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  1. Okay... My head is on straighter. Ready to do things with my character ,, I do have some ideas with my characters independent of the Cuidad plot. I am going to talk to Justin and see what can be done with it, to see if it can be moved forward. ,, As for my characters: ,, Kei: I was thinking of getting her tied into a political crisis, perhaps even into a minor military action. I might consult people to see how far it can go, but as Kei is the most positioned to be tied into these sorts of crises, I can write those types of stories for her. ,, Rebecca: The reason why I was sort of set to have Rebecca head to the moon on her own is I had a science fiction plot in mind. Namely with a Refugee that had holed up on the moon with a base of their own design, hiding a wealth of knowledge in their compound that Rebecca (and companions) find. I'm not really enamored with taking Fox's ship up there, but I would love to share a one thread plot that has a interesting story behind it. ,, Naomi: See next post from Naomi. ,, To be honest... I should say... any input outside of what I offered?
  2. In fact, this is how I am going to be with CN for the forseeable. ,, If anyone needs me and my characters for a thread, I will participate. Keeping in mind what I stated above. I will no longer start threads here. ,, I also ask for my characters to be NPCs for a few months otherwise, as I cool off and figure out if I want to continue with this game or not. ,, I am getting quite frustrated with CN and this is my breaking point.
  3. I'm closing this thread but here is what happened: ,, 1: Karrie manages to save the crew somehow. Not exactly sure. 2: Kei floors it along side Anastasia (Not Nextgen, mind you) and just barely manage to land their jet on the makeshift carrier. There is quite a firefight but Kei manages to pirate the pirates. 3: Kei heads to where the cargo ship sank with her newly aquired ship and rescues the crew and Karrie. ,, Pretty much, that was the plan.
  4. To be honest, having too many things happening will only cause plots to get dropped. ,, My point of view is the exact opposite of yours, Kitty. There are things that can happen in the Cuidad plot that can effect everyone in the game. Or nothing at all. Cuidad is a lynchpin plot but no one has chased it but me. ,, I just don't get it, really. Why suddenly interest in multiple other things here, and not in a key plot? ,, In fact, I'm going to get this off my chest now. If a plot thread of any kind doesn't have a clear requested posting rate and a end-date goal, I am not going to join it. All the dangling threads here in CN is starting to get too much. ,, I'm not asking that people post every day. What I am wanting to see is some effort in people at least finishing what they start.
  5. I think it would be a interesting phenomenon myself... but shouldn't we also focus on doing something with the Cuidad scenario first?
  6. Kei paced about in her private encampment at the Airport, or what was the airport, and would be again and hopefully soon. She had been assisting some USAF personnel in getting the runways ready for taking aircraft again, as well as assistance from the Mexican Air Force. This came, of course, after she had her fair share of dead bodies and tragedy in the recovery effort prior. ,, Her briefing on the earthquake discovery was... curious. Something about it boiled her blood, and she wanted a crack at whoever was responsible, if it was a Nova. ,, She sat down on the cot in her tent, the air conditioning on her suit doing most of the work although the air conditioner in her tent was running as well. Under Connor's orders the young agents; Rebecca, and Sean were under Kei's care. In a way while at first Kei was a harsh schoolmistress, she let up a bit, but she worried about Rebecca's apparent want to belong in the DSA, and Sean's moodyness. ,, While everyone else had transitioned to more rigid shelters, Kei kept the inflated tent as her residence. She liked to be able to simply pick up and move where necessary, and she felt letting the refugees use the actual temporary housing units Japan brought over was a far better living arrangement for the refugees... considering. ,, She looked at her watch. "Crud... breakfast time, and I gotta cook for three..." She sighed. "Looks like ramen and tortillas... again." She always knew that Sean being the growing boy he was would probably want the lion's share... this... would be interesting. ,, She stepped outside her tent after starting her allotted water. Shading her eyes from the morning sun. "DSA command, this is Kei Nakano, reporting in." She said over her com-link... "Mexico City International Airport is looking ready to start taking civilian aircraft tomorrow, 3 days ahead of schedule. If there is any further tasks outside of the Mexico Basecamp, I can pack up after breakfast here and head to whichever location is best. Otherwise, I'm awaiting orders."
  7. Kei nodded to Connor up above. ,, "Well... that was... a surprise." Kei said. ,, "Well... Agents... pack your shit and get moving. It'll be a long day ahead of us. If you can bring your stuff you can pack it on your own too! Shoulder your load!" ,, Kei was used to such orders. Before she started working with the Navy last year, she had to take a few weeks courses in dealing with the military structure of the Navy. That included Basic. Of course the DI's couldn't tire out the Nova so they had to be... creative. ,, "I will have assignments then for the two of you at sunrise in a few hours. We got Department Zero bringing a whole boatload of workers, equipment, and supplies so we're going to need everyone on deck for this." ,, Kei stretched out. "You got 5 minutes." ,, Rebecca picked up her bag and slung it over her shoulders. ,, "Actually, Miss Rathbone... You will carry Mr. McCline's Tent and gear as well. I believe from my dossier on your ability without using your powers you can shoulder his burdens. He'll need all his strength in the morning." ,, Rebecca stood straight. This was her time. If she could prove herself to be a proper agent of the DSA... "Yes, Ma'am." ,, Rebecca then turned to Connor. She actually smiled. She whispered "Thank You" to him with a smile on her face. She didn't know how Sean would take this, but Rebecca... She wanted to be useful, to be wanted. ,, "Okay Sean... We'd better hurry, I think Miss Nakano is..." ,, "Rebecca, we use our call signs out here!" Kei barked. More to make Rebecca not relax, to keep attentive. ,, "Sorry... Sea Eagle wants us to get going." ,, Kei smiled. "Good, you're learning fast... also expected." ,, Kei knew this was going to be a pain, and she was gonna make sure she got Rebecca and Sean up to snuff.
  8. Kei was still curled up in her air-conditioned tent. She stared at the front flap. She hadn't even taken off her suit and gear. She had no real way to shake off what she had seen today.She couldn't really talk about it. Nate was unreachible... *BEEP BEEP* Kei quickly answered. "Hello!" She said with an exited tone, hoping it was Nate calling her to let her know that he was in route. "Sea Eagle... we need you to pick up a spare. Seems our little wayward witch has gone off the reservation and is in the disaster zone. Get her and bring her to base. We'll figure out what to do once you get back." Kei groaned to her feet one more time. She felt some of her quantum was back. "Okay... what is the current register of any toxic gasses and hazards in their last known location?" "There was some reports of natural gas, but I was reported to by the gas company here that it had been turned off and our last foray through there was that it should be safe for rescue teams, well, after sunrise. They wanted to give time to let things subside..." "Right... I'll get the little twerp. Should I confine her to my tent?" "Don't be rough, Kei. I think she had been saving people in that very grid area. I think Rebecca has seen far more than enough. But she did violate my orders. Rebecca is grounded to your tent if you're offering. Until we've got enough rest and mental energy to handle this properly." Kei stepped out of her tent, closing the visor on her helmet. She took off at her cruising speed, the slowest she could fly so she still had a small bit of her energy remaining. When she landed she wandered around, seeing the crater that Rebecca left. "That has to be Hogwart's finest's handywork..." Sighing, she continued until she saw Sean's tent and a sleeping Rebecca. She walked up to the snoring girl and sighed. "She does look cute, even when being a juvenile delinquent. So tired she fell asleep before getting in her tent..." She turns on the flashlight on her helmet and shines it at Rebecca's face. "Wakey Wakey!" She crossed her arms. And she was not pleased. "You done goofed... big time."
  9. Kei pushed herself to the limit. Mapping more of the ruined city, marking spots where she believed civilians were trapped, as well as hazard zones where natural gas was still spewing forth from damaged lines. By the time Kei was spent she had been flying well into thenight, and landed on her feet feeling like she was just a needle-wiggle away from being on E. She closed up her helmet, and dormed, knowing the air around her was toxic, and even with her normally outstanding stamina and resilience dormed, she would still succumb if she wasn't careful. She started walking back to the base camp. "Basecamp, this is Kei... completed my rounds and returning on foot... I got the last survey of grid region I-10. Last on the survey sortie. I'm about a half mile out. I'm dormed, as I'm just about spent." She looked about, she landed right in the center of a plaza in downtown Mexico City. Multiple ruined buildings were around her, as well as old historical ones. Nothing and no one were spared. She walked over to a damaged fountain in what was the center of a roundabout and sat on the edge. After checking a gas meter detector they handed to kei after her first hour of flight, she checked the air, and everything was green. She re-opened her helmet and started eating some rations she always kept with her. A child walks up near her, looking very much as if she was wandering around, lost and hungry. Kei didn't even need to be asked, pulling out a spare MRE. "Don't worry." Kei said, in her best Spanish possible. "I'll show you how to work it... there's others not too far away... you really should have a better place to sleep for the night." The child didn't need much prompting to figure out how to get the spaghetti packet warmed up. "You're a superheroine?" Kei sighed, looking up at the night sky, moke covering most of the sky. "No... Because Superheroines aren't real." She said with a smile. "I'm just here to help." She put a hand on the child's shoulder. "I think I know a safe route to the base camp. We can handle finding your parents there." The child looked sad, suddenly. "They... they're part of the..." She pointed to a fallen apartment complex. The child couldn't articulate the concept of being crushed under several tons of material. Kei could. She sighed standing up. Then looked at the child's feet. Her shoes were not going to last much longer. She picks the child up. "There's sharp stuff out here, I'll carry you back." "I thought you could fly." "Not right now... out of fuel." Kei said, trying to keep things to simple to understand concepts. "You're a machine then?" Kei chuckled. "No... I'm just..." Her stomach growled,but the child getting back was a bit more important. The child laughed... probably the first time this day. It didn't take long before Kei had her cargo delivered and her dinner finished. Her tablet marked with every spot for rescue teams to get to She looked about as the new tent city was quickly taking shape. It was then, just as she reached an empty tent set up for her, she collapsed. Crying.
  10. Kei nodded. "When I get back, let me know when we will have our communications established. Information will save lives." She straightened out her suit as she noticed some media helicopters flying nearby. She turned to a relief worker that looked like they did have a radio. "And clear the goddamn airspace, we got a active crisis going on! We're gonna need as much space as we can get. There's gonna be relief helicopters coming in probably as well, so make sure they get airspace priority." She started to hover, her eyes glowing their characteristic blue. Then it struck her the moment she saw the site... there were already dead bodies... she could see on the XRay. She landed back on her feet, and covered her face in shock for a moment. She shook her head. "Right... not helping the living like that..." She hovered up to about 300 feet and began her sweep, easily spotted in the air with her orange and red cloak with "DSA - RESCUE" now stenciled on the back with white letters. Amazing what could be done with the chromatophores Karrie put into the thing. She starts her sweeps in a methodical fashion, looking for heat signatures, then moving in close to observe where they were and the immediate condition of where they were using a combination of XRays and Infrared and taking note of every detail.
  11. "Oh yeah, right! Yeah I did volunteer for that." Kei smiled. "You're gonna love what I got. You... might want to head out to the test field after you copy me... might want to stretch the wings out and let off a few shots. Just remember you can get darn close to Mach 12, so you'll have to make use of my sensory abilities to keep an eye on aircraft in the airspace around the complex." She stretched out. "The armor should be a good protector as well in case you hit a bird or something. I do reccomend going slow though. And I can requisition some stuff you might feel you need."
  12. "Karrie... I can do an initial sweep of the area. My ability to see through rubble help provide some read on areas that might need help the quickest in terms of rescue triage. That and being able to see if people are pinned or are in a relatively safe chamber trapped under rubble is a way to start stripping down the number of focus areas first." "We also need a line of communication and fast, it would be a force multiplier for us in terms of logistics. When Karrie gets her program running we can combine that with my search." She brushes back her cloak. "Also, we should also clear the airports at some point as the first airlifts will probably start coming within a week's time... but we should focus our primary clearing efforts in the city." Kei looked around, feeling like she was taking charge. "Suggestions on how we can make this a reality so I know what page of our playbook we'll be operating from? I should know before I take off."
  13. "Not really... it could have been 100 times worse." "When I first started getting rolling with these people on a regular basis, I was awkward as all hell, honestly. There was lots of initial glitches in dealing with these people... Karrie's almost throttled me a couple times, Telluris is someone I have hard times getting close to, Connor..." She sighed. If anyone would have her stray from Nate... it was him. "Well it should be obvious with Connor, right?" Smiling she put her hand on Roxanne's shoulder. "If it at all helps, you're pretty cool."
  14. "I think Karrie and Telluris got this, Doctor... If there is a major crisis I am sure we'll be called in. Honest." Kei said. "I highly doubt the cubs are up to no more than an unauthorized field trip..." She sighed. "...let's just try to enjoy things... in case things take a bad turn and we have to scramble."
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