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Aberrant: Infinite Earth - Character - CN - Echo


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Name: Jessica Clark

Previous to her eruption the best you could say about Jessica was that she was not BAD looking. She kept in decent shape, and had a plain but not unattractive face. Post-eruption her body has changed to a more idealized version of itself, with a shape and features only vaguely resembling her previous, and far more classically attractive. Ironically, she often has to intentionally tone that down to make herself less noticible...a skill she has become adept at.

Her body's ability to freely change shape also means she can...and frequently does...imitate other people. She finds this an effective way of reducing the 'OMG' factor of her 'natural' appearance, while not necessarily being mousy and unnoticible. As such, she spends a lot of time wearing other people's faces.

She can simulate clothing with her skin, but it feels weird to do so, and she only does it when she can't find appropriate attire for the shape she plans to use. On her own, she wears fairly loose clothes, that give her a range of options, and possible sizes.

Because her powers often involve changing size and shape rather violently, she spends quite a bit of money on wardrobe.

Jessica has spent her life fighting uphill battles, and persevering. She has a strong will to suceed, but it covers a deep need to prove herself. From her time in the Army, to joining the CIA as an analyst, to her eventual fate, most of what she accomplished she did in her neverending battle with her own insecurities. Nothing ever feels like quite enough for her. It has made her a popular worker, but it sets her apart as well.

She has a tendency to be rather intense, when on the job. No-nonsense and patient enough to let others goof around a bit...as long as an objective is not threatened...but rarely taking part in it. This tension often breaks at moments of catharsis...a long-awaited victory, or the moment of defeat...causing her to have a strong emotional reaction at that time.

Off duty she lightens up, but she still has a hard time really relaxing. She can be social, but in general there's always part of her trying to think of ways to use her time more productively.

Jessica came from poverty; working class poor in the rural Midwest of the United States. Determined to leave this behind, she pushed herself hard from the outset, and joined the Army after graduating high school to help get money for college. There she was a communications operator, and served in Iraq both during the military operation and the occupation afterwards.

Upon leaving the service, she entered college and obtained a civilian degree in Computer Science with some coursework in criminal justice, as well as quite a bit of study of Arabic. From this, and her duties in the military, she became an analyst in the CIA, doing SIGINT work, intercepting radio broadcasts, translating them, and trying to determine if they carried useful intelligence. During her years at the CIA she branched into other areas of analysis as well, but worked hard to try to qualify for actual field assignments.

Her work as an analyst actually worked agaisnt her for some time...managers were predisposed not to risk an agent with her skills on dangerous field work, even when her scores might have justified it. Her big break came though when she noticed an unusual reading from satellite photos over the Sahara...a portion of the desert generally ignored since it was nothing but a sea of bare sand. There was a jitter in the thermal feed, a dip. Jessica worked to locate it, then found images of that area...and there in the desert, shielded by dunes from all sight, was a patch of green.

It seemed impossible, but worse, it seemed boring. Even if there were plants or something out there, who cared? It wasn't a threat. It wasn't actionable. Jessica felt differently, but getting someone to listen was just as impossible as there being a giant oasis in the middle of nowhere, where there'd never been anything before.

But sometimes the impossible happens.

She got an email from her manager, citing orders from higher up, instructing her to fly out to El-Aaiún in Morroco, then procure private transport into the desert to investigate the event. Not only had she gotten someone's attention, but they were sending her out personally! It was an enormous opportunity, and she was determined to make the most of it.

Naturally it was too good to be true. What she found in the depths of the Sahara was worse than anything she'd expected. A testing ground for something wondrous, and terrible, overseen by a super-powered alien mutant from another dimension. Like the script from a comic book, this read. She met her end there, as the sun set over the blood-red sands, looking up at the face of the one who killed her...but even that was taken from her, as his back was to the sun. Only a silhouette chased her down into eternal darkness.

...until she awoke, buried alive. She struggled to the surface and found the little pocket Eden gone, as if it had never been. It was a fitting metaphor for how her world had changed...she realized now that she'd been set up. The 'mission' had been a fraud. They'd known she was coming...they'd been ready for her. This had all just been part of the cleanup...eliminating the only person in the CIA who was paying any attention. And now she herself had changed too. She wasn't Jessica Clark anymore. She was a ghost...a shadow left behind by Jessica. An echo.

Public Knowledge:
Jessica Clark's name and past are all on record, and anyone with sufficient security clearance will have free access to any files on her from her time in the Army and at the CIA. She is listed as 'Missing in action,' as her death was never confirmed.

However, Echo has not revealed herself to be related to Jessica, and is operating strictly under a codename. Being relatively newly erupted, not much is known of Echo other than that she has accepted grey and black market mercenary jobs from corporations and governments and has indicated her services are still for hire.


Strength *****/* (athletic)
Dexterity *****/* (flexible)
Stamina *****/***** (tenacious)

Charisma ***
Manipulation ***
Appearance ****/* (fit)

Intelligence ****/* (Bright)
Perception *****/***
Wits *****/***

Skills: 23+1+30
Athletics ***
Drive **
Firearms ***
Martial Arts ****
Stealth ***
Awareness ****
Investigation ****
Analysis ****
Tradecraft **
Academics ****
Bureaucracy **
Computer ****
Intrusion ***
Linguistics ****
Survival *
Rapport **
Style *
Disguise **
Subterfuge ***
Endurance *****
Resistance ***** ,,

Languages: English, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Spanish

Willpower: ***** ***
Quantum: *****
Quantum Pool: 50
Taint: 0

Initiative: 19
Soak: 15 bashing / 8 lethal
Walk: 7 Run: 16 Sprint: 32

Exp: 0

Backgrounds: 15
Ally *
Node **
Resources ***
Sanctum ****
Cipher *****

Quantum Powers:
Nanotech Body
- Shapeshift *****
- Homunculus *****
- Mega-Stamina *****
- * Adaptation
- * Regeneration
- * Health
- * Tireless
- * Resilience
- * Cellular Persistance 2
- Mega-Dexterity *
- * Flexibility
- Mega-Strength *
- * Precision
- Mega-Appearance *
- * Mr Nobody
- Body Modifications
- - Dispersed Organs 2
- - Extra Health Levels (2 Bruised, 2 Maimed)

Quantum Computer Brain
- Cyberkinesis *****
- * Alter Data
- * Reprogram
- * Overload
- * Fool
- * Control
- Mega-Wits ***
- * Quickness
- * Enhanced Initiative
- Mega-Intelligence *
- * Investigative Prodigy
- Mega-Perception ***
- * Ultraperipheral Perception
- * Hyperenhanced Hearing
- * Analytic Taste/Touch
- * Stalker

Quantum-powered Weapon Manifestation
- Railgun: Quantum Bolt *****
- Electric Arcthrower: Stun ****
- Electrical Skin: Quantum Conversion ****
- Nerve Interface: Telepathy (Touch Only, Duration: Maintenance, Reduced Quantum Cost) **

Point Expenditures
Bonus Points: 15
+1 skill points, 2bp
+5 willpower, 10bp
3 specialties, 3bp

Nova Points: 100/100
Shapeshift 5, 10np
Cyberkinesis 5, 10np
Homunculus 5, 10np
Quantum Bolt 5, 5np
Stun 4, 4np
Telepathy (Touch Only, Maintenance Duration, Reduced Quantum Cost) 2, 2np
Quantum Conversion (electrical) 4, 2np
Megastamina 5, 10np
- Adaptation
- Regeneration
- Health
- Tireless, 2np
- Resilience, 2np
- Cellular Persistance 2, 4np
Mega Dexterity 1, 2np
- Flexibility
Mega Strength 1, 2np
- Precision
Mega Wits 3, 6np
- Enhanced Initiative
- Quickness
Mega Intelligence 1, 2np
- Investigative Prodigy
Mega Perception 3, 6np
- Analytic Taste/Touch
- Hyperenhanced Hearing
- Ultraperipheral Perception, 2np
- Stalker, 2np
Mega Appearance 1, 2np
- Mr. Nobody
Body Modifications, 3np
- Extra Health Levels; 2 bruised, 2 maimed
- Dispersed Organs 2
Attributes +15, 5np
Skills +30, 5np
Backgrounds +10, 2np

Experience Points: 0

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