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Star Wars: Enemies of the Empire - CP awards


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CP will be given out occasionally during an adventure (every week or two usually) as well as at the end of a story.

CP Awards:

Everybody gets 2 CP  and Kel gets an additional +1 CP for being the first to use "Enemies of the Empire" IC. Yay!

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Okay, since it's been, you know, a year  since I awarded CP and since this first story is about to be over with my coming post (and to thank everybody to sticking it out)...


Everybody is at a total of 50 Character Points each.




Picking up the first pip in a new skills costs a number of CP equal to the base Attribute.

If you are 3D Dex and want to pick up the Blasters skill, it will cost 3 cp and you will then have Blasters 3D+1. From then it, the skill is increased like normal.



Remember, raising a skill (including Force skills) costs a number of character points equal to the number of dice in the skill.

You must buy each pip (+1, +2, Next D) when advancing a skill.

So if you are raising a skill that is currently 4D costs 4 cp and it become 4D+1. Another 4 cp and it go to 4D+2. And another 4 cp and it will become 5D.


When raising your Knack skill, you get to skip the +1 pip entirely.

So raising a Knack skill that is currently 4D costs 4 cp and skips 4D+1 entirely  to become 4D+2. Another 4 cp and it will become 5D. 5 more cp and it will become 5D+2. And so on.


Additional notes about raising Force skills:

Force skills Cost double to increase without a teacher to guide and instruct you (Thankfully you have Sola Be).

Raising Force skills requires a certain amount of Instruction time at a rate of 1 day/cp spent. (This time is doubled without an instructor).

So with a teacher, raising Control of 3D to 3D+1 costs 3cp and takes 3 days of instruction.

Generally that instruction time is considered to be part of your daily routine, so this instruction time only really comes into play if you want to raise more than 1 pip at a time and even then may not be an issue really.


A very rough guideline to relative skill levels

1D - Below Human Standard for an attribute

2D - Human average for attributes and many skills

3D - Average level of training

4D - Professional level of training

5D - Above average expertise

6D - Considered the best in the city

7D - Amongst the best on the continent

8D - Amongst the best on a planet

9D - One of the best in that immediate region, about 1 in a billion people have this level of skill

10D - One of the best in a sector

12D - One of the best in a region

14D - Amongst the best in the galaxy

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