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Aberrant: Children of Quantum Fire - [Side Fiction - GNS] [Mature] The Moon and the Stars

Shosuro Miren

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Puck kisses Starseed tenderly, the feather-light touches of his hands finding just the right places speed up her heartbeat and make her whole body start to quiver. He kissed her cheek and down her neck, nipping at the sensitive flesh there. She could feel the smile of his lips at her startled gasp; it was one thing to read about how things like this felt, and quite another to actually feel it.

He trailed his kisses up again and laid playful kisses along the curve of her ear before whispering, "Do you want this, Star? I don't want you to do something you regret in just a few hours." He kissed her ear again, running a hand down her back to pull their bodies gently together in the micro-gravity. For having only been in space for less than a day, he was a quick study in how to move without just bouncing both of them around the room. "You are beautiful and utterly intoxicating," he grinned, "especially when you get excited about something scientific. I don't want to - to put our friendship in danger if you have doubts. I'd rather wait, then, until you know you're ready."

It was unfair and quintessentially Puck to ask such mature, important questions while still kissing and caressing her. His want was quite obvioius, as was his willingness to do whatever Star asked him to. That realization, that he had handed her all the power of the moment and that he was willingly at her total command, was a heady aphrodisiac. Silently, the two Star-clones that had brought Puck to the ship so much earlier that day, slipped out of the main room and pretended to busy themselves elsewhere on the ship.

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"I don't have doubts ... I don't know exactly what to expect. But you ... this ... we feel right."

Star stretched herself out a little more, and caressed him slowly from head to toe as she spoke softly "I don't ... feel .. sometimes. Not in a lacking way, but I know that I am so different from some. I connect, but sometimes I am only connecting ... because I reason it is best to engage socially."

She said in Bodhi "I feel you / us." but she said it with only a node pulse, and by finishing a caress of Puck with her hand resting gently over his heart for symbolism.

She came in slowly, carefully for a kiss. She was hesitant, but her body was showing arousal ... literally, she was glowing ... more than her usual and almost enough that the cast of the golden light could be seen in the tones of blue an violet lighting the ship.

The ship itself seemed to responded too, ever so slowly the lights had become softer, dimming ever so slightly and shifting in pattern.

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Puck smiled softly and kissed her back with the ardor and expertise of well-practiced artist. Slowly, he began to undress them both; his hands gliding gently over cloth and skin and letting the discarded articles float freely away from both of them. He didn't have her flexibility of form to be able to caress her from head to toe as she had; instead he let the micro-gravity assist him, moving her with entirely unfair patience and a touch seductive enough to have her quivering with just his light brushes as he explored her bared skin.

He kept his eyes closed for the most part, concentrating on the feel of her skin against his hands and lips and the feel of just her as he did his best to make her feel beautiful and loved without say a saying a single word. While they were together, she was his only thought and his single-minded concentration on her could be felt as he teased out sensitive spots across her body and smiled at the small gasps and sounds of pleasure that escape her each time he discovered a new one. Once he'd finished his exploration of her skin he brought them both back together, her breasts brushing against his chest as he tangled their legs together to pull them together. He kissed the inside of her wrist and laid her hand over his heart again before leaning into kiss her lips, still infinitely patient and sensuous.

When he pulled back, he was watching her carefully, giving her the space to touch and explore him as he had just done to her or to move to an even more intimate embrace. The glow of the ship had nearly dimmed completely, leaving the two lovers bathed in the golden glow of Star and the belt beyond them.

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