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Aberrant: Infinite Earth - The Professor's Metaplot

The Traveler

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Okay kids... gather around.

After Operation: Returning Shadow, I got some plot threads dangling I'm going to start tying together.

Here's the current list:

1: The Headmistress' Conspiracy

The Headmistress has been outed and she's on the run. Her resources have been frozen and she's got really no escape route except her own trans-dimensional device. Thing is she jumps and The Professor is sure to find her, and why leave? She WANTS the Hikari Maru. That and what are the things keeping her interested in the Japanese branch of the royal family?

2: The Hive

Oh yes, the bogeymen of the story of the Professor. How much of a threat are they? What do they look like? And are they coming closer to the Hikari Maru than is comfortable?

3: The Professor's dream

When The Professor was regenerating, she was unconcious. Once that process ended though she slept for a day. During that time she had a weird encounter with an entity similar to Orion Sigma. One who knew the most close events coming down the pike for The Professor. Who is the Woman The Professor speaks of, and just what sort of overarching plan does this entity have for her?

This is what I got so far... There is life in this game, and I want to see it keep going. I'd like everyone to think of ways they can create plots and find ways to tell stories both alone and together. We can do this.

If you're interested in playing IE, talk to Me, Long, Jeremy, or Mr. Fox. It's time for a revival.

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Ok, after that... delay... we can now get to the business.

There is opportunity, and I got a plot that can span several "Episodes".

The situation on Britannia is getting worse, The Hive is an ever present threat, and The Professor's "Mysterious Woman" needs to become known.

The adventures with the Professor are epic-level on the Aberrant scale. So if you're coming along to join our inter-dimensional justice league, be prepared for a lot of "OMG that's QUAMTUM SWAGGA!"

But... I want story as much as juice. After all, that is why we are here.

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