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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): In the Shadows of the City - 4c Alone in the Dark (amara)

Justin OOC

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The malace moved, and the Sword pulsed, an aura of lightning wreathing it. Golden eyes shown in the darkness, They Were brilliant Gold, and she could see them narrow, even as they seemed to rise, over eight feet into the air. Her foe stood just out of the Light, and the She could almost feel it's predatory smile.

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This wasn't a hard choice to make. She had to at least wound it and if Anne saw her stop moving, hopefully she'd get the idea.

Amara charged at the thing, etheral blade at ready to attack or defend, shimmering field ringing with every footfall.

[envoy] 8:57 pm: okay, rolling Shadows initive.

[envoy] 8:59 pm: err. that's base combat mod+2d6, right?

[envoy] 9:04 pm: it appears it is. anywho.

envoy *rolls* 2d6: 5+4+7: 16

[envoy] 9:04 pm: eh, i'll take it.

[envoy] 9:04 pm: wait no

[envoy] 9:05 pm: +4, not plus 7, so 13.

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As she neared she saw a monster that was nightmarish, It too was spiny as her previous foe had been, and it lashed out at her with a tail built like a mace. Where before her field burned her previous foe, this one shrugged off the contact, and grinned, revealing three rows of sharklike teeth.

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Amara glared back through narrow eyes, bracing herself for the strike and shrugging it off her glowing field with a resounding ring and not even feeling it.

She returned the favor, once, twice, sparking blade singing into her opponent without the great drama of earlier fights, but cutting it regardless, making it hurt for being of the same kind that hurt her. She could this. She would do this.

[envoy] 4:26 pm: rolling for amara to try and stab herself a monster.

envoy *rolls* 2d6: 4+2+10: 16

[envoy] 4:27 pm: that's action one.

[envoy] 4:27 pm: action two

envoy *rolls* 2d6: 1+4+10: 15

[envoy] 4:27 pm: huh.

[Long6] 4:27 pm: okay

So two hits of 67 pen 4 pierce 4...

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The attacks hit, but the great beast shrugged them off, it almost seemed like the spines were absorbing the electricity.

In a moment, it opened it's mouth, and revealed that was exactly what was happening. A blast of coruscating blue lightning flashed out towards Amara, moving with speed beyond the norm.

(DC 17 to dodge, damage 70)

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What the..?

The surprise held Amara long enough to catch her completely flat-footed, blast plowing into her barrier like a battering ram. For a heartbeat, the barrier held, singing defiance as energy flowed around it. Then it cracked and sent her hurling backwards into a tree, body sparking under the assault.

Agh. That *hurt*. She could feel the light of her soul dim, burned away in the attack.

The barrier rewove as the Yakuza heiress forced herself to her feet and charged undaunted, glaring as she struck, the first finding demon flesh, and the other flying wide as the thing stepped aside.

[envoy] 9:11 pm: okay, dodge time in shadows.

[Long6] 9:11 pm: that or IC hates it

envoy *rolls* 2d6: 1+1+7: 9

[envoy] 9:12 pm: nooope. she's taking that hit.

[Long6] 9:13 pm: ROFL

[Long6] 9:13 pm: an enemy just did that too

but she's still up. hitting back.

envoy *rolls* 2d6: 2+5+11: 18

[envoy] 9:14 pm: that connect?

[Long6] 9:15 pm: yeah it did envoy

[envoy] 9:16 pm: swinging again since I was silly didn't by regenerating for her ff yet...

envoy *rolls* 2d6: 3+3+11: 17

[Long6] 9:16 pm: miss

One hit of 67 damage, ep: 95/95, hp:173/195, soak down to 44

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once again she connected, and the creature grunted, and bashed her aside with it's tail. It was infuriating to see it's offensive capability rendered moot by the monster, Still it's tail didn't hurt as it connected, sweeping her back out of range, knocking her to the ground. It was almost as if it was playing with her.

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The field rang as she hit the ground, exploding small rocks and foliage as she tumbled to a halt. Agggh. That didn't hurt. At least not enough to punch her shields, but still annoying to be batted around like a chew toy. Well, she'd make it pay for that.

Back in for another go she charged, a grimace on her face, blade going, flash, flash, with two handed swings as she connected with her foe. Amara wasn't running away without a fight. She had too much laying on her getting back to her family in one piece.

[envoy] 8:41 am: time to try and hit him again.

[envoy] 8:42 am: swing one.

envoy *rolls* 2d6: 5+4+10: 19

[Long6] 8:42 am: that hits

[envoy] 8:42 am: hit?

[envoy] 8:42 am: coo. swing two.

envoy *rolls* 2d6: 1+6+10: 17

[Long6] 8:43 am: that also hits

Two hits of 67 damage, 4 pen, 4 piercing. ep:95/95. hp:173/195

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It took the hit and grunted. The power seemed to run up the spines of it's back and lance out at her once again, This time though it was even stronger than before. Lightning crackled through the air and tore at her shield piercing it with fearsome power.

(attack has a 30m area, dodging is impossible from melee range does 90 damage)

As the storm of azure power fired every never in her body, The sword spoke. "The Sword of Storms has more than Lightning at it's call, think Amara, lest this foe continue to toy with you."

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Quite literally smoking from the surge of energy and holes in her glowing field closing like quick sand filling in a series of footprints, Amara braced herself on one knee. Okay. So she was... empowering this monster with her attacks and... he weapon was talking to her.

Her thoughts raced in quick confusion before accepting that her weapon was speaking to her. No less impossible than anything else.

"I'm... listening, Twilight-San. I was unaware I had options," she subvocalized, levering her feet.

"Sword of Storms, what else could that mean, Amara?" the voice of her blade replied, sending her brow furrowing as she wracked her memory. Sword of Storms. The blade of Susanno. Said to command lightning and... Water. Okay. Okay.

The Yakuza Heiress levered to her feet, readied her blade, matching her opponent's gaze as she exhaled, "Tell me what to do. I... think we should talk more after this, should you be willing."

Total Defense with last action. Forcefield down to 40 soak, ep:95/95, hp:127/195

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Her defenses held and the sword remained silent, as the creature continued to bat her around with it's tail, it was trying to goad her to attack again, knocking her to the ground again, and a hissing laughter came from it's mouth.

The sword said nothing, It had given what it felt was enough.

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Amara made an effort to reign in her temper, both at the monsther that sent her into another exploding tree but more importantly, her weapon for leaving her out on a limb. She'd expect that kind of behavior out of one of her Father's rivals, not a weapon out of holy myth. Fine. She'd cope.

She clammered to her feet again, braced herself with the blade in two hands, and intoned under her breath, "Please help me defeat our foes. If any of us here fail, we all die."

Then she concentrated on mental images of water at war, the streams that carved canyons over time, the waves that could batter Japan like a hammer, the blades of rain that could force armies to a crawl, asking, hoping, even praying a little to the Kami who were willing to let the world come so close to destruction, for that power to aid her here and now against this foe.

It was more than a little disapointing when nothing happened. Where was Anne, anyway?

[envoy] 4:42 pm: trying to switch amara's weapon from 'shock' to 'drown'.

envoy *rolls* 2d6: 1+2+4: 7

[envoy] 4:43 pm: nope.

[Long6] 4:44 pm: decidedly not on that one

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The Demon hissed annoyed now, tiring of playing. It reached out and grabbed armara's shield, picked her up, and threw her against a tree. This was much harder than before, and succeeded in battering down her shield and hurting her with the impact. Still the sword did nothing. Even more, it seemed, annoyed, if anything.

(10 damage past shields)

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Ooof. Muddied and now bloodied, Amara got to her feet one more time, trying to avoid thinking unkind thoughts about an ally who was trying to get her killed or teach her a lesson in the middle of a fight. Resentment would just get her killed or beaten.

"My apoligies, Twilight's Edge," she breathed, focusing her thoughts on 'wetness', blade held defensively, "But I need your help to destroy our eniemies and protect those I need to protect."

A pause and... nothing. At least the sullen anger seemed to have faded.

[envoy] 6:05 pm: still going for a switch from 'shock' to 'drown'

envoy *rolls* 2d6: 4+6+4: 14

[envoy] 6:06 pm: huh.

[Long6] 6:06 pm: no go envoy

[Long6] 6:07 pm: Sword is no longer annoyed though

Soak down to 36, ep:95/95, hp:117/195

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Amara smiled grimly up at the brute, blade still sparking with energy. Now or never it seemed. A round or three of that without help or being able to strike back, and she'd have to run. But she wasn't beaten yet.

"Help me. Please," she exhaled, tightening her grip on the weapon's hilt and trying to 'push' some of that mysterious energy powering her aura toward the sword, breathing out like her tutor's had taught her.

The smile gleamed when she felt a jolt pulse through her bones and the sword flashed white, sheding it's aura of sparks and starting to bleed a cloud of clean clear water. "Let's finish this, Monster," she chuckled, gaze defiant. Time to get serious.

[envoy] 10:46 am: okay. time to get serious. burning 50 ep for +5 on a roll to convert amara's sword from 'shock' to 'drown'.

envoy *rolls* 2d6: 2+4+9: 15

[envoy] 10:47 am: anything?

[Long6] 10:53 am: it listens

Soak 36, ep:45/95, hp:117/195

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Now the sword listened, and shifted from a blade wreathed in crackling lightning to one surging with the power of the ocean, it's blade gleaming blue like the deepest Seas. The demon actually recoiled moving back from her now, obviously intimidated by the change.

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"Ha," exhaled the Yakuza Heiress, bursting into motion at her opponent with renewed confidence. One, two, sang the blade, trailing droplets of water that refracted into rainbow shimmers against the trees.

Both attacks missed, the demon actively dodging now.

Amara didn't mind. An opponent afraid enough to dodge was one that thought he could be hurt, and if she could hurt this thing... She could kill this thing. And find Anne, wherever she'd gone in this gloom. And get back to the House to rest and recover for tommorow.

[envoy] 1:23 am: anywho swinging on the monster in shadows.

envoy *rolls* 2d6: 2+2+11: 15

envoy *rolls* 2d6: 5+1+11: 17

[envoy] 1:24 am: either of those hit?

[Long6] 1:24 am: no

[envoy] 1:25 am: alright.

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Blood splaying out to flashboil against her shields, Amara gritted her teeth against the pain and forced herself to not fall back. She could keep this up. Maybe a hit or two longer. That much more. Not alot...

She swung back at the brute, the creature stepping aside from her first swing, but the follow up stab meeting demonic flesh, shields illuminating them both in their mutual dance of the death, Yakuza street diplomacy writ mythological with both their lives on the line.

envoy *rolls* 2d6: 2+3+11: 16

[envoy] 10:01 am: that miss, long?

[Long6] 10:01 am: yeah

[envoy] 10:02 am: swinging again.

envoy *rolls* 2d6: 5+6+11: 22

[envoy] 10:02 am: whew!

Soak 32, ep: 45/95, hp:93/195

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Things became very simple as Amara's thoughts contracted around her blade and her foe, muscles burning protest to her actions. Block strike. Recover footing. Swing, miss. Swing again, hit. Bring blade back around for another block...

first thing, burning 20 ep for +2 on a not getting chopped in half roll.

envoy *rolls* 2d6: 3+6+9: 18

[envoy] 12:58 pm: so that works. rolling to attack the beastie.

envoy *rolls* 2d6: 1+3+11: 15

envoy *rolls* 2d6: 3+6+11: 20

[envoy] 12:59 pm: eiether of those connect, long?

[Long6] 1:07 pm: second does

Soak 32, ep: 25/95, hp:93/195, one hit of 67 pen 4 pierce 4

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Breathing heavy and not quite believing her senses that the thing was dead so quickly after laughing so many of her other hits, Amara maintained her guard as adrenilien burned it's way out of her system, darkness gradually clearing. Still not good enough for her to see where Anne could have gotten in the fight. She considered pulsing the light of her soul in and out to try and flag the airborne Gaijin down, search for her, but...

The Yakuza Heiress was tired and hurting and, underneath the concern for her friend, upset Anne hadn't found a way to contribute to the fight.

It would have... Nice. Anne was probably alive anyway since the creature hadn't teleported away. The other girl could make her own way back. "Thank you, Twilight's Edge for standing with me against our foes," she exhaled, extinguishing her field and watching the water playing around the blade before willing it to return to dormancy. Managed to sheath it in only two tries, too, despite her exhaustion.

A broken talisman later, and Amara was gone from the scene in a faint inrush of air.

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