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  1. Sara looked like she really wanted to get away. "It does't matter where we do it or what you tell him. I know how uncomfortable you all are with all of this," she looks at Marrisa and nods, "if you can get him to Marissa's, after Bannon leaves, and after your run, tell him you want him to drive you over there and invite him in for a coke or something before he leaves. We can do this several way, I can read him and he won't know, or I can make him answer your questions truthfully and then forget it ever happened. However you want to do it."
  2. Sara watched Bannon's retreating back and then Charlie's as he went after him, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath before turning back to the stares which she imagined were condemning. "All I am saying is that these powers we have are part of us and not using them is well, like forcing yourself to walk around blindfolded with your arms tied. And I don't think that any of us should be judging the way someone is using their power unless they have that power as well. And even then you shouldn't. That's all I have to say." The rest looked at each other questions and statements forming "What about Cook," asked Cade? "What?" "What about Dr. Cook? Did you read him or what ever you call it." "Yes briefly Like I said when Sean was talking to him. He isn't THE DOCTOR, he is the face of the project. He doesn't really have anything to do with the science and other stuff about us. Everything is told to him via that pad he always has. He reports to Dr Rayleigh, that's the guy who runs the hospital but he isn't THE DOCTOR either. The project is bigger than we guess there is a whole other hospital underneath the one we see. most of the people in the main hospital don't have any clue. I was only in his mind for a few seconds before I got out. Cook has a lot of memories and some of what I saw were contradictory. different memories of the same thing. Like maybe his mind had been tampered with. By a Telepath. By the way the project has a name ... Proteus"
  3. Sara spoke to Bannon's retreating back, "No Bannon you didn't ask a question you made a demand, twice, and I don't do demands. You haven't earned that. You aren't the center of the universe for anyone but yourself, so go ahead run away and be the lone cowboy, it's what your best at."
  4. "First, I am not any body's tool. the network is part of me as are the rest of these abilities, as are the abilities each of us, well most of us, have developed. Erecting the network for so many takes effort and isn't some thing I can do in an instant or in an emergency not for all of us. This is something i thought to put out there but it takes commitment. With Clara's help I think I can erect the network for everyone and make it virtually permanent, but if your not in the net work when I do it, well your not in the net work and can't be added not without going through he whole process again for everyone." Sara pause to let everyone mull that over before continuing. "Second, and this pertains to your very demanding question Jason. We all have abilities now which have a moral and ethical impact on how we behave and perceive ourselves and others. Clara you were appalled when i told you that i could scan Ettein earlier today that that would be an invasion of privacy. And yes I suppose it would but being able to do that is now a part of me. Just like Lona's ability to see if some one is healthy, or Cassandra's ability to see where we have been or where we are. Even you Clara have the ability to see if someone has a power or is using it and who knows what else. What I am saying is these things are a part of who we are now. Do we only use these powers when we need to or absolutely have too, or do we use them for everything. For instance like Jason uses his Telekinesis, or Devin flitting all over the place on a whim. Or even myself scanning people because I can. It will make each of you uncomfortable but you need to know I can scan each and everyone of you and there is little any of you could do to keep me from doing it, out side of developing your own Telepathy. In most cases you wouldn't even know I had done it."
  5. Sean nudged Sara with an elbow forgetting that he could just tell her, < Lilly is at the table by the windows you want to bring her in? if you can?> Sara looked over, saw Lilly, concentrated, <Hey Lilly, we are all net worked so we can talk without having to confuse the non shiners or talk around things.>
  6. Sara, much like Jason but for different reasons, was not a people person, and while she had opened up to the Fellowship and considered them friends (whatever that really meant to her), the sudden intrusion of Beth and Kyle into their midst irked her. Part of it was that they didn't have the shine and that secrets would have to be kept from them, they other was that she was jealous. "Ive never seen the movie, Charlie, but if I can help I will." She said this out loud while her mind was stretching out and connecting to the Fellowship, a task made easier by the Shine. "How many performances do you usually do of these plays?" <We're all connected now so we can talk among ourselves mind to mind without revealing things to people who wouldn't understand. Sean keep an eye on my nose in case it starts to bleed.>
  7. They had looked at the ancient weapons for longer than was necessary absorbing it all in that and the fact that they all had another sense to work with. Then it was time to go. After the movie and dinner at the attached diner at the motel it was too late for any more sight seeing and most of the cultural places were already closed and while they considered sneaking into a club they also with a few giggles quickly discarded that idea in favor of TV in the motel room. When it was time to get some sleep Sara simply grabbed a pillow from each bed and the extra blankets the management had supplied, tossed them on the floor and with a gruff “Don’t argue.” Settled between the two bed and made herself comfortable. In the dark the three teens quietly made small talk until one by one they drifted off to sleep… Morning came and after coffee and copious amounts of free eggs and waffles the kids were heading back to the auction and to get Sean a car.
  8. After freshening up the three teens headed out. A movie was their ultimate destination but after deciding on a feature they found they had a couple of hours before the next showing so the reserved their tickets online and headed over to the Museum, Sean had mentioned, where they could kill a little time. History was one of Sara's better subjects in school and something she enjoyed reading about, just not Montana history, so much of what was on display at the museum was new to her and she suddenly found it much more interesting than she would have thought. They had wandered the museum not following the tour but going it on their own Sean had actually become less interested in things as they continued, one he didn't know what he had really expected to find and two, it was mostly Native- American artifacts and 19th century , pieces with a few innovative farm machines and some railroad things thrown in for good measure. So he had started playing with the museums actual modern electronics the lights camera's alarms and things using his psionic abilities using his own senses to feel the currents of electricity his powers to read the code. Almost by accident he stumbled onto the same thing Bannon would be trying to teach the rest of the Fellowship a day later. He had paused as Autumn and Sara were looking at an exhibit which showed the the various dresses of Native American women through out the prehistoric and historic periods. Sean had noticed Sara several times looking at individuals and small groups of tourists who were coming close to them and almost always they those people had seemed to lose interest in what the girls and himself were looking at and wandered away. She wondered if Sara was doing that with her shine. She watched closely the next time Sara did what ever Sean suspected her of doing and concentrated hard and suddenly the whole room exploded in psionic energy. It startled Sean and he made a little gasp but not loud enough to alert her companions. She could sense them all and everyone had the shine at least a little, it was like what Sara had shown them but different too, but he instinctively knew what it was because he could see it in Sara as she used her shine to push a family that was getting too close to them away. Sean turned around and around he could sense the psionic energy of everyone within the nearby vicinity and could even see the differences in their individual signatures. Autumn and Sara were much more powerful than anyone else and he assumed he was as well but the fact that all of them had a shine was surprising then he noticed another shine but this was different. It took a moment or two before Sara noticed that Sea had wandered off. She touched Autumn on the arm, "Sean's wandered off, poor guy is bored to death and this was his idea. Let's go find him. Sean was a few rooms over when they did find him standing in front of a glass case full of arrow and spear heads made of flint and other stone material. Several of which Sean could sense had psionic signatures of their own.
  9. As they made their way to the room and found a fairly nice accommodation, very clean, the small wall mounted AC had been running so while not frosty it was cool enough, the bathroom was small and contained only a shower. The beds themselves were large doubles with soft mattresses. Sara and Autumn spoke up at the same time, "I'll sleep on the floor,"said Sara, and "I don't mind taking a spot on the floor, " from Autumn. Both teens looked at each other. Seean feeling bad threw his own hat in the ring. "I can sleep on the floor guys after all it's my trip. I should have double-checked. " For the next five minutes the three teens played like they were a monty python act trying to decide who should sleep on the floor. In the end Sara suggested a compromise. "Look, these beds a big enough to share, nobody wants anybody else to sleep on the floor so two of us can just sleep together." The room fell silent as Autumn and Sean glance at each other then at Sara. "Okay," Autumn spoke up first, "I guess that means you and me," she nodded at Sara who looked puzzled, then it dawned on her. "Oh, yeah," she looked at Sean, "I forgot."
  10. The three teens headed into the large fenced in area adjacent to the fairgrounds. The vehicles were packed in fairly tightly and there was no real order to how they were parked except by type. Each vehicle was listed by lot number which was either written in colored marker on the windshield or if the vehicle in question didn't have a wind shield was written on a laminated card which was tied to the vehicle in plain sight. There was no details attached to any of the cards either, with the advent of the internet all information was available online you just had to log in with a password and put in the lot number voila there was all the information known about the vehicle. and that wasn't saying much. Luckily the prospective buyers could look at the vehicles and while they couldn't test drive them or even start the engines they could do pretty much anything else during their inspection. Starting with the SUVS, they read the lot number entries and Sara looked them over checking the engines visually, fluids belts all the things you could check by looking and touching and she looked at the undercarriage and drive trains. She advised skipping on the older Subaru and said that the ford explorer was a possible candidate for reconditioning, depending on how high the auction price went. Next up was the Jeep It had been confiscated a couple of years ago in a drug raid and was then put into use by the state police until the outcome of the trial, at which point the vehicle was slated to be auctioned. It had a lot of aftermarket addons already but almost all of them showed terrible wear and lack of upkeep. The body itself was in relatively good shape except for a few cosmetic injuries. Autumn had stopped at one point and pointed at a small hole near the spare, "Is that a bullet hole," she had asked? All three girls looked at it in silence for a few seconds. Engine wise, it had been used hard but Sara said it would probably require less upfront work than the Ford, but after looking at the suspension and drive train was more worried about them. "Okay Sean, it's a jeep and it hasn't been treated with love and care like Cade does his. This thing has seen a lot of off road use I think, and there are several mismatched parts which tells me that it's had the suspension worked on a lot. Which is not unusual after all it is a jeep. On the plus side it is a model year that was pretty good for jeep so it probably isn't a lemon." She shrugged as she wiped her hands on a cloth Autumn handed her, "It's probably going to go pretty high in the auction so don't get caught up in the excitement. But even with the work it needs its a better get than anything else I've seen."
  11. It was a long hour and a half drive to Helena, and a quiet one. Sara let the other two handle the small talk and if required she grunted a single syllable answer, she only took her eyes off the road ahead to check her mirrors. Neither of the others had any idea of how to shield their thoughts and didn't even try so that Sara had to contend with their stray thoughts, which was often in contrast to what they were actually saying. It was funny she could block it out in a crowd, the mind voices, but here in the cab of the truck she had to make an effort to keep from reading her companions. She wondered if it was because of what Jase and the others had started calling the Shine or just the proximity and that these were the only other minds available to touch. They arrived on the outskirts of Helena and Sara was about to turn on the GPS unit that her dad had mounted on the dash, when she noticed it was already on. She didn't remember starting it up though, maybe Sean had, "Sean can you type in the address of the place we're going to, please. I'm not at all familiar with Helena" Sean looked over at Sara who had been moody and quiet after breakfast and then at the bulky old GPS on the dash, "Sure," he answered and complied. Sara took the appropriate exit off the interstate and followed the GPS directions to their destination.
  12. Sara pulled onto the entry ramp to the interstate and put the gas pedal to the floor, she noticed Sean eyeing the radio but said nothing as she shifted through the gears. She did glance at Autumn who was looking out the window. Funny, she reflected the two had known each other pretty much their whole lives but outside of hellos and how are yous, had probably never had a real conversation, at least not one she could remember, had never had a sleep over or been invited to each others birthday parties. God my life has sucked, she thought. Now up to cruising speed the big wrecker rolled down interstate 15 at 60 mph, the ride was smoother than than the teens expected and there were few cars on the highway this early on a Saturday, "Radio doesn't get much reception but it has an auxiliary port if you want to hook you phone in for music," she said to Sean, "We'll fuel up in Great Falls and get breakfast there if you guys like." Nods of agreement from the other two teens as Sean pulled out his phone and a cord and started scrolling to pick some music. "So Autumn, welcome to the club, you figure out what you can do yet?" Sara checked her mirrors and glanced at the red head, "Me, I read minds."
  13. Sara bowed her head I'm not blaming anyone." She stands up, "Or maybe I'm blaming everyone of us. Devin is Devin he doesn't know any better. But what happened this morning that was on all of us. We let it happen. and no Cora we don't have to be with each other 24/7 but we do need to be Together or it wins.. It's cliche yes but divided we are going to fail. and right now we are divided and whats worse is none of you seem to understand that."
  14. Sara set her food down and then sat next to Lona just as Jason returned from talking with Marissa, she watched the fry play between the two and then Jason blurted out a question which caused Lona to tense. Clara noticed too but it was Sara who put her hand on Lona's and shook her head, “Not now Jason.” “What do you mean not now,” he asked with a head tilt at Sara. “We aren't all here, and we need to be together.” Sara looked around at the group a mismatch gaggle of friends and acquaintances who under any other circumstances wouldn't be seen with each other. “I tried this morning to get us together to get all of you to understand that we are all in this. We're kids we make mistakes we all have issues. Some of us more than others. But we are in this together and if nothing says it more than what happened today. Four of you went off by yourselves and could have died, would have died or worse. Charlie and Autumn aren't here yet and neither is Devin.” She looks at Clara. “I know Devin has been a horrible person, I don't know what he did to you personally but that is in the past. What he did to any of us is in the past. He and Marissa have opened their armor and for the most part all we have done is take the opportunity to give them grief tell them how much we hate them and never once asked them why, most of us never offered them any sign that we cared about their efforts to start making amends. But some of us did,” she gives Lona's hand a squeeze then lets go. “None of us are perfect. But Devin wants to change, he just doesn't know how without help, our help.” Sara turns in her seat to face Marissa. “Marissa I'm sorry for getting angry and blaming you at Jason's house when this all began. I'm sorry I didn't give you a chance. I hope you can forgive me.
  15. Sara let the weights down gently, closed her eyes and listened to the other s working out in the small weight-room. Her heart wasn't it. She had gone straight home after they had returned form the to find her mom gone taking a weekend trip to Great Falls, Sara had gleaned from the note her oh so loving mother had left her along with orders to clean the trailer and twenty dollars for food. She shoved the money into the pocket and left the trailer mess and all and gone tot he gym. Art saw her come into the training room and came over to her. “So, you come to train or what?” “Yeah I thought maybe a couple of rounds“ she said tossing her gym bag on the floor by the bench. While she grabbed some shorts from and a bra and t-shit from the bag she looked up at the two boys in the ring sparring. Both were students at school but a year behind “Hmm, I figured you'd be out at the game.” “Nah, maybe if dad were home, football is more his thing.” “Yeah I remember when he played...he was good. But no, I thought you'd be out with your new friends.” Sara stopped and then slowly faced Art. The old man had a stern look on his face. “You know I don't have any friends, Art.” “Well, I don't know you been dodging training since July and some of the other kids they tell me you been hanging out with some kids at school. I mean friends are good but if you want to compete, be a champion, you gotta train. Your that age where you might want to do other things. I understand...” Sara cut him off. “Your right Art I should have just come clean with you but a lot has been going on and I can't really explain it to you. But yeah I don't think competing in the boxing league is gonna happen now.” Art shook his head. “I just don't want you to give up on something that could make a difference in your life, a way out of this place. You can have that social life anytime but right now your young your and strong if you stop training now, it will be that much harder to come back too later.” “Art, I don't need to train anymore not to box, but I can't compete anymore either that won't ever happen now. I'll train to stay in shape. And I'll always come to you for advice about all sorts of stuff. Your like a second dad to me you know.” Art shook his head sadly not understanding. “But Sara hun, why?” “Because I can't lose. Not any more.” She started calling the fight happening behind her softly so that only Art could here. That in it self was enough to make the old man awestrruck but when he realized she was telling him whatthe boys boxing were doing before they did it, that was almost too much. Sara rested her hands on his shoulders, “Art, I can't explain it right now, but I will okay when I can. Just trust me okay.” Art nodded, “Yeah sure whatever you say Sara. Did you want to spar?” “I better skip tonight looks like you have your hands full with these guys. I'll just go do some weights.” That had been an hour ago and Sara was feeling guilty about using her powers on Art but it was for the best. After today she knew that boxing wasn't something she was going to do as a career not unless she was going to become the biggest cheat in the world.. She got up wiped down the bench and hit the showers then after dressing walked over to the bowling ally to pass the time waiting for the Fellowship to come to Bunnee's after the game. After getting a basket of cheese fries and a Dr pepper she went into the arcade lounge and played video games while she listened to the game over the ally's radio. She smiled when she heard that Laurie Cassidy had made her first field goal. “Good for her," she said outloud as she feed more quarters into the hungry machines.
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