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A question for those of us who have played Adventure! well enough to know: how would you create an Inspired character that has survived through to the Nova Age or even into the Trinity Era? IIRC, that's a gap of 80-100 years between Adventure! & Aberrant. Likewise, the gap is further increased by another 12 decades if an Inspired manages to make it to the Trinity Era.


The "how" of the characters' survival into the latter Eras is obvious: Optimized Metabolism (as knack or Innovation), suspended animation, anti-aging drugs & so on. What I'm asking is how would you create such a character from the whole cloth. Is it just a matter of adding in a huge amount of transformation points into character creation, or would the process need further tweaking (Boosted Attributes/Abilities/Backgrounds)?


If it's just a matter of adding more transformation points, then how many would be needed? I'm figuring that an Inspired who actually lived through most or all of those decades between the Eras would get more points that those who were "in stasis" as human popsicles or the like.


And yes, this question pertains to the Aberrant: Nexus project I've been working on.

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In the case of Chuck's awesome Final Aeons campaign idea, we (the PCs) would have effectively augmented themselves into novahood. Which honestly as to the broader question, fits with stalwarts and mesmerists. Allow them to effectively breack the barrier into nova/psion class if they've lived long enough to refine their natures. :)


The advanced daredevil rules look good for them. :D

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ChuckG & Jeremy Noctis: Many thanks for pointing out those resources. If I'm reading them correctly, you're saying that a base of 30 Transformation points would suffice for an Elder Inspired at the lowest rating of capability? Such as one who took the "human popsicle" route & was in stasis since the 1940s? That might work... I won't be stealing from the Fancruft material, though I might mention that webpage as a good resource for new heroic knacks & such.


Re : Elder Stalwarts becoming Novas-

I figured that it would be the player's choice of whether or not becoming a nova happened to her elder stalwart character. Likewise for elder mesmerists becoming psychomorphs. (Psionic latents can't become psions without those Doyen-designed Prometheus chambers, & mesemerists/psychomorphs are already psionically active as it is...)

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No, I think that's just standard character creation under the FanCruft system. But all the expanded material definitely will suit Inspired daredevils that can go toe to toe with novas and win. :)


OK, that sounds logical. Also, agreed about the expanded material being of great use. Will definitely be including a reference to that project in the text.


Re: Transformation point levels-

I'm thinking that adding an additional 10 transformation points per 10 or 20 years lived through (instead of just sleeping through) would be a good guideline for creating an Elder Inspired. That isn't too high (or low) for an Inspired that actively survived all the happenings of the 1930s and 1940s (especially WWII), is it?


Re: Making the jump-

OK so we've got elder stalwarts w/ the option to become full-blown novas, elder mesmerists w/ the option to become psychomorphs & elder daredevils w/ the option to become Mercer-style paramorphs. The first two processes I should have no trouble modeling AFA experience points - I'll just posit the cost as if the character was buying an 11th dot of the Inspiration Trait. If they accomplish that, they get reformulated as novas (at 15 nova points) or psychs respectively.


As for would-be paramorphs I'm thinking that they would have to buy several levels of the Chronal Awareness knack, with one of those levels representing the ability to time travel. The price of doing so (aside from spending the xp) would be the new paramorph's suffering an involuntary time jump. I suspect that the elder Max Mercer used an undefined ability to act as a temporal jump beacon* to redirect the intial time jump of his younger self - involuntary time jumping is an excellent way to get oneself killed, which would explain paramorphs' extreme rarity in the Aeon Universe timelines.


Jump Beacon: A science fiction device/ability to attract the teleportation of others to the user's loacation.


So, does all of that sound plausible & workable? Or am I going back to the drawing boards on this again?

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