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Aberrant: Infinite Earth - Cosmos Nova - [CN] Knowing (Dead Thread, Non-Canon)


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Kei was uncomfortable.

She was comfortable with flying, with flight suits and parachutes with gear and goggles. But now... in this three-piece business suit she felt... out of uniform. The navy blue sailor-collared blazer, similarly colored slacks, white blouse underneath with a red bow and the long black stockings and shoes made her feel more like a schoolgirl than a member of one of the most powerful agencies in one of the most powerful countries in the world. Then again, she had poor fashion sense, but at least it looked presentable.

This was, at least prescribed by her superiors in the DSA, as a team-building exercise. To get to know her team-mates, at least the ones not at the Science Conference, and to start getting to know their International allies.

She brushed her long hair, deciding not to be "offline" during the meetings. She liked her longer hair in this mode. One of the few fashion considerations she'd make with some certainty today. She tests activating her armor and switching it off. She was already attuned, so she made sure the armor adapted to the outfit. Just in case her services were necessary for a security issue. She knew the star of the US team, Connor, was going to be there, and to her, he was a mentor.

She was also curious about seeing if the team's Psi was going to be there. She's never met a psychic yet and was intrigued more than intimidated. She hovered over to where she kept her usual flight gear and grabbed the load-bearing vest that had a PFD attached to it, and her parachute she slips on over it, making sure all her gear would deploy properly.

Having the straps between her legs was slightly awkward, but she liked being prepared. She armored up once to test out how her gear sat with the armor active. "Not bad... the clear portions seem to move fine too... meh, let's fly over armored." she thinks, the now seeming half-jet woman looking Nova said as she grabbed a sandwich to eat along the way.

She stepped out of her loft in Uptown, locked the patio door, then flew off to the Hotel.

She hovered over once she got in sight of the Bloomington hotel about 15 miles or so away and she noticed that they weren't alone. No wonder they had a discount... there was a small science fiction convention meeting. Of course this group was more of a geeky type of convention where all fandoms were welcomed, but this... was an annoyance. Of course with all the costumes then suddenly her arrival made for a... interesting show for the geeks there.

She nodded as some even took pictures at the living, breathing superheroine walking into the Hotel.

She walked to the main desk. "Are you here for Scicon?" The person at the main desk asked.

"No I'm here for the DSA meeting."

"I'll take this." Someone in a black suit said, walking up behind her. "Miss Nakano is with us."

"Ah, you guys have the Vista meeting rooms on the top floor."

He nods and guides Kei to the elevators. "I'm suprised you've come in your full gear."

"Well, never know if I'll be called away on a search and rescue job or something." She says, turning off her armor.

He nods as they go to the 23rd floor, and smiles. "The others hopefully have either arrived or will be arriving. Thank you for coming."

After Kei steps out she nods and returns the courtesy with a simple "Thank you" and stands there with her arms in front and her hands clasped as the doors close. He holds the doors for a moment. "By the way, you are the person in charge of the agenda, good luck!"

He waves before the doors close... and Kei is mortified. She looked at the very well designed and laid out meeting rooms and wondered just exactly what to do... She grabbed some water and took a huge drink.

"I am so out of my league..."

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Kei walks into the main room marked for the meeting space and finds a packet with her name on it and a post-it note on the cover sheet.

Kei, please read and do not disclose the contents. - Jim

The note was from the Midwest branch director. "Great." She thinks, expecting some world-shattering revelation. What she opens was suggestions for the meeting and the purpose of the meeting.

Hello, Kei Nakano! We randomly selected you to be the representative for the meeting here. Your purpose is multi-fold.

  • You will assess the behavior of the other members of the DSA, and any foreign Novas who work with us that are participating at this meeting.
  • Assess how each member interacts with the public, particularly one as diverse as the ones at the convention happening here down below in the hotel.
  • Introduce you to the rest of the group, and get you accustomed to organizing activities with your fellow novas.
  • Get accustomed to situations not your specialty.
  • We will assess future training for you based on your performance today.
  • Please meet with your colleagues downstairs, we provided a special badge that the convention below meeting will recognize as someone allowed at the convention.

She sighed. Realizing she just went down the hole. She takes off her gear and sets it on a table. Seeing the orange juice sitting near the table almost soothed her jangling nerves.

"I am really out of my element... And why at a convention with NERDS!"

She slings her gear over her shoulder after folding up the packet and sliding it into a large pouch, and takes the badges with her, attaching one of them to a pocket on her blazer and heads back down to the main foyer of the First Floor.

"Let's hope I don't screw this up..." She thinks as the doors close to the elevator sending her to the first floor.

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Connor was in the mood to repax. He'd been dealing with the President of Hasbro, the company that had acquired the rights to mka toys for the new Line of figures for his Gundam Superior series. They'd paid alot of money for Connor himself to consult on the project, and he'd done alot to ensure that they didn't over charge for the figures His popularity would of course make them a hot seller in high demand.

This had been the fifth day and they were still arguing particulars. The mission indicator had come up on his phone, and he'd left for the twin city area, and the hotel indicated. It took one look from the air to note the con that was going on, and he wisely landed in an open lot a ways away, shifting to his normal form and walking tot he hotel, drawing the looks of every woman around. Connor was easily among the most recognizable men alive, appearing in virtually all media.

He walked inside and prepared himself. wishing he could hav simply entered through an open window.

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Kei brushed off her clothes. She looked about to see if that minder was still there but he had left. She... looked scared.

She recognized Connor almost instantly. At least from the press. She walked up and sheepishly said hello with her hand extended. Of course the 4'11" Aviatrix meeting the 6'8" mountain of a man in Connor was a sight that drew attention.

"I... I'm Kei Nagase. I heard of you from your work in the DSA. I'm with the Midwest division."

She smiles, but she seemed quite nervous. Even around the man in front of her she was... unsure of herself.

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Connor smiled Shaking the much shorter young woman's hand. "Conor Fontenot, Public Relations is my government Hat." He looked around and nodded. "We've got abou a minute before word of my presence here gets out. I suggest we get somewhere we can discuss why we're here quickly before the mobbing starts."

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"Actually, we have to wait for the others... Although..."

She hands him the special badge for the occasion. "This might help."

She looks about seeing security was keeping an eye on everything, and the nerds about kept to their cliques, or moved along. A few acknowledged Connor's appearance, particularly the anime fans, but for some reason he seemed... like he belonged there.

"I'm starting to see a pattern here." She says, adjusting her goggles that sat on her forehead right now. "I think we can take a seat over here in the foyer as we wait for the others."

She smiled showing Connor to a comfortable couch that was part of a setup with some other comfortable chairs around an antique rough iron table. "I'm sure your flight here was uneventful, Mr. Fontenot."

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He nodded, sitting in one of the chairs. "It wasthough I think I gave this convention some free advertisement when I transformed and touched down in the parking lot." "How are things in the midwest, Miss Nagase?"

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Kei blushed, adjusting the blazer of her outfit as she sat down her gear next to her on the couch.

"Well, outside of three rescues on Lake Superior over the winter and the help I provided after that earthquake and tsunami last year in Japan, things have been relatively calm."

Of course she, even though every Japanese sailor on the cargo ship had video of one of her tangles and had called her Umiwashi, was on a classified mission in the seas around Somalia for a month disrupting pirate activities. She adjusted her goggles when she remembered Connor's profile. He has ties to Japan, and might have heard tell.

"What... do you know of Umiwashi?"

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