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[OpNet] Going on walkabout


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So, I've decided to take a bit of a breather from the Knights and all the weirdness that's been surrounding them of late. I'm doing an old-fashioned walkabout, seeing where my legs take me. Perhaps I'll see some of you, perhaps not. I'm not planning anything right now.

Anyone who needs to contact me for any reason, just contact Sandcaster using the same methods you'd use normally. She's taking care of my business while I'm gone. All of it. I trust her.

Revanent: Sorry we missed each other. Perhaps I'll see you on the road. Perhaps not. If you need to talk to someone and can't find me, Neil Preston's a good man for a medical diagnosis.

Everyone else: I haven't forgotten you, but I'm of no use to anyone right now. I'll get in touch when I'm back on my game.

Be seeing you.

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Nah. I'm not even comfortable yet with doing it. Had three missed transmissions so far today. Better than the 6 times I sent myself into the drink yesterday, and 2 in Siberia. >_<

I'm going to have to remember Dynamic OpIP addresses are serious business. Even worse when someone uses one for a proxy.

I may be able to use the OpNet for travel, but I have to follow the same rules of the road for normal data for some odd reason.

...Just had a bad thought. Occasionally packets get lost. Why when I learn a method of teleportation, I have to pick a dangerous one...

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Well, mine isn't as free as what your's sounds like, Bandwidth.

It seems my poser needs to work like any packet of data on the OpNet. I need an Origin Point, Relay Points, and a Arrival Point. I have to plan my route in my brain.

It's easier than it sounds, since it only takes me a few seconds for a sure thing, or when I just wanna go a short hop, just knowing an OpIP for my destination is enough.

Currently in my head I have several favorite spots. Not to mention I figured out how to jump to the Moon using orbital sattelites and research satellites. I have to hit hard vacuum once or twice depending on orbit, but otherwise I put my boots in Lunar soil easily enough.

I put a small reciever/transmitter there just for when the mood strikes. I've been thinking of putting transmitter sattelites in the LaGrange points around Earth and Luna. Plus I have, as always, some reciever/transmitter time with several sattelites with the Russian, American, and Japanese space agencies, and Daedalus is always willing to fork over some transmitter time to me. I guess they like my lunar sample payments.

Work with pleasure, I always say. Heck, I might put up a dome on the Moon and make it a vacation home. Low gravity is just plain fun.

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