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Mutants & Masterminds:The Age of the Cape: Characters

Aphrodite Pandemos

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Mary Masters

Family Life

Mary came from a military family. Her mother was a Navy SAR helicopter pilot and her Father was a navigator on the same Aircraft Carrier her mother worked on. In their later years they took their discharges and started raising a family, although she ended up being an only child as a disease struck Mary's mother rendering her sterile soon after Mary's birth. Mary was a bristly, impulsive youth, although these impulses usually were her going after bullies or sticking up for the meeker classmates she had. Although her disciplinary record was checkered, she somehow managed to get into the Navy after High School.


Military Career

Mary started out as a average Sailor does. Went through Basic, actually scored high enough through other tests to get a sponsorship to get through the Naval Academy and eventually over several years made Ensign. But she hungered to get more out of her career. She made several attempts to get into various spcialist departments of the Navy. At first she tried getting to be a fighter pilot but her bodytype disqualified her and doing Helicopters or props just wasn't her thing. She bounced around before trying to get to the SEALs. She got through most of the program, but the final hellish course at the end did her in.


Feeling her career was at a dead end, sitting looking out on the ocean she made the choice of not further pursuing things and taking her discharge.


PMC Career

Moving on was difficult. She missed most of the trouble in the Middle East with her hunger for being the best, until a former shipmate who went PMC pointed her to his outfit. A PMC company that handled ship security through known pirate controlled waters or protecting humanitarian teams in hairier backwaters. She was leery of Mercenaries, but this PMC seemed to keep on the up and up. Or at least tried to. She made her name and her skills sharpened. She put aside her soldier ways and started seeing that where she was she was helping sailors get home to their families and helping the downtrodden get the help they need while their helpers were protected. For the first time she was seeing results. One time while in a dive in Southease Asia she heard from a arms trafficker that something was in the black market, a weird new drug that could make someone's life far more interesting for the right price.


The Now

Curious Mary gave into her temptations and went to the dealer ready to pay the going price that she shook out of a couple back alley dealers on along the way. She bought it and in her run down motel room overlooking the waste-ridden waterway that was her temporary residence she decided to roll the dice. What came out the other side when she came to in her bed covered in sweat was something more than she was. She was stealthy, agile, she was tougher and anything she did take she healed up. The most important thing? She could talk to people and figure them out, she even found out if she needed to she could convince most anyone to do something or strip down their motivations. She could negotiate, figure out someone better than any "mentalist" or detective, and could seem to hold people's attention.


Complications & Motivations


Doing Good

Mary wants to do good with what she has. She was concerned more about her self but her time with "Paladin Outcomes LTD" has changed her mind seeing the suffering in the world. Now she has the power to do something... and without killing.



Mary has developed a want to peacefully resolve a situation. If it's going around an obstacle or talking down a conflict she will exhaust those avenues first above all others.



In conflict with her Peace over Conflict philosophy is her hair-trigger temper. Sometimes it's her tongue that lashes out and strains a friendship, or it's something far more physical.



While she is quite adequate in the water she is afraid of drowning. She would prefer staying away from water or if on a boat to stay on deck as much as she can. It came from when she was stuck in a cargo crate and then pushed over the side of a cargo ship. If it wasn't for some quick thinking she wouldn't be around but the nightmares of her near-drowning haunt her.



Kenneth Kennedy III... the name raises the hair on the back of her head. Member of a rival PMC, a rich, spoiled adventure seeker who is in it for the money. He has always loved to stick a thorn in her side, and now there's rumors he's taken the juice too!


Name: Mary Masters

Mercenary Callsign: Sailor (From her time in the Navy and her propensity for cussing)

Current Codename: Unknown

Hair: Red

Eyes: Green

Skin: Caucasian

Nationality: United States of America

Birthplace: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Age: 38 (Born January 8th, 1977)

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June, The International Space Station


Disaster Strikes! A meteor or space debris impacts the ISS destroying the escape vehicle and sending it into a rapidly decaying orbit apparently dooming the astronauts and cosmonauts aboard. The death spiral of the station is caught on the cameras of the world via satellite as the X376, the US Air Forces secret unmanned space vehicle races to rendezvous and effect some sort of rescue attempt via remote control.

All seemed hopeless as the before the eyes of the world the spaceship burned precious fuel in a futile attempt to catch up to the falling station when sudden a red and blue streak flashed past the X376 and came to a halt by the damaged space station in full view of the camera's showing a young woman in familiar costume of the comic book superhero, Supergirl!

The girl moved to the damaged section and peered into the window then she punched her hand through the hull and ripped the section open. Disappearing inside for a minute she then exited carrying what looked like two orange emergency life bags. Two astronauts had been trapped in the heavily damaged section and been able to make it into them before all the air had been lost.

She put them into the main airlock then flew around to the top of the station and pushed It toward earth far below. Once its mass was moving she flew back under it and grabbed hold to the bottom and flew the station back to earth defying every known principle of physics and logic. But she did it and the 6 astronauts were safe on the ground in a few more hours.


As for the mysterious woman in the comic book outfit she waved smiled broadly and flew away into the sky a red and blue streak. Over the next few weeks she was wherever she was needed and while attempts to identify her have been unsuccessful she has spoken openly that she is … SUPERGIRL!


Kate Cook

A young vivacious Collage Cheerleader attending UC at San Diego was dosed at a rave and imbued with the powers of her favorite comic book hero SUPERGIRL! Adopting the familiar red and blue costume she fights for Truth Justice and the American Way across the globe.


Keeping her identity secret she continues her collage studies and tries to have as normal of a life as she can but she firmly believes a that with her powers come responsibilities. And so when SUPERGIRL is needed she takes to the skies and does what needs to be done.

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