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Alright, team. Once you've been approved please post your character sheets here. I do request NOT to hide the stats and background of your characters, I trust the group not to be too metagamey and to talk among themselves in terms of what to and what not to know about each other.


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 Ryusei Hideyoshi is something of a problem for his family.   Born to Aoi Hideyoshi, Sole Heiress to Kawakawa Securities, one of Japan's largest financial institutions, He never knew his father, and chaffed greatly under the strict authority his Grandfather demanded, especially all the private schools.   Though he did successfully graduate, he showed no interest to follow his family's wishes to learn the trade.   

Instead he joined the JSDF at the first opportunity.   Early on his Grandfather assured he was kept from important work, as a petty way of vengeance upon the unruly bastard grandson.  Even so, he enjoyed his time.   He was deployed  to deal with several incidents, and distinguished himself with his seemingly natural skill and speed.  He soon was approached about joining the Special Operations Force, and did so.  No longer could his grandfather keep him in menial position and he began to rise in the ranks, and fighting against potential smugglers and terrorist threats the JSDF was called upon to deal with.

It was during one of these assignments that the world changed for him.   Enroute to the drop point, the helicopter carrying him and his team was shot out of the sky over the ocean by a rocket launcher.   Not killed outright, he still faced death plummeting to the Ocean, when he heard a strong voice.  "Do you wish to live?"  He affirmed this desire, and hit the water, emerging like a cork, unharmed, the next moment and blazing away at the dumbfounded shooter with his assault rifle.  He swam to the vessel and climbed aboard, neutralizing seven other smugglers, and apprehending one alive, before radioing in for pickup.  

After endless debriefings he arrived in his single occupancy apartment and Found someone waiting, a hairy man who had the same blue eyes.  "Hello, Son."   What followed was his visitation, the revelation he was the child of Susano-o no Mikoto, and the bequest of several relics.

Two years would build his legend further in many circles with the bold rescue of the Twin Priestesses of Murakumo, single handed, even though he suffered serious wounds during the Tsunami.    He also saved the sacred object of the Furoda shrine, which had been  guarded by spirit dragon Hokuto, for centuries.  With the shrine destroyed, he offered to give the magatama to the priestesses as they would assure it's proper care.   Both shook their heads, and he felt something nudge him from behind.   Hokuto was there, and seemed very taken with him.  Though he can't yet understand, the priestesses explained that if the holy relic was destroyed Hokuto would cease to exist, thus his protecting it and saving it saved her, thus her fate was now bound to his.

Since that time he's worked hard to balance his combat style with having a summonable dragon around, while still going on missions when called.   He is a warrior of unparrelleled skill, and many refer to the pair as the Shooting Star Dragon, a play on his name, and his "pet".

Currently he is serving on detached duty in the United States, following the Theft of a major relic from the Principal shrine of Amaterasu.  His superior officer, a scion of Amaterasu herself, knows of his real mission in the states, and it is directly to her that he files his reports.




Name- Ryusei Hideyoshi
Age- 31
Height 5'10
Weight 150 lbs
Eyes- Sky Blue
Bloodtype- AB+

strength 4 dexterity 5 Stamina 3
Perception 2 Intelligence 4 Wits 4
Charisma 3 Manipulation 2 Appearance 3


: Academics-1, Animal Ken-3, Athletics-3, (F)Awareness-4, (F)Brawl-5, Control-1 (jeep), Empathy-1,(F) Fortitude-3, Integrity-1, Investigation-1, Marksmanship-5,(F) Melee-5, Occult-3, (F)Presence-3, Stealth-1, Survival-1, Thrown-3

Virtues- Valor 4 Endurance 4 Duty 1 Intellect 1

Willpower 8
Join battle 7

epic attributes and purviews
epic strength 3 holy Rampage,  crushing grip, divine wrath
epic dexterity 3 untouchable opponent,  omnidexterity, trick shooter
epic stamina  3  Self Healing, body armor, Regeneration
Tsumo-gami 3
sky 1 sky's grace
fire 1 Fire Immunity
Water 1 water breathing
Darkness 1 night vision
Frost 1 Frost immunity

Relic 4 Fire Darkness Hono no Kage (gun) +2 special powers
Relic 4  Frost Water Kori no Ryu (sword) +2 special powers
Relic 3 Land of Sky Sky Earth Animal (Dragon)
Creature 5 Dragon (Hokuto)

Legend 4
Legend points 16

BP 30 breakdown
8 for epic str 2, 3
2 brawl 5
2 melee 5
2 Relic 4
2 Relic 4
7 creature 5
1 awareness 4

4 marksmanship 5

2 Relic 3

Relic 4  Hono no Kage -Flameshadow (gun) A black Magatama with firey red accents, this relic's spirit manifests as a large caliber handgun (Desert Eagle in this case) it grants access to the fire and Darkness purviews, and can manifest and be banished as a weapon as a reflexive action.  In addition for 1 legend point it can augment its damage by the user's legend score for a scene.Ryusei wears it in his right Ear.

Relic 4 Kori no Ryu -Water Dragon (sword)  a Dark blue Magatama with white accents, this ancient relic's spirit manifests as a beautiful and elegant katana.  It grants access to the Water and Frost purviews, and can be called or banished as a reflexive action.  It can augment its damage by the users legend score for a scene for a point of legend.  Ryusei wears it in his left ear.

Relic 3 Sora no Tochi - Land of Sky (necklace) This green magatama with light blue highlights grants access to sky and earth and Dragon, and is worn around the bearer's neck as a pendant.  It does have special abilities, which currently remain sealed.




Creature- dragon- Hokuto: Sacred Sky Dragon Spirit






Attributes: Strength 6, Dexterity 6, Stamina 6; Charisma 2,
Manipulation 1, Appearance 4; Perception 4, Intelligence 3, Wits 4

Virtues: Duty 4, Endurance 2, Intellect 3, Valor 4

Abilities: Athletics 5, Awareness 3, Brawl 5, Fortitude 5, Integrity 2,
Investigation 2, Occult 2, Politics 2, Presence 3
join battle 7
supernatural powers
Flight- Hokuto is a Sacred Sky dragon, and can fly roughly 150 mph, she can fight in the air as though grounded.
Dragon scales- grants +5/+5/+5 armor

For 3 points of legend, Hokuto can focus the sky's fire, lightning in her mouth, and shoot it as an unerring attack at her target This attack does Legend x3 dice Lethal damage.
Legend 4
Legend points 16
Willpower 8
Epic Strength 3
Epic Dexterity 2 untouchable opponent
Epic Stamina 3 self healing, regeneration, Damage conversion
soak 8A/12L/15B



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1991 – Saudi Arabia on the eve of Operation Desert Storm

She walked among them unseen. The long winter entering its final days a new spring around the corner, and War, painful, destructive, glorious, dawning. This would be a war unlike any before. It would seem to end in days but it will not. It last decades and will be the overture for greater death and destruction to come. Unless steps are taken. This is why she walks tonight.

She is The Morrigan, the Celtic goddess of Fate, Death and War, one of the Tuatha de Dannan. She also represents Fertility and it is this role which she fulfills tonight.

She finds the soldier she seeks, a fine man, strong, skilled, a hero to be. Doomed to die in this opening wave of war. It matters not who he is, what nation he serves, only that he serves her purpose. He will father her child.

A hero for the conflict to come.

2020 – Somewhere in the Pacific near Johnston Atoll aboard CV-99

I come out here on the aft flight deck overlooking the wake of the ship pretty often. The phosphorescent algae and stuff churned up by the carriers screws have a calming effect on me, seem to give me that peaceful easy feeling. A storm is coming, both a real one and a metaphorical one. Flight operations have been suspended for the night because of the real one so the deck is clear. I'm out here all alone for the metaphorical one. The solitude is comforting since its such a rare commodity now a days.

My name is Caitlin Morgan, no middle name. My mother didn't give me one neither did my father, who remains unknown to me, and every other human being on the planet for that matter. All I know about him is that he was a soldier and that he died before I was born. According to my mother he doesn't matter. So it's just Caitlin, some times Cat, some times Kitty, some times bitch. That's something I share in common with my mom. She's a real Bitch, with a capital B.

I was born after the first gulf war, conceived on the Eve of that first battle according to my mother whom I have no reason to doubt considering who she is. It's a war we still find ourselves fighting. My father died in the days following the start of the war. I was born on December 25. I know what your thinking. Don't, I'm no savior, I'm like my mother just more violent and much less powerful.

She raised me alone for the first four years of my life. I don't really remember that much from that time, but I do get the impression of a cold, relentless woman who fed me clothed me and eventually dropped me off at a fire station in Houston on my fourth birthday, a note claiming she couldn't care for me anymore with my details on it, pinned to my jacket. Happy Birthday me.

Since I had no other living relatives that could be found I entered the foster care system. That was a disaster. Being raised by my mother as I was I had no boundaries. I was disobidiant, prone to tantrums and acting out violently because that's the way I knew. Eventually I learned to not act out and was placed in a foster home. That went alright for a while but eventually I got into trouble for fighting with the other kids. This led to a series of foster homes, some were ok but I was the problem, other were like a lifetime channel melodrama didn't matter they all ended up the same. Me hitting kicking or biting someone and being handed back over to child protective services.

This went on through my adolescence and into my early teens. I was a bad kid. And I was tough, and I was smart. While I didn't do well in what little school I attended that was more because I was either bored, high or otherwise occupied. I learned what they put in front of me and remembered what I found useful and interesting. When I was thirteen a perfect storm of shit hit me. I was very well developed and was active sexually with kids my age and older. My then Foster dad thought it would be ok if he had a little play time with me. That wasn't gonna happen. I may have been 13 and a girl but I was strong and I had been fighting since I was four. While I didnt do any real damge I hurt him enough for me to get away.

I didn't go back. Ever.

I fell in with a series of gangs. Got my first tattoo before I was fourteen, I won't tell you any details lets just say I did what I needed to to survive. A lot of it was illegal some of it was really illegal all of it was immoral. But it wasn't what I wanted out of life and when I go the chance to escape that life, I took it.

When I was seventeen there was a lot of bad gang activity and the cops really came after us bad. I got caught up in a sweep. I was carrying a weapon which was illegal and I had some illegal substances in my possession. So I ended up in court. I was still a minor but I had miraculously avoided ever being arrested before, so no record. But I was guilty so there was no way out.

The judge I pulled was an old fashioned guy a throw back to the old days. Not sure if he saw something in me or was just persuaded by my pretty face but which ever it was, he gave me a choice. I could take the max he could throw at me or I could join the Army. With the war dragging on as it was and recruitment down the army had once again started excepting deals like this.

It didn't take much thinking on my part. Here was a chance to get out of my situation to get a new start to escape the gang-banger life.

I joined the army.

In boot camp I found something I hadn't ever imagined. The enforced disciple there awoke my own self-discipline. I applied my self like never before. When I qualified with the m-16 I shot a perfect score, that meant to get expert marksman I had to qualify a second time. I shot a perfect score again. I was a natural. Instead of the motor pool the army made me a small arms trainer.

The army became my life and like a lot of soldiers I wanted to fight for my country. But being a woman I couldn't at least not as a combatant. In 2012 I finally got sent overseas as an in theater arms instructor. It was my first trip outside of the US, to Afghanistan as a non combatant. My first week in country the base I was out was mortared. Not once, not twice but every day at exactly 6 am for a week we were shelled for exactly twenty minutes. On the eighth day the base wasn't shelled we were attacked. It was my baptism of fire. I took my M16 and joined the line. Yeah women weren't allowed in combat. Some one forgot to tell the Taliban that.

I got a medal. We all got medals. I did two more tours in Afghanistan I saw combat on each one. After every tour I got a new tattoo then I volunteered again I felt alive over there. In 2015 they lifted the ban on women in combat, I was a sergeant by them. I volunteered for the Ranger school and was the fifth woman to graduate and join the 95th. Along with that came a below the zone promotion to Staff Sergent. I was riding high.

A year later I found myself back in Afghanistan this time as a ranger and a combat leader with my battalion. It wasn't what I expected. For three months we trained and did our jobs with snatch and grab sorties. We never came under fire during this time.I saw more combat the first month I had spent in country when I was a non combat soldier. Now that I was trained and properly prepared, nothing.

All that changed on October 6 2016. A report from supposedly reliable sources had pinpointed a location where a meeting between Taliban and Is insurgents were supposed to meet. A mission was hastily put together. We were available and assigned I found my self and m rifle squad aboard a blackhawk with us was one element from the platoons machinegun squad. The rest of the platoon followed on in other birds. The op is still classified so there isn't any way to check my story, even the location is classified. We flew into the mountains as we neared our target lz we came under heavy anti aircraft fire. Real AA not just small arms. Then the AA missiles came. All four birds were hit to some extent, two went down hard and exploded no survivors. The fourth blackhawk was heavily damage but managed to get away. We went down but not before putting some distance between us and the attackers.

The bird was wrecked. Most every one was injured not me though I came through without a scratch. A couple of air crew were hurt pretty bad. I knew the bad guys would be coming so I ordered the helicopter to be destroyed and moved us up into the rocks to make a defensive position. The chopper crew deferred to me which was a blessing usually guys didn't like taking orders from a female especially when they outranked said female.

We found a defensible position and set up fields for defensive fire. I set up the sat com and reported our position as well as I could and our situation. I was told to defend and wait for rescue and stay in contact. Night would be falling soon and I expected the enemy to make at least one push before they lost the light. I wasn't disappointed. Less than an hour after we crashed they first elements of the Taliban troops found us. It was a small unit less than twenty irregulars and four vehicles. As soon as they saw us they opened fire ineffectually Our return fire was much more effective. We inflicted several casualties, and they withdrew. I knew they were guiding a larger force to us but there really wasn't anything I could do except wait. Wait for them and wait for rescue.

The bad guys started showing up as the sun was sinking behind the mountains. They mad a few probes but they were wary of our night-vision which still gave us a great advantage over their less equipped soldiers. They would assault us in the morning.

Which wasn't all that good news like it sounds. After all you would expect that if we had night vision we could air strike them during the night unfortunately. They had pulled back and it would be too risky for us to try to guide a fixed wing airstrike into them. And helicopters couldn't operate in the mountains at night where the winds rose and made flying conditions impossible. No we had to wait until morning and then our forces would launch the rescue mission. Then it would be a race to see who got to us first and either way it would be bloody.

I wanted to take the fight to them. I wanted revenge for the two birds shot down and my friends they had killed. I wanted to kill them all.

Night was falling fast and so was visibility. I hadn't paid any attention to the wildlife noone did especially the birds. There are always birds in these mountains.. It was Joe Garcia, from the MG team, who brought it to my attention.

“Staff Sargent, what with the crows?” He had pointed them out then. They were there thirty or forty of them sitting on the rocks all around us watching us. There were more circling overhead. They looked like they were waiting too. “Looks like they are waiting for us to die.” I looked at him thinking that he was right but I wasn't going to say that. “Their just birds Garcia, we aint gonna die. Those fuckers out there are gonna do the dying.”

As I spoke the crows all exploded into the Air everyone saw them, heard the cacophony of wings and caws. They flew in a tight circle faster and faster until a funnel began to form the end stretching to the ground. The crows flying, the noise drowning out all other sound, it was terrifying to behold but even more was what happened next.

The crows funnel touch the ground and as soon as the first crow impacted it collapsed in on itself, one after another and as they collapsed the became first feet then legs the whirling flock of birds became a human figure naked, beautiful, terrible, all at once.

And I knew her.

I hadn't seen her since I turned four. And after twenty some odd years I could not have described what she looked like I couldn't even picture her in my head. But I knew her. My mother stood before me.

We were stunned no one said a word her nature froze us in place . When she spoke it was the language of her folk and mine but all of us understood regardless of creed.

“Daughter, Caitlin, I am you mother, I am The Morrigan. I am of the Tuatha De Dannan, and you are my Scion. All of you listen to me I am a seer and it is doom and death that I see. But not if you do as I say. Stand with My Daughter and me. Stand with us and Glory shall be yours. I will not lie for some this night is your doom, but my promise is that your deaths shall be remembered and honored forever. Who will stand with my Daughter?”

Awed by her presence and doubt banished to the dark recesses of their minds one by one all of them came to stand by me. I was overwhelmed. She spoke again. “All of you honor me and you honor my Daughter. Be faithful and your fame shall grow. Daughter these are your warriors in the war to come, they are your Fianna treat them well and they shall fight like the heroes of old. Now Brave warriors prepare yourselves for battle I must speak with my Scion.”

They all began readying themselves the wonder and awe filling them. My mother took me aside There she explained much of what being her daughter meant what being the scion of a god entailed. She did not apologize in fact she was as cold and driven as I remembered. She told me of the titans and the war that I and my band would become a part of. She gave me those gifts and boons I carry today. My Sword, the Raven pin. In a few minute she instructed me in the powers my blood enriched by divine ichor carried. She prepared me for war. After she called us together and led us down the slope to battle.

It was terrible and glorious. I can't to this day describe what it was like to fight beside my mother. When the dawn peeked above the mountains the enemy lay slaughtered, four of my band lay with them all of us were wounded and my mother was gone.

When the rescue came we were whisked away. Separated. But we were never treated as nutcases. The existence of the gods we found out was a known thing in some circles. The mission was classified and we were put to work. Only the toughest missions and the weirdest. We all got a bump in rank due to special circumstances. For the last three years we have seen a lot of crazy things. I've lost some of my band who started with me that night in the mountains and gained some through the years. That's just the way things are. My guys are warriors They may not be Irish, they may not have come from a background that makes sense but each one is Fianna. My band.

But now it's getting worse. Titans and their spawn are becoming bold, so here we are on this carrier with the rest of you.

Waiting for war.




Name – Caitlin Morgan, Sergent First Class US ARMY Rangers

Age-28 , Born Dec 25 1991

Height- 5'6”

Weight- 140 lbs

Hair- Reddish Brown

eyes- Grey

handedness- Right

Divine Parent- The Morrigan

Pantheon- The Tuatha dé Dannan

Background: Caitlin is the daughter of The Morrigan and an unknown soldier. After the child's birth the Morrigan as a mortal raised her until she was almost four before placing her in foster care, in all effect abandoning her to make her own way or fail. As an older child Caitlin bounced from home to home in the rough ares of Houston Texas. As a white girl in a predominantly minority area she was actually the minority and had to learn to defend and fight for herself. This led to trouble with the foster families she was placed with, trouble in the schools she attended and trouble with local gangs and subsequently with the law. When she was 19 she was given the choice of many wayward youth. Face jail time or go into the service. The Army was glad to take her she was in good physical condition and once given the much needed discipline of boot camp something woke inside her a burning desire to better herself and prove that she was as good no that she was better than those she left behind.

She became an excellent soldier and with combat being opened up to women she switched from her starting mos to that of combat infantry and became a Ranger. It was while on deployment in Afghanistan that she had her visitation and found out who she really was. Assignment to the Joint Task Force 0 soon followed.

aa4b9edf1b8facb4491647bb56c1d564.jpg.8c8   Kinessa_Johnson.jpg.4546b19259fcd9e4a301  k-653x1024.thumb.jpg.6a533bf985cb0537382


Nature- Competitor
Calling- Special Forces Veteran

strength 4   dexterity 4    stamina 4
charisma 3 manipulation 2 appearance 3
Perception 4 Intelligence 4 Wits 3



*Animal Ken* :1

Athletics: 3

Awareness: 4

*Brawl*: 5

Command: 3

Control: 1


Empathy: 2


*Fortitude*: 4

Integrity: 1



*Marksmanship*: 5


*Melee*: 5



Presence: 2


Stealth: 3

Survival: 3

*Thrown*: 2


Relic 3 A Golden Torc: Allows access to the Chaos, Fertility, and Prophecy Purviews


Relic 2 Básanna Láimhe (Death's Hand): This ancient Irish Sword was given to Caitlin by Morrigan it allows the use of the Death and War purviews.



The Flocks of the Morrigan

(Creature ••, Relic •)

The battle-goddess Morrigan is known to have control over ravens, crows, rooks and blackbirds, and she uses these creatures as messengers, spies and occasionally attackers. From time to time, she will gift a favorite Scion with a small flock of these birds to be used for the same purposes. The birds are extremely intelligent for animals, and the Scion who controls them can communicate with and command them. Birds sitting on a telephone wire are seldom thought of as unusual, and thus, they can eavesdrop on conversations and carry information back to their masters.

Those Scions who receive the gift of one of her flocks from the Morrigan sometimes gain it as a Relic in the form of a small silver pin or pendant in the shape of a raven. When the item of jewelry is taken off and thrown into the air, it transforms into the flock. Scions so gifted may use it to channel the Animal (Corvid) Purview.

The Flocks of the Morrigan are composed of corvids that use the small bird template on p. 329 of Scion: Hero, except their Intelligence, rises from 1 to 3 (the better to understand the Scion’s commands). They also possess Epic Intelligence 1 (Perfect Memory), Epic Perception 2 (Predatory Focus, Subliminal Warning), Legend 3 and the following Virtues: Courage 2, Expression 2, Intellect 3 and Piety 2. A flock is generally composed of 10-30 birds.



The Fianna and The Red Branch Knights

(Followers •••)

The Fianna and the Red Branch Knights are warriors that made up the two greatest warbands in Irish history. The Red Branch existed during the reign of Conochobar mac Nessa (king of Ulster) around A.D. 10, and the Fianna followed Irish hero Fionn mac Cumhaill during the reign of Irish High King Cormac mac Art at the beginning of the third century. People were admitted to both warrior bands based solely on their prowess in battle. They were expected to be of impeccable honor, skilled with the use of spear, sword and shield, and capable of fighting equally well on foot, on horseback or in the back of a chariot. In earlier times, the majority of both bands were made up of the sons (and occasionally daughters) of nobility, but from time to time low-born warriors who had proven their worth were also admitted (such as Laeg, the charioteer of Cúchulainn). In modern times, followers from either band are as likely to contain warriors born into poverty or middle- class families as they are to contain people from the upper crust.

Members of either band have the Virtues of the Tuatha, with most having Courage as their primary Virtue. Many may be Scions themselves, although often of lesser members of the pantheon. They fight without fear of death or injury, afraid only of losing honor in the eyes of their Gods.

Each dot of Followers after the first nets five Fianna or Knights. The characteristics for members of either the Red Branch Knights or the Fianna are identical to those for the template for the experienced soldier or mercenary on p. 283 of Scion: Hero, except that any attempts to use the Enech Purview against either group of characters gain 3 bonus dice.

Caitlin's Fianna
These are Soldiers Blessed by The Morrigan and sanctioned by TF0 to serve with Caitlin. All are US Army Rangers or Delta Force and hold the rank or Sargent or higher.

SFC John Casey            SSG Mary Caldwell               SSG Micheal Terry              SSG John Meloncon        SSG Sidney Zuniga         

SSG Ramon Garcia       SGT Luis Barara                   SGT  Tom Ryan                   SGT Mason Findley          SGT David McCafferty
Attributes: Strength 4, Dexterity 4, Stamina 4; Charisma 3, Manipulation 2, Appearance 3; Perception 3, Intelligence 3, Wits 4
Abilities: Academics 2, Athletics 4, Awareness 3, Brawl 4, Command 3, Control 3, Fortitude 3, Integrity 3, Investigation 1, Larceny 1, Marksmanship 4, Medicine 2, Melee 4,

Presence 2, Stealth 3, Thrown 1
Join Battle: 7
Clinch: Accuracy 8, Damage 5B, Parry DV —, Speed 6, P
Unarmed, Heavy: Accuracy 7, Damage 8B, Parry DV 3, Speed 5
Unarmed, Light: Accuracy 9, Damage 5B, Parry DV 4, Speed 4
Beretta: Accuracy 9, Damage 4L, Range 20, Speed 4, P
M4AR: Accuracy 8, Damage 6L, Range 150, Speed 5, P
Soak: 2L/6B (Bulletproof vest, +2L/2B)
Health Levels: -0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/Incap
Dodge DV: 4 Willpower: 6


epic attributes, knacks, and purviews
epic strength 3 [Crushing Grip, Uplifting Might, Divine Wrath]
epic dexterity 2 [Trick Shooter, Untouchable opponent]
epic stamina 2 [Self Healing, Damage Conversion]

epic attractiveness (Beauty) 2 [Serpent's Gaze, Inescapable Vision ]

epic perception 1 [Subliminal Warning]

Chaos - Eye of the Storm 1

Death – Death Senses 1

Prophecy - 1

War – Battle Cry 2

Enech – Brehon's Eyes 1

Animal (Corvids) – Animal Communication 1

Virtues: Courage 4, Expression 1, Intellect 3, Piety 2

Willpower 7
Legend 4
Legend points 16

Join Battle : 7

Dodge DV : 8 (10 w/untouchable opponent)

Light Unarmed Parry: 6

Heavy Unarmed Parry: 5

Sword (Básanna Láimhe) Parry: 6


Base Soak: 2A/4L/6B

Wearing Bullet Proof Vest: 4A/6L/8B



0  –1  –1  –2  –2  –4    I

[  ] [  ]  [  ]  [  ]  [  ]  [  ] [  ]


0  –1  –1  –2  –2  –4    I

[  ] [  ]  [  ]  [  ]  [  ]  [  ] [  ]


0  –1  –1  –2  –2  –4    I

 [  ] [  ]  [  ]  [  ]  [  ] [  ] [  ]


Básanna Láimhe (Death's Hand) treat as a Spatha Acc 12  Dam 13L Def +1 spd 4 Tags —

PETRA CARBON FIBER 300 WIN MAG AR Sniper Rifle Acc 143 Dm+7L Range 200 clip 10 Speed 6 tags P With a telescopic sight (no penalty at med half at long)

M4 AR (this is a shorter version of the M16 used in modern army units) M16 Acc 11  Dam 6L  Rng150  Clip 30  Spd 5 Tags P

.45 ACP Glock 21 (acc 12 Dam +3L range 20 clip 15 speed 4 tags P)

Clinch acc 11 damage +8B defense — speed 6 tags P

Unarmed, Heavy acc 10 dam +11B defense -2 speed 5 tags —

Unarmed, Light acc 11 dam+8B defense +1 speed 4 tags —

Armor – Bullet proof vest Soak +2L/2B Mobility -0 Fatigue 1 Tags B


Bonus Points 25/25

Abilities 9 pts

Attributes 4 pts (Int)

Birthrights 4 pts

Epic Strength 4pts

Epic Appearance 4 pts



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Name- Clara “Sigi” Sigismund, Chief Special Warfare Operator,US Navy (DEVGRU)

Age-32, Born July 22nd 1987

Height- 6’3


Hair-Silver, with golden flecks

Eye Color- Glacier Blue

Bloodtype: O-

Dominant Hand-Left

Divine Parent- Tyr

Pantheon- The Aesir


Backstory: Born on Ramstein AFB to an Air Force Nurse and Tyr, Clara grew up in reasonable security on the Base, being something of a military brat before her mother died in a car accident one night as she was driving home. Sent to next of kin, Clara moved to America, getting a sizeable culture shock when she transitioned to San Diego California, living with her uncle and her aunt, a retired marine with time spent in Vietnam, and the Navy nurse who brought him back after. And this is where  Clara was raised, in the sun, near the sea and with all kinds of things for her to do. She did alright in school, ran track, kick boxed, took muay thai. And showed herself to be a bit of a tomboy. Which is why no one was surprised when she joined the Marine Corps, even if it was just to ferry marines off of ships in heavy lift choppers. However when the marines doors opened up to women in combat roles. She went in without a thought, becoming an Assaultwoman before eventually setting her sights on special forces.



Though it wasn’t the Marines, it was the Navy SEALs. And she passed BUDS, was one of the first women to get in, serving 3 more tours with the SEALs before she almost bought the farm in Iraq. Only to find out what she was really meant to do. From there, she spent two years in a PMC run by her Father, and then joined Task Force Zero at his behest.






Calling-  Adrenaline Junkie









Strength:5  Dexterity:3  Stamina:4




Charisma:3  Appearance:3  Manipulation:2




Perception:3 Intelligence:4  Wits:3





Animal Ken-1






Control-2 (Helicopter)


















Virtues- Courage: Endurance: Expression: Loyalty:



Epic Attributes and Purviews


Epic Strength: 3 Holy Rampage, Hurl to the Horizon

Epic Stamina: 3 Holy Fortitude, Self Healing

Epic Charisma




Wolf (Creature) Cost:3 (Jaeger)

Relic 2 War (Eir) Arm

Legend: 4

Legend Points: 16


Bonus Points 30






SCAR-H Accuracy +1: Damage: 5L, Range: 200, Clip: 20+1, Tags: P


P220 (.45 ACP): Accuracy: 0 Damage: 4L, Range: 50, Clip: 10+1 Tags: P  

Mossberg: Accuracy: 0 Damage: 6L, Range: 20, Clip: 8, Tags: P

Bowie Knife: Accuracy: +1, Damage +3L, Defense -1, Tags: -

(Work in progress of course. She'll get her BP done) 



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(Another work in progress


Name: Sia Price, Lieutenant 22nd SAS Regiment (Then MI6)

Age-31, Born February 29th 1981

Height- 5’7


Hair-Silver, Black

Eye Color- Green, left, red, right

Bloodtype: O-

Dominant Hand-Right

Divine Parent- Kali

Pantheon- The Deva


Background: Sia’s daddy was a Punk rocker, and her mom was the goddess Kali. Kali left her when she was four, and her father was never in her life long enough to matter, so she was raised in and out of orphanages and schools. Developing the smart, quick witted personality that was going to carry her through covert training. Right out of highschool she joined the British Army, finding her skill in rifles. And she would’ve made sniper had regulations not prevented her, but then the government opened combat roles to women. And she found herself in the regular infantry, establishing her skill with a rifle as first a designated markswoman, and then a sniper. Serving with distinction until the SAS came a knocking. So she joined, passed selection and next thing she knew she was halfway around the world. Shooting someone, toppling a regime, and bringing up a regime more friendly to the UK. Then she got selected for MI6, and started pulling more triggers in more countries she never thought she’d end up in. Until on her last job, one to assassinate a self proclaimed “king” she met dear old mom. And next thing she knew her bags were packed for an American unit...



Calling- Professional Killer




Strength:3  Dexterity:5  Stamina:4



Charisma:2  Appearance:3  Manipulation:3




Perception:4 Intelligence:3  Wits:3





Animal Ken-






Control-2 (Motorcycle)




















Epic Dexterity 3

Darkness 3

Darkness 1

Samsara 3

Epic Stamina 2 Self Healing, Regen

Epic Perception 3 Broad Spectrum Scan, Electro Mag, Magnified Vision




Creature 3

Relic 3 Rifle War and Chaos

Relic 3 Death Purview


Virtues: Endurance:4 Harmony:1 Intellect: 1 Order:1


Bonus Points


Creature 2

2 Marksman- Marksman to 5

2 Melee-Melee to 5

Awareness 2-Awareness to 5

Occult 2-Occult to 4

Stealth 2-Stealth to 5

Brawl 2-Brawl to 5

Survival 3 Survival to 5


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Name: Lt. Isabel ‘Izzy’ Sterling, SRR
Calling: Heroic
Pantheon: Dodekatheon
Nature: Perfectionist

Goddess: Athena


Strength: 2
Dexterity: 3
Stamina: 3
Charisma: 4

Manipulation: 3

Appearance: 4
     Epic Appearance : 2

Perception: 3

Intelligence: 4
     Epic Intelligence : 2

Wits: 5
     Epic Wits: 2



Academics: 3

Athletics: 3

Awareness: 2

Brawl: 2

Command: 3

Control (Cars): 2

Craft (Electronics): 2

Empathy: 2

Integrity: 2

Investigation: 3

Larceny: 3

Marksmanship: 3

Medicine: 1

Melee: 3

Presence: 3

Science (Chemistry): 2

Stealth: 3

Survival: 2


Followers: 3 (SAS Boat Patrol)

Guide: 2 (Retired Intelligence officer)

Relic: 3 (Xiphos of Athena)

Relic: 1 (Armband of Hermes)



MP5SD (silenced submachine gun)


Come Hither


Perfect Memory

Instant Investigator

Social Chameleon



Arete 2 (Wits)

Vigil Brand (Guardian 1)

Unerring Orientation (Psychopomp 1)

Where Are You? (Psychopomp 2)

Unbarred Entry (Psychopomp 3)

Blessing of Bravery (War 1)




Expression: 1

Intellect: 3

Valor: 2

Vengeance : 2





(more to come)

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