and has 2 kids.


Dr. Elizabeth Thayer, Endocrinologist at Marias Medical. She has been in residency since 2004. Was at one time part of Dr Cooks Diagnostics Team, has since been promoted to head her own department. Single with no Children.

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Bulwark AFB Personnel


Major John "Jack" Taggart


Major Taggert.jpg

CO of the Para-rescue Training Detachment at Bulwark AFB


hh-60g_pavehawk.jpg   HH-60 Pavehawk  1000w_q95.jpg  UH-72 Lakota




Beechcraft C-12 Huron


United_States_Air_Force_Unmanned_Aircraft_Operator_Badge.jpeg Remote Pilots Wings                                                          air_force_pararescue_badge_mirror_finish_7148_2_grande.jpg USAF Pararescue Badge

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Kat Barras's NPCs


Isabelle Barras - Kat's mother 
(played by Lauren Ambrose)



Born in Brittany of French parents, Isabelle was always very proud of her fiery mane. Shortly after getting her qualifications in aesthetics and a job offer in Rennes, she met with Josh Williams in Paris and fell in love. They both married a couple months later. One year passed, and Isabelle gave birth to a small girl, who was named after both parents' mothers.

Isabelle is an impulsive woman who learnt how to harness this trait and make good use of it. She also is a loving mother, full of zest and of this vitriolic humor Bretons are renowned for.

Isabelle now works at Thalassa Esthetics in Rennes, and lives in a cozy appartment her large salary allows her to afford. She spends a lot of energy taking care of her mother whose health is in a bad state (old lady's running the 100 years old marathon !). Isabelle regularly refills her daughter's bank account to a reasonable amount for a teen (a rich one...), not able to refrain from spoiling her a bit sometimes.


Captain Josh Williams, U.S. Army - Kat's Father
(played by Max Martini)


Born in Kalispell, Montana, Josh's path towards the military bore many curves. As a teen, not really knowing what to do after high school, he interested himself in litterature, then decided to have a tiny look at physics (8 months !), to only quote two curves, before deciding that what he actually wanted to do was to serve his country to the best he could. While in Junior year, he applied for the U.S. Military Academy West Point, and worked like a camel to get an admission, graduating years later in Foreign Languages.

When he met with Isabelle Barras, he was a Captain, enjoying a nice vacation in Paris. As to how he ended up stationed at the Bulwark AFB, it is [CLASSIFIED].

Josh is a breezy man with imposing stature and general demeanor. He remains good audience to any kind of conversation, focused on making people feel good rather than outshining them.


Tessa 'Tess' Sampson - Kat's father's girlfriend
(played by Milena Markovna Kunis)


Barmaid at the Marias Valley Golf & Country Club, she met with Kat's father a couple years after he divorced. Josh regularly came to the club to enjoy the tennis courts - and of course, the bar. Tess and Josh hooked up, and have been seeing each other since 2015. She gets enough money out of her salary and tips to pay a room in a motel every day and buy weekly food, but she mostly lives at Josh's place.

Tess has a big heart, but to see it you got to earn it. She acts cold or distant to strangers, and finding the correct approach is everything but easy.


Alice Pencreac'h - Kat's best friend
(played by Kiernan Brennan Shipka)



Truly the person who understands how Kat works to the very best. Alice has been there for as long as Kat can remember. They went to school together from the youngest age, they supported each other in times of woe (mostly Kat's depressive phases, or when Alice's first love broke her heart, etc). They also got their first tattoo together...

Alice is a crazy girl, but her drive and spirit are promises of good times. There is a 'Calm' option included in the package, but it requires specific conditions to be activated.


Erwann Jaffré, Kat's ex-boyfriend & video gaming buddy 
(played by James Franco)


Tall, clever and funny, handsome, Erwann is a little too addict to reefers to be a straight-A student. That, and his other addiction to video games, pushed Kat to kick his butt when he got close to failing a school year. It was also Kat who broke up with him after one argument among thousands, even though Erwann can be a really accommodating person to live with. Their relationship is still tacitly close, but tempestuous.


Claire Sevy, Art teacher at Shelly MT High School



While spending her childhood and most of her teenage years in France, Claire Sevy developed a pronounced taste for art through tourism. She studied at l'Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, then passed a Master of Arts degree at the Helena College University of Montana. Ms. Sevy is currently in her 50s, a calm and patient woman, who lives to pass on her passion to the teenagers she teaches.

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Autumn's NPCs


Dr. Dana Keane (Kavanagh), Autumn’s Mother

(Model: Clancy McLain)



Some people who grow up in small towns run away the moment they have a chance. Some settle down there, preferring not to uproot what’s been long-planted. Then, there are some like Dana Kavanagh who did both. Allegedly not only an excellent student but a near-miracle worker with intractable beasts of all shapes and sizes, Dana proved the latter true when, after graduating from Cornell University in New York, she returned home a certified vet tech with a big city fiancé she adored. They settled down in Shelly to start the family they both wanted, and by the time Autumn was ready to start school, her mother was making plans to go back for her doctorate and open her own veterinary practice. It wasn’t easy, but with a strong support system the Keane women made it through primary school and a graduate program simultaneously. In 2019, Doctor Keane isn’t the only DVM in Shelly, but she doesn’t see it as a competition; it just means people have options, and to her, that seems fair. A warm, if somewhat reserved woman, Dana is quietly struggling with the loss of her father and the rumors surrounding her estranged husband.  


Ian Keane, Autumn’s Father

(Actor: Colin Ferguson)



Raised a latchkey kid in working-class Sunset Park in New York City, Ian didn’t exactly have an idyllic childhood filled with hugs and picnics and puppies. Because he rarely saw his parents, he never had the closest relationship with them, and although they tried to remember birthdays and Christmases (when they could find a few moments that weren’t filled with obligatory sleep and work), it never quite made up for the accumulation of all the smaller things they had to miss. As he got older, Ian eventually understood that they were doing the best they could, but… the acknowledgement didn’t seem to change his feelings, a fact that’s always made him feel uncomfortable and slightly guilty around the holidays. When he met Dana in college, something just clicked into place, a puzzle piece he hadn’t known was missing. They dated for nearly two years, even after he left school to work at a real estate brokerage, and the summer before her graduation, he proposed. With his earnest good-looks and forthright charm, it wasn’t difficult for Ian to find work in Montana, although he’s traveled farther afield and with greater frequency over the last few years. He calls Autumn twice a week when he’s out of town, and one of his greatest fears is that one day she’ll feel the same way about him as he does his own family.


Owen Kavanagh, Autumn’s (Maternal) Grandfather

(Actor: Nicholas Campbell)



Formerly the Montana FWP Captain of Region 4 (Great Falls), Owen Kavanagh was a big man, gruff and plain-spoken, a product of the wild Montana landscape where his ancestors put down deep roots generations before. Most of the townspeople of Shelly knew Owen for his impressive work ethic and dedication to helping preserve the area’s natural resources; many recall the rides home he gave to underage bonfire attendees over the years; some may even remember that the house he’d lived in with his wife Caroline was one he’d built for her with his own hands. Few are left who could talk about his less-than-salubrious youth in Shelly, raising nine kinds of hell with Joseph Crocker and their friends- and fewer still who would. Given his history, it was a surprise back then that he’d ever settled down at all; when Caroline showed up at Shelly High his senior year, Owen quickly found himself on the straight-and-narrow, and he more or less stayed there. “His girls”- Caroline, their daughter Dana, and later his granddaughter, Autumn- were the warden’s life, and after Caroline passed from a stroke in ‘09, he moved a photo of the three redheads to the visor of his truck. He didn’t talk much about her death, not being given to discussions about ephemeral things like feelings, so when news finally got out that he was dying of cancer, no one was especially shocked to hear that he’d hidden the symptoms of his own illness for so long. He died in 2018, the summer before Autumn’s sophomore year, taking with him a lifetime of hard-won experience and connections, and leaving a great silence in his wake.      


Nathan Crocker, Senior FWP Warden and Kavanagh family friend

(Model: Michael Justin)



The Crockers and Kavanaghs have been close for almost as long as Shelly’s been around, with each successive generation of children being raised more as part of an extended family than as acquaintances. Nathan Crocker was no exception, growing up alongside Dana Kavanagh just as his own father, Joseph, had grown up with her dad Owen. The two were all but inseparable, until Dana left for New York after high school, and both started families of their own. That friendship has been re-established since the birth of their children, and following the elder Kavanagh’s passing, Nathan has taken it upon himself to continue mentoring Autumn in the hope she might follow in her grandfather’s footsteps as a warden. Charming and even-tempered, Nathan is one of the more approachable authority figures in Shelly, and certainly one of the most visible as he travels around Toole County working on education, recruitment, and outreach programs for the Department. He hasn’t slowed down at all in the last few years, despite his recent divorce and the death of the man who helped raise him, but seems instead to work in defiance of the entropy and chaos emerging in his hometown.


Jacob Crocker

(Model: Adam McMannis)



As the heir to one of the oldest names in Shelly, Jacob Crocker has never really suffered the ignominy of failure. He hasn’t been spoiled, per se- his father isn’t nearly liberal or permissive enough for that- he just hasn’t had to work very hard for anything. He performs well in his classes, on the basketball team, and in social endeavors, and still manages to be polite and respectful to adults. There’s just little motivation to go the extra mile when he knows he’ll get wherever it is he wants to go without needing to invest much effort. Like the previous generations of their respective families, he and Autumn were raised practically as siblings, and until recently the two have been extremely close. Unlike generations prior, the two youngest of the Crocker and Kavanagh lines took things a step further, and when Autumn’s grandfather died, Jacob- who had never lost anything in his life- lost both a family member and his best friend. In the year since the break-up, they’ve barely spoken; although the occasional public celebration or holiday brings the families together, there’s an uncomfortable tension between the two teens that neither seems able to erase. After high school, Jacob is interested in pursuing a career in the Department like his father, but in an administrative capacity rather than actual law enforcement. 


Charlotte Cross, AYSO Coach

(Actress: Claudia Black)



A transplant to the Great Falls area from Toledo, Ohio, Charlotte Cross moved to Montana almost a decade ago in pursuit of more blue sky and less sidewalk. Unmarried and (mostly) uninterested in the other women in the area, Charlotte keeps herself busy with the largely thankless and unrewarding job of trying to establish some kind of AYSO presence in the region. For the most part, the locals have been resistant to the idea of soccer as a worthwhile sport, but she’s made some headway in the last few years, gradually converting some of the younger parents to the camaraderie and athleticism it fosters. Although the teams are still too small for regulation games, every year one or two new players sign up, and Charlotte’s dream- to help troubled kids the way she was helped- becomes a little more real. One of the first families to buy in when she arrived was the Keanes, from Shelly, hoping for some direction for their intensely active young daughter. It was all she could do, at first, to just keep Autumn still long enough to teach her the rules, and to this day, she’s still not sure where all that energy comes from. 


Monica Rivera, Girl Scout Leader

(Actress: Leonor Varela)



Scouting is serious fun, but also serious business. It’s an organization devoted to helping girls gain useful skills and work to improve their lives, their communities, the entire world- at least, that’s how Mrs. Rivera sees it. Meticulous, organized, and driven, Monica grew up in Queens, saw the worst life could throw at her mother, and vowed to be better- to make other girls better, and give them a fighting chance. She got her psychology degree and an MBA, and decided to invest her time and money where it was needed. When her husband got a job in Great Falls, she worked her way up into regional leadership in the GSA and never looked back. She’s an ass-kicker, a name-taker, and a vocal proponent of personal accountability. She also gives amazing mom-hugs and sings beautiful Spanish lullabies. She keeps in regular contact through texts and emails with all the girls’ parents, but especially with the few Ambassadors in the state, older girls like Autumn Keane who have grown up in the Girl Scouts and will carry that legacy through their adult lives. 


Yasmeen Leonard, Manager, Roxy Theater

(Actress: Zazie Beetz)



Although not really a native, Yasmeen’s been in Shelly most of her life, and she’s seen a lot in two and a half decades there. Friendly, approachable, and often described by her younger patrons as “super chill,” it’s difficult to reconcile the woman she is today with the girl she used to be: violent, rebellious, and prone to starting fights with anyone who so much as looked at her hair for too long. She doesn’t talk about it if she’s sober, and since she happens to do a little dealing on the side as well, she’s sober almost all the time these days. She’s given lots of problem kids in Shelly their first real job, and when they’ve stepped too far over the line, well… old habits can be damn hard to break.

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Shelly High School Staff and Students  (Additional)


Coach Meyers
(played by Michael Chiklis)


Fred Meyers is the Shelly High football coach (as well as wrestling). A native of Shelly, Fred attended college and played for two years, always on the cusp of being cut before it finally happened. In Shelly, and Montana in general, he was good, but discovered that on the collegiate level, he was barely good enough. He returned to Shelly after college and ,in short order, became a coach at the school where he has tried to help others achieve the success that he was never quite able to reach himself. He is tough, but fair, understanding that he does not have the depth of talent that other schools do, but has always made the best of it.


Will Beckett


Will Beckett plays the position of Center on the Shelly High football team. Widely considered to be the whitest knight in Shelly High, Will is the guy girls call when they need a lift home because their boyfriends are being jerks.  Unlike the classic 'nice guy' trope, though, Will actually does do the decent thing because he's a decent young man, not because he's trying to get laid.  Despite his driven competitiveness on the field, he is a sportsman, not a hyper-aggressive jock.  Courteous, unfailingly friendly to pretty much everyone who isn't actively annoying him, and not a man to bear a grudge, Will is safe, dependable and protective.  You know, like those pads with the wings.  And about as exciting, sadly.


Chet Walker
(played by Jesse Plemons)


A local bully who struggles to keep a GPA allowing him to keep playing sports, he possesses some genuine athletic talent. Chet has been a thorn in the side of Sean Cassidy for as long as the androgynous young man has been in adolescence.  He and Courtney have a 'thing' going on, which seems to be pretty much Chet being her boy-toy and necessary muscle.  Despite his bullying and hostility towards people he sees as smarter than him, Chet is not yet a 'bad' kid - he still has time to straighten out and grow up.


The Heaths


Lori and Lacy Heath are cousins, but at first glance most would mistake them for sisters. Born less than a month apart, the two have been like sisters most of their lives, having been in the same grade since the beginning. They are part of most of the girls athletic teams as Shelly High. Outside of sports the pair have a great interest in agriculture, being part of the FFA (Future Farmers of America) and working on their family farms which occupies a lot of their time, The pair hopes to attend Texas A & M after graduation from Shelly High.


David Burr


David Burr is the custodian at Shelly High and a rather quiet, seemingly pleasant man. He takes pride in his job and is generally well-liked, his cheerful whistling often signaling his approach.


School Counselor Felicity Kyleson

Image result for adult female model counselor(Jill Nagelkirk)

A dedicated caregiver, Felicity does her best to get the kids of Shelby off to a good start at the college or vocational school of their chice. She deeply respects the country life of Montana, but wants her students - especially the girls - to have options other than staying at home, marrying young, and having children when they're still really children themselves. She's patient but firm, creative when it comes to scholarships and drawing attention to Shelly students from college recruiters, and has a mild distrust of the military.  She loves ice cream and works out regularly to "afford" her near-daily indulgence. 


Andrew Berk (Valedictorian competition)

Image result for Lucas Bin (Lucas Bin)

The front-runner for Valedictorian, in his mind at least. Andrew is involved in several of the academic clubs, but took the performance arts path instead of athletics. He's fairly charismatic and usually has leading or major roles in the school plays (his major rival in Drama is Charlie Cole). He can't sing, but he's a good actor, fair musician, naturally smart but still puts effort in too, and seems to have an easy time winning over anyone and everyone. He's generally a nice kid, but he can get moody and, putting it bluntly, bitchy when he's sad or upset about something. He's gay and currently has a boyfriend (Dominic) in the Drama Club. They're not hiding their relationship, but they're also generally quiet about it because Small Town, America. 


Additional List of Faculty so far presented:

Lionel Abraham - Drama
Caroline Lafferty - Physics and Chemistry
Kaitlin Forster - Biology
Barry Klent - History and Social Studies; also runs school paper
Misti Jauntsen - Admin and sometime Substitute
Claire Sevy - Art Teacher
Charles McRiley - Mathematics
Jay Lawson - Environmental and Earth Sciences

Edited by Vivi OOC

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