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[OpNet] To Revenant


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Spaceeba, tovarisch, for the five hundred thousand American dollars you have donated to the Children of the Night Foundation.

I make this thanks public because you are much maligned here, and I wish to show that you are capable of compassion.

Thank you,

Irini Mikhailova

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Unfortunately the money given with good intention might be tainted money. Recently Revenant stole a rather large carving from Carver worth quite a bit emotionally and financially. I just find it strange that it coincides with him giving away a large sum of money, but there might be a reason he is much maligned.

As a side note, if I wanted to donate as well, how would I go about doing such?

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Originally posted by Irini Mikhailova:


I was so happy at getting a big donation.
If it is related, enjoy your donation anyway. Your organization deserves it, and even if it was from stealing from me, I wouldn't begrudge it. smile
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