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Aberrant: Infinite Earth - Character - [CN] Vixen


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Image Credit: Sue-Chan.com

Appearance: There's simply no getting around the fact that Roxanne is one of the most physically distinctive novas on the planet, a mixture of woman and fox. She is covered head to toe with orange, black or white fur; has short, stubby (and mostly harmless) claws; a muzzle, sharp teeth, and a pair of fox tails. She has head hair, which is white, and green eyes. Despite these extreme physical changes, Roxanne shows no signs of excess 'taint,' implying that this appearance is a subset of her powers rather than an aberration. Regardless, people tend to stare, and they take a while to get used to her - and some never do.

When copying a nova's powers, Roxanne sprouts an additional tail. Any physical nova-related changes are also transferred, causing her to resemble a hybrid of herself and the other nova's nova-specific physicality. When transferring these powers, the second tail disappears. Sometimes the subject who is given the abilities gains the tail, along with all the other physical nova-specific traits Vixen has (fur, muzzle, etc) - and sometimes they simply gain the powers. It appears to be random, and thus far, a puzzle Roxanne has yet to solve.

Essentially, whether a recipient of a transfer from Vixen winds up resembling her is up to the character's player. This is to prevent her from causing mass outbreaks of fuzzy lunacy unless people want that.

Personality: One might initially mistake Roxanne for a hedonist, but a more accurate description would be of someone who just climbed out of a 30 year long full body cast. She loves trying new things and having new experiences. Unlike many novas who find their powers isolating, Roxanne finds that her understanding of and ability to empathize with people has only gotten greater. She could be described as super-smart about people, and this ability to sympathize often goes a long way when it comes to getting people past her physical appearance.

When doing a psychological evaluation or in sessions with a patient, Roxanne is pleasant, but professional. If testing powers, she is meticulous in her documentation, though you'd never know it watching her fly around like a hornet on amphetamines. Roxanne thinks very quickly and is tough to surprise or shock, so what seems like goofing around to others is her enjoying the powers of a nova after she's done initial evaluation in her head.

History:Roxanne has been disabled ever since a car accident as a teenager; complications from the accident took the life of her father not long afterwards. Despite losing all feeling in her legs and most of her right arm, Roxanne became a respected biologist, making her home in Seattle.

The arrival of novas to the world turned her profession upside down, and Roxanne's fondest wish was to get to study the biology of novas firsthand - however, much of her focus was on the animal kingdom, and studying took time. So she contented herself with it being a far-off goal, until opportunity landed in her lap.

The animal was found atop a rocky outcropping in the middle of a Japanese national park; it was a red fox with two tails, and quantum detection equipment picked up the presence of a considerable amount of the radiation found in the aftermath of nova power usage. Its biology was inexplicable, defying known science; with her unique crossover talents in both quantum-based life sciences and animal biology, Roxanne turned out to be a natural candidate to study it.

As the months wore on, Roxanne grew frustrated. The animal was clearly highly intelligent, but aside from that she couldn't make any decent headway. It was a one of a kind specimen, so any kind of vivisection was out of the question, not that she'd do such a thing; without invasive testing, Roxanne's speculations remained unfocused. Was it the first of a wave of quantum-powered animals - would they have to content with super-strong paramecia soon? Or was it some kind of quantum construct, a created thing made with nova powers? The implications were staggering, if true...

One night, late in the lab, her frustrations reached a fever pitch. She wheeled her wheelchair closer to the specimen cage and stared the creature straight in the eye. "What I want more than anything in this world, right now? I want to understand you. I want to understand why everything I know about biology, genetics, physics and the properties of matter turns into flubber when something like you is around. I want to understand how that's possible. I wish I could just see first hand how something like you does the things that it does - "

Then Roxanne blacked out from a sudden, stabbing headache.

When she awoke, her headache was gone, and she found herself feeling better than she'd felt in decades. She discovered the three reasons why in fairly short order.

First, the fox had vanished. A review of security footage - which is currently classified highest top secret since it is one of the few known instances of an eruption captured on camera - shows that as Roxanne collapsed from her headache and fell out of her chair, the creature seemed to dissolve into a stream of energy that seeped through the walls of the cage, flowing into Roxanne.

Secondly, Roxanne changed, becoming a physical hybrid of both herself and the fox. In addition to the obvious changes, Roxanne's nerve damage and spine was repaired, and when she woke up, witnesses say she did a dance.

She did a dance because post-eruption, Roxanne processes new information very quickly and efficiently. "Oh, I freaked out. I had a panic attack for what felt like an hour, and to everyone else it was just a couple of seconds. Then I realized what it meant, and - look, if you were sitting down for three decades and suddenly you could dance a jig, you would too."

In addition to her sharpened mind, which understands the biology and psychology of eruption better than most, Roxanne now possesses "meta-quantum powers" - she can shut down a nova's abilities, copy them, and even impart them on others.

Roxanne understood that the key to understanding nova powers is to understand nova psychology - so Roxanne has, in the months since her eruption, dedicated herself to the study of the human mind. She's obtained a new doctorate and has secured backing to begin a new career - field researcher of nova powers, as well as a helpful hand to novas who have... issues.

Character Stats
Code Name: Vixen

Real Name: Doctor Roxanne Richardson

Height: 5 ft 2 inches

Weight: 141 lbs

Age: 44

Nature: Explorer

Cause of Eruption: Intense Curiosity/Frustration

Theme: Meta-Quantum Manipulation (Understanding and Manipulating Quantum Powers)

Series: Cosmos Nova


Player's Name: Mike OOC


Strength ••

Dexterity ••

Stamina ••

Intelligence ••••/••• (Rational)

Wits •••/•••

Perception •••/•••

Appearance •••

Manipulation ••

Charisma •••


Awareness •••

Investigation ••

Academics ••

Computer ••

Linguistics ••

Medicine •••

Science ••••

Rapport •••

Etiquette •••


Backing •••

Influence ••

Resources ••••

Willpower: 3

Willpower Pool:

Bonus Point Allocation:

  • Science +1: 2
  • Specialty: Biology, Quantum Theory, Psychological Profile: 3
  • Influence 2: 2
  • Analysis 4: 8

    Theme: Meta-Quantum Specialist

    Quantum: 5

    Quantum Pool: 50 (4np)

    Mega-Attributes: (27np) (Considered Out of Theme)
    • Mega-Perception ••• (Bloodhound, Quantum Attunement)
    • Mega-Intelligence ••• (Linguistic Genius, Medical Prodigy)
    • Mega-Wits ••• (Natural Empath, Human Nature)

    Quantum Powers: (49np) (In Theme)

      [*]Body Modification (Humanoid Fox Person) (0np)

      [*]Disrupt •••

      [*]Quantum Imprint ••••

      [*]Nova Proxy ••••



      Nova Point Allocation: See above

      Experience Point Allocation:

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