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OOC: WoD: The Chosen Discussion Thread

Dave ST

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Blah, blah, OOC thread.

Okay, as things kick off you may find that I post in a more ST fashion instead of fictional fashion.  It may seem like I'm talk at you instead of writing a fiction about your character(s).  The first thread or two will be separate so I can gradually mess with your PCs as they enter something that is obviously different form the normal (albeit drab) lives they're used to.

There will be no plot as this kicks off.  If you're sitting around waiting for me to throw one at you, you'll be waiting a bit.  Go with flow and if you need help just ask.  I know sometimes without a plot, it's hard to figure out what's going on... but that's okay.  Things will pick up once things get weird.

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So, I stole Deb, from the old Bloodlines game.  Why?  Because I loved those little skits.

To be clear:  Yes, she is talking you.  Whenever you hear a reference to your character, only your character hears it.  So Maya doesn't hear any references made by Deb to Mel, even if the two of them are in the same room listening at the same time.  Maya hears what's meant for her, Mel hears what's meant for him, Casey... you guys get the idea.

If you have questions, ask.

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As a point to note: unless I specifically state your PC is injured in some way (in a spoiler with an effect written in), it's safe to assume that anything I do to mangle or abuse your PCs is strictly for story purposes and shouldn't handicap your character in any way, so don't sweat the small stuff.  The Devil is in the details, I get it, so a character has been hurt, it'll look like this:


You have fallen 25 feet.  You take 1 Lethal from the fall... you may have broken a rib or two.

This goes especially for combat situations.  I describe combat as quick and gritty and brutal.  You and your opposition are not just standing there, waving swords and throwing punches to the order of initiative.  You are moving about, rolling around on the ground, grappling and pushing, picking up things to swing at random... it's chaos, so I type it up like it's chaos.  I say that to say this: if I have something happen to you during combat, tackled to the ground, for example, unless I specifically say that being tackled has hampered your character in some way, just roll with it and carry on he combat as if you're on the ground punching a dude in the face, or whatever.  But if you see this:


You've been tackled to the floor.  While on your back the opponent has the advantage.  Your attacks are at +1 difficulty unless you can shake them off (insert how to do all that here, blah, blah)...

Then you know its actually negatively affected you.

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Casey, if you're running a comprehensive search for info on Mourne I'll set you up this one as a freebie since most of the investigative work can and would probably be done in a few days.  I'll also assume she calls in a few favors from contacts, but being a freebie, those favors won't be held against you later.  Mostly because everything she get's back on Mourne is legit.  The guy is exactly what he says he is, complete with office and pretty Admin Assistant.  Thus far his alaby is tight... being the World of Darkness... maybe a little too tight.  He's clean.

However, what sort of GM would I be if I left it at that?  So, another freebie, if you want to investigate him, you certainly can.  The problem at the moment is that you're looking in the wrong places and you may have to fracture a law here or there to get the info you want (whether you do it yourself or hire a guy, is on you).

Investigate his home.
Investigate his office.
Following him.

Are all great ways to get that ball rolling and if you want to pursue that, we can (probably in a different thread).

While we're on the topic of the law...

Remember this is the World of Darkness.  Everything is a bit bleaker and there's more crime and more problems and more of everything negative.  Which means, sometimes you guys are going to want to do something that isn't quite 'good'.  Put the good and evil baby to bed, rip that band aid off, you'll thank me later.  As PCs you are going to have to do some things that are not quite nice or frankly just plain wrong in the grand scheme of your personal moral code.  I get it.  The game has a theme and that theme is dark heroism, which means that as long as you guys are not running around murdering and and devouring the flesh of babies... I'll be okay with most of the minor bad things you wanna try and get away with, especially if it's in line with getting the plot resolved.  In fact, you will probably have to do a few questionable things from time to time.


Starting a fire to evacuate a building for a distraction.  (Cool)
Setting people on fire to cause a distraction. (Not cool, bro)

Breaking and entering to gather intel on someone or something. (Cool)
Breaking into some dudes house to murder him because he cut you off in traffic. (Not cool, bro)

Hitting museum security with a baton to knock them out. (Cool)
Tossing museum security from the second floor and impaling them on the Japanese samurai spear exhibit because you saw in a movie once. (So not cool, bro)

Basically, use discretion.  It's a forgone conclusion that eventually you guys are all going to kill someone or something, it happens.  Aside from that, I don't care wasted or stoned your characters get or big of an asshole they become, as long as they aren't doing things to end up on the FBI's most wanted list, have fun with it and be reasonable.

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Some of you may be wondering exactly where you're going to go from here... so far you're people who are seeing wierd things and have no idea where that leads in relation to you as a player...

So... here goes...

Pick a 'template'.

You may choose from: Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Changeling: The Dreaming, Hunter: The Reckoning, or Mage: The Ascension.

Simply add the particulars to your sheet and remove what things no longer apply to you (like Virtues).  You are not reimbursed anything that you lose, but don't worry those things are into consideration as your character's 'grow into' the new life that seems to be knocking on their door.

You can still choose things like Tribe and whatnot, but for the most part it will not come into play until later... remember, we're not using the RAW, we're making things up as we go.

We don't have any bonus points to spend.  We spent them in the beginning.
Yes, you did.  Because you were a person before you were this.  Again, that will be taken into consideration later, for now, you get the bare bones because none of you are proficient on how live like a life of weirdness and strangeness, yet.

Why not Vampire or Wraith?
The dead cannot be Chosen.  They can only be choosers.  We will be going to a lot of places that are saturated in sunlight.  By being a vampire you will miss about 70% of the story and frankly I'm not interested in making concessions for that 'one guy'.

So... who are you?  What was so special inside you that the Choosers... chose you?


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You may.  Keep in mind that those Merits may not kick in right away, flaws, however, will.

Also, if there is a 20th book available for your chosen critter, you may use the 20th book to create your character.

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29 minutes ago, Dave ST said:

My laptop fell and shattered.

I'm thousands of miles out with no way to replace it at the moment.  Patience will be required.

Just trying to keep things "active" so we can keep the game going. We'll make it work.

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Dave has expressed interest in continuing this game (and the others) when he's able to do so. Although I'm not sure how many people will still be around then, I'm going to do my best to hold this space for him until either that time comes, or he decides to transfer things to another site. Expect to see periodic comments from me here until then. :) Also, if any of you have questions or comments, feel free to leave them here as well!

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