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Official OOC thread


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I figure this will make it easier for everyone to know where to put any ooc discussions.

With the mess of the forum change, I'm giving people a little grace period before I start the next run.

Forge, I have something to discuss with you next time we are in chat together.

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Looking at how people have responded, I am currently going to split you into the following groups. If anybody objects to these, tell me now before you are stuck on a run with them. Also, Anatoly has not responded yet, but I know he didn't have internet access most of this week.

Part of the reason for these groups is that so many of you didn't get vehicles that could handle passengers.

Group one, courier:

Atasaya(Forge), no vehicle

Essa(LydaLynn), no vehicle

Magnun(Whiterain), no vehicle

Jeremy(Jeremy), Used sedan

Group two extraction:

Bres(Batsibf), Van

Kisada(Dozer), Bike

Steve(Vortican), Bike

I really hope that Anatoly joins in and is willing to do the courier run, as he has a van, as otherwise you will need to rent, borrow, or "borrow" a vehicle, or just hoof it if you want more chances for things to go wrong. The extraction has more apparent danger, though until you get in the run you never know, and you won't know how much either pays until you negotiate with your Johnson.

Kisada had apparently expressed an interest in the b&e in chat, but since I wasn't present for that and nobody else seems interested in it, I'm dropping that one for now. Feel free to write it up as a solo run if you are interested, though, Kisada.


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To make it clear, the courier run is going in thread 2: Player's choice, and the extraction is going in 2a.


Also, you are meeting in the same club. Whether it is at the same time is up to you, but nobody in either group knows the people in the other group, except for Kisada.

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If you are seriously interested in playing one, I can move the date of the second Crash up a bit. It will still be after Surge, but could be within a few months, depending on how fast people post.

The current groups have been divided as much by their posting frequency as anything else, so that the slower group can have a game at their pace and the faster group can get more runs in. I've decided not to worry too much about the groups becoming unbalanced, as the system encourages specialization to the point that even a moderate difference in karma totals won't prevent a lower character from contributing well.

Characters added later or people who can up their posting frequency may get bonus karma/points so they don't start off lagging behind everyone else.

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Not quite that fast, I'm afraid. One of the big themes I want to work with is the big changes that happen to the world, and I don't want them all happening at once; I want them beating down on the characters one after another. The Crash is what allowed technomancers to go from a few lab projects being run by corporations to widespread individuals not under their control.

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Jaleena's description of the crowd is busier than I described it, but I like the post too much to edit it, so despite actually rolling 2 successes, I'm going to fiat that she didn't spot the Johnson because she arrived early and didn't realize it until after her first drink. Things have calmed down a bit from then, though the dance floor is still crowded.

I would guess that Jaleena is mildly annoyed at herself for getting the time wrong, but I am not going to declare how you react to this situation.

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Not annoyed; being early's not half as much of a problem as being late, after all. Besides, it means she'll get to scope the Johnson out before talking to him.

Could you do a perception roll for me, private like, and tell me what Jaleena learns (if anything) via PM?

Will she see the other players, too, and recognize them for what they are? Feral troll girl seems... anomalous.

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Sorry. I'm having a particularly bad day today, so the only forum I am paying any attention to is this one. If you need to talk to me today, please send me a pm. I should notice that.

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Yes. He said he usually doesn't post on weekends, so I'm hoping for something from him soon. The main reason I've been checking in at all is to see if he had any questions before posting.

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You know, you aren't exactly in combat rounds, so you don't have to wait on Forge to post if you have a comment to make. Just assume that he thinks about hings for a moment before speaking; that has been his pattern so far, anyways. Just don't try to move out until he has his chance to respond.

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Don't worry about it, Atasaya. We know you prefer to spend the weekend with your family, and I have no objection to that. I was just pointing out to the others that they don't have to wait on you unless you actually need to act before their next action, such as in combat rounds. For future reference, would all players post what times they expect to regularly be available, or not available, whichever is easier for you? I tried splitting the group into the regular posters and the infrequent posters, and haven't gotten a single post out of the irregular posters.


Jaleena, what weapons do you have on your bike? Are you planning on going home for more weaponry?

Jeremy, I should have asked, but what weapons did you bring into the club, what weapons do you have in your car, and how easy are they to access. Some clubs will have tighter security than others.

Essa, the bouncers just thought you were cosplaying a cave-troll, and thought the club was rather cute.

Atasay: You ARE a weapon, so I don't see much need to worry about that. If you had a firearm on you, I would like to know about it, though.

In case you can't tell, this run is not going to go as smoothly as the last one, MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :firedevil:

Edit: Jeremy, I was still typing them. Don't ninja your GM. :D

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Meh. :P

Jeremy likely has at least half his throwing knives on him in holding sleeves underneath his jacket (-2 to search checks Conceal-ability wise) and the other 2-3 secreted about the dingy vehicle. There are also the little side pockets in the doors of the car and his jacket's inner pockets filled with gravel, splinters and other refuse that can be used by Missile Mastery. :ph34r:

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Respond as you feel appropriate to what was said.

I was going to try to move things forward, but perhaps this will give you a chance to do so in character instead of me having to force you.

I had a really bad day Saturday, which left me feeling wiped out yesterday, so I wasn't really up to posting you through this scene anyways. I also need to get in touch with LL for if it turns out I need to write the 'move on' post so I can cover everyone's reactions properly.

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Hi, here are some characters was considering playing one of them Which of these do yuo guys like and would fit in with the game?

1. Runner: Runaway

Real Name: Tsukune Morino

Character Type: Rigger/Pilot

Meta Type: Human

Height: 1.8m

Weight: 90kg

Hair: Lt Brown

Eyes: Blue

Age: 28

Nuyen: 24025

Unspent Karma: 0

Spent Karma:

20 (Spent 12 May 2011 on Raising Rea from 3 to 4)

Lifestyle: Middle (1)


Bod 4

Agi 3(4)

Rea 4(8 )

Str 2(3)

Cha 2

Int 5

Log 5

Wil 3

Edg 4

Essence: 0.3

Initiative: 13


Common Sense (5bp)

Distinctive Style (+5bp) (Electric Blue cyber-eyes)

Thrill Seeker (+5bp)

Spirit Bane (Air Spirits) (+10bp)

SINner (+5bp)

Records on File (Shiawase Corporation) (+10bp)


Pilot Aircraft (Fixed Wing) 4(+2)

Pilot Ground Craft (Wheeled) 4(+2)

Pilot Aerospace 2

Pilot Anthroform 2

Pilot Watercraft 1

Perception 2

Pistols (Semi-Automatic) 2(+2)

Gunnery (Ballistic) 2(+2)

Mechanic (Group) 2





Electronics (Group) 2


-Data Search



Cracking (Group) 1

- Hacking

- Electronic Warfare

- Cybercombat

Infiltration 1


Academic:Engineering 3

Academic:Mathematics 3

Street:Vehicles 3

Street:Smuggling Routes 3

Street:Shadowrunners 3

Street:Combat Biking 3

Street:Supply Chain 3

Street:Underworld Hangouts 2

Street:Popular Culture 2


Japanese N

English 5


Modified Transys Avalon (Resp 6, System 6, Firewall 6, Signal 6)

Programs: Armor 3, Biofeedback Filter 3, Sniffer 3,Spoof 3,Stealth 3,Track 3,ECCM 6,Analyze 6,Browse 3,Command 6,Edit 3,Encrypt 6, Reality Filter 3, Scan 6

Autosofts: Targeting (SMG) 3, Maneuver (Ground Vehicle) 3, Maneuver (Air Vehicle) 3, Clearsight 3, Electronic Warfare 4

Accessories: Armor (6), Hardening (6), Sim Module, Skinlink, Subvocal Microphone, AR Gloves, Trode Net in Bike Helmet

Mapsoft: Greater Neo-Toyko (6)



Control Rig (Alpha): 0.4 Ess

Attention Coprocessor Rtg 3: 0.3 Ess

Orientation System: 0.2 Ess


Wired Reflexes II: 3 Ess

Reaction Enhancers Rtg 1: 0.3 Ess

Muscle Replacement (Alpha) Rtg 1: 0.8 Ess

CyberEyes: Rating 3

- Flare Compensation

- Smartlink

- Low-light Vision

- Vision Magnification

- Vision Enhancement 3

- Thermographic Vision


Jimmy "Wheelhouse" Moran Transport Fixer 4/4 - An Irishman who has wormed his way into the underworld with a reputation for moving goods from place to place discreetly.

Sakura Uesugi Girlfriend/Safehouse 5/2 - Sakura and Spinner have been going out for about three years. He'd marry her, but he hasn't got the money... yet.

Pacific Rim Auto Body Vehicle Specialists 2/3 - Pacific Rim Auto Body does excellent customization work and can acquire just about any vehicle or parts, given the right time, and incentive.

Rei Kasamoto Shiawase middle manager 5/4 - Spinner's former lab partner at Shiawase. They dated for a while, but decided they made better friends. While they were working together, they were friendly rivals, but since Spinner's termination, Rei's star has risen without the competition he represented. With the rivalry out of the way, over the years they've become close friends. Which Sakura doesn't like, but tolerates because she's not sure who Spinner would choose between the two if given an ultimatum.

Jiro "The Sword" Masamune Go-ganger 4/2 - Jiro The Sword is a go-ganger and street samurai. An enforcer from Spinner's old gang the Imps, they became buddies when Spinner taught Jiro how to handle his bike, and Jiro is the one responsible for teaching Spinner to handle a gun. Spinner stays in contact and occasionally hires Jiro if he needs 'security' for a run.


Moocher (Custom Savalette Guardian) 5P, RC 2, AP -1, Ammo 15c

- Extended Clip

- Improved Range Finder

- Trigger Removal

- Personalized Grip

- Skinlink

- Melee Hardening

Ingram Smartgun x 5 5P, RC 2, Ammo 32©



Urban Explorer Jumpsuit 6/6 - Nonconductive (3), Fire Resistant (3), Chemical Protection (3)

SecureTech Vitals Protector 1/1

Bike Racing Helmet 1/2

425 Regular Ammo (7 clips Guardian (15), 10 clips Smartgun X (32c))

6x Spare Clips (Guardian)

5c SPare Clips (Ingram Smartgun X)


- Audio Enhancement 3

- Select Sound Filter

- Spatial Recognizer

Tacsoft Rtg 1

9x Spoof Chip

Tag Eraser

Medkit Rtg 5


Fake SIN 4 - Jiro Kasimura - Registered Courier

Fake License 4 - Bonded Courier's License

Fake License 4 - Pistol License

Fake License 4 - Concealed Carry Permit

Fake License 4 - Driver's License

Fake SIN 3 - Kenshin Nishima - Private Investigator

Fake License 3 - Pistol License

Fake License 3 - Concealed Carry Permit

Fake License 3 - Driver's License

Fake License 3 - Private Investigator's License

Fake SIN 4 - Kasunori Mitsubishi - Shiawase Sarariman

Fake License 4 - Driver's License


1x Yamaha Maru (Alternate brand for Horizon Doble Revolution): Motorcycle Gyro Stabilization, Smart Tires, Rigger Adaptation, Concealed Flexible Weapon Mount (Ingram Smartgun X)

- Autosofts: Targeting (SMG) 3, Maneuver 3, Clearsight 3

Device Handling Pilot Sensor Accel Spd Body Armor

4 +3 3 6 18/30 120 6 6

1x Shiawase Kanmushi: Walker (4 leg), Gecko Tips, Improved Sensor Array, Ultrawideband Radar, Ultrasound

- Ausotosfts: Clearsight 3

Device Handling Pilot Sensor Accel Spd Body Armor

3 +1 3 6 2/10 10 0 0

4x GM-Nissan Doberman: Crawler, Radiation Sensor, MAD Sensor, Gecko Tips, External Fixed Weapon Mount (Ingram Smartgun X)

- Autosofts: Targeting (SMG) 3, Clearsight 3

- Weapon Mount: External, Fixed, Remote (Ingram Smartgun X)

Device Handling Pilot Sensor Accel Spd Body Armor

4 +1 3 6 10/25 75 3 6

3x Cyberspace Designs Dragonfly: Improved Sensor Array

- Autosofts: Targeting 3, Clearsight 3, Maneuver 3

Device Handling Pilot Sensor Accel Spd Body Armor

4 +1 3 6 3/15 30 1 1

1x Transys Steed: Smart Tires, Improved Assembly Time

- Autosofts: Maneuver 3, Defense 3

- Spoof Chip

Device Handling Pilot Sensor Accel Spd Body Armor

3 +1 3 6 10/20 40 2 2


Tsukune Morino was a promising young drone engineer and test pilot for Shiawase corporation. He was fired five years ago after one of his designs blew up a research lab during testing. Disgraced, but thankfully not charged with criminal negligence, Tsukune was forcefully ejected from his comfortable corporate shell, and landed on the street. His friend and colleague Rei Kasamoto helped him scrape together enough money to get by, rather than shunning him like she should have. She was able to keep this fact private from the corp, however, and thus not be punished for it. Unable to support himself for long with the corporations blackballing him, he joined up with a local go-gang called the Imps, tuning their rides and learning the trade of gang-banging while sharing with the gang members his knowledge and skill in driving/piloting just about anything. He learned ways to smuggle things around the city, and escape routes to get away from the cops. It was during this time that he earned the moniker 'Spinner' for riding rings around everybody else.

During this time he met his girlfriend, Sakura, who pressured him to get out of the gang life, as she was worried because his gang was getting involved with more and more dangerous things. Eventually he tired of gang life, and having acquired a useful set of skills and contacts, he caved to Sakura's pressure and decided to try his hand at shadowrunning as a transport specialist. He has done so fairly successfully for a year or two, largely thanks to a partnership with Jimmy "Wheelhouse" Moran, an ex-pat Transport expert and fixer. Jimmy finds him jobs, and takes a cut, while Spinner has yet to let Jimmy down; he delivers, on time, every time. He maintains a somewhat friendly relationship with his old gang and is still good friends with his 'ganger buddy Jiro The Sword.

2. Street Name: Khyber

Real Name: Jonas Tall Tree

Character Type: Rigger/Weapons Specialist

Meta Type: Elf

Height: 2m

Weight: 100kg

Hair: Lt Brown

Eyes: Green

Age: 43

Nuyen: 1300

Lifestyle: Middle (1)


Bod 4

Agi 4(6)

Rea 4(6)

Str 1(3)

Cha 3

Int 4

Log 5

Wil 1

Edg 1

Essence: 1.241


Born Rich (10bp)

Biocompatibility (Cyberware) (10bp)

Linguist (5bp)

SINner (+5bp)

Records On File (+10bp) - Ares Macrotechnology (from military service)

Lost Loved One (+5bp) - Sister Lorelei

Allergy Uncommon, Moderate (+10bp) - Silver

Day Job (10 hrs/wk, 1000Y) (+5bp) - Gunsmith


Automatics (Assault Rifle) 4 (+2)

Pistols (Semi-Automatic) 4 (+2)

Blades (Knives) 3 (+2)

Armorer (Firearms) 3 (+2)

Dodge (Ranged) 2 (+2) +1 (Move-by-wire system)

Hacking (Spoof) 2 (+2)

Gymnastics 1

Palming 1

Infiltration 1

Electronic Warfare 1

Pilot Ground Craft 1

Pilot Aircraft 1

Pilot Water Craft 1

Gunnery (Ballistic) 1 (+2)

Perception 1

Electronics Group 1

Mechanics Group 1


Professional: Engineering 5

Professional: Military Procedure 4

Street: Pistols 3

Street: Megacorporate Politics 3

Street: Megacorporate Policies 3

Street: Shadowrunners 2


English N

Japanese 2 (+2 Linguist)

Sperethiel 2 (+2 Linguist)

Russian 2 (+2 Linguist)

Salish 1 (+2 Linguist)

Cantonese (+2 Linguist)


Internal Modified Transys Avalon (Resp 6, System 6, Firewall 6, Signal 6)

Programs: Decrypt 3,Sniffer 4,Spoof 6,Stealth 3,Track 3,ECCM 3,Analyze 6,Browse 3,Command 6,Edit 3,Encrypt 6,Scan 6

Autosofts: Targeting (Pistols) 3, Maneuver (Ground Vehicle) 3, Maneuver (Air Vehicle) 3, Defense 3, Clearsight 3, Electronic Warfare 3



Commlink (Used Alpha) - 0.1728 Ess

Hot Sim Module (Used Std) - 0.216 Ess

Control Rig (Used Alpha) - 0.432 Ess


Move-By-Wire System I (Used Std) - 2.16 Ess - +1 Initiative Pass, +2 reaction, +1 Dodge skill, Skillwires (Rating 2)

Muscle Replacement (Alpha) (2) - 1.44 Ess - +1 Str, +1 Agility X Rating

Internal Air Tank (Alpha) - 0.18 Ess

Eyeware (Non-Cybereye):

Image Link (Alpha) - 0.072 Ess

Smart Link (Used Alpha) - 0.0864 Ess


Major Carter Hall (Ares Macrotechnology - Security) (5/5)

Desdemona (Fixer) (2/3)

UCAS Vehicle Traders (Resource) (1/2)

Knowitall (Data Collector) (1/2)

Ares Arms Outfitters (Resource) (2/3)


1x Khyber Pass Sec600 (Modified Fichetti Security 600)

* Internal Smartgun System, Skinlink, Vision Magnification, Vision Enhance 3, Improved Range Finder, Ultrasound System

* Adv. Safety Electro-Shocker - 5P(e)

* Ammunition:

- 3 clips Regular Ammo

- 1 clip Stick-n-Shock

- 1 clip NeuroStun Rounds

- 1 clip AV Rounds

- 1 clip EX Explosive Rounds

- 1 clip Tracker Rounds (Security Tag)

7x Khyber Pass Drone600 (Modified Fichetti Security 600)

* Internal Smartgun System, Trigger Removal, Ammo Skip System

* Ammunition:

- Dutch-Loaded (Stick-n-Shock, Regular Ammo)

- 1 Spare Clip apiece, identical load

1x Khyber Pass Alpha (Modified Ares Alpha Assault Rifle)

* Skinlink, Vision Magnification, Vision Enhance 3, Improved Range Finder, Trigger Removal

* Adv. Safety Electro-Shocker - 5P(e)

* Ammunition:

- 5 clips Regular Ammo

- 1 clip AV Rounds

1x Cougar Fineblade (Long)


1x Disposable Commlink CrapCom Public Commlink

Mapsofts (1-6) Rtg 5 UCAS

Mapsofts (1-6) Rtg 5 Manhattan

1x Hidden Gun Arm Slide

Kit Automotive

Kit Hardware

30x Tracker Rounds, Security Tag (1c Fichetti)

Fake SIN (1-6) Rtg 4

Fake License (1-6) Rtg 4 - SUV

Fake License (1-6) Rtg 4 - Pistol

Fake License (1-6) Rtg 4 - Rifle

Fake License (1-6) Rtg 4 - Concealed Carry

240x Stick-n-Shock (8c Fichetti)

540x Regular Ammo (11c Fichetti, 5c Alpha)

30x EX-Explosive Rounds (1c Fichetti)

30x Capsule Rounds (1c Fichetti CS Gas)

72x AV Rounds (1c Fichetti, 1c Alpha)

6x Flash-Bang Grenade

6x Fragmentation Grenade

6x Gas Grenade

Keycard Copier

Medkit R (1-6) Rtg 5

Autopicker R (1-6) Rtg 3

Tag Eraser



- Audio Enhancement 2

- Spatial Recognizer

30x Neuro-Stun (in Capsule Rounds)

12x Spare Clips Fichetti Security 600 (30ct)

2x Spare Clips Ares Alpha Grenades (6ct)

6x Spare Clips Ares Alpha (42ct)

4x Certified Credstick

1x Combat Load Vest

7x Ammunition Pouch 2 Assault Rifle, 5 Pistol

1x Ration Pouch 3 days

1x Smart Canteen 1 liter


Rover 2068: Amenities (High), Offroad Suspension, Passenger Protection 2, Anti-theft System 2, Rigger Adaptation, Multilaunch Drone Rack, 2 x Small Landing Drone Rack, Armorer Workshop

- Autosofts: Maneuver 3

- Spoof Chip

Device Handling Pilot Sensor Accel Spd Body Armor

3 +1 3 6 25/35 140 13 10

1x Transys Steed: Satellite Communication, Gun Port (Front), Retrans Unit

- Autosofts: Maneuver 3, Defense 3

- Spoof Chip

Device Handling Pilot Sensor Accel Spd Body Armor

3 +1 3 6 10/20 40 2 2

2x MCT-Nissan Roto-Drones: External Fixed Turret (Khyber Pass Drone 600: 30c Rounds, Smartlink (Ext Top Mount), Ammo Skip System, 4P Reg/ 5S(e) Stick-N-Shock Dutch-Loaded RC2)

- Autosofts: Targeting 3 (Pistols), Maneuver 3, Clearsight 3 or Defense 3

- Spoof Chip

Device Handling Pilot Sensor Accel Spd Body Armor

4 0 3 6 10/25 100 3 2

5x Ferret RPD-1X: Gecko Tips, Chameleon Coating, Satellite Communications

- Internal Fixed Turret (Khyber Pass Drone 600: 30c Rounds, Smartlink (Ext Top Mount), Ammo Skip System, 4P Reg/ 5S(e) Stick-N-Shock Dutch-Loaded RC2)

- Autosofts: Targeting 3 (Pistols), Maneuver 3, Clearsight 3 or Defense 3

- Improved Sensor Suite:

- Camera (Front) Vision Magnification, Low-Light Vision

- Microphone (Omni) Select Sound Filter Rating 1

- Motion Sensor (Front and Rear)

- Laser Range Finder (Front)

- Spoof Chip

Device Handling Pilot Sensor Accel Spd Body Armor

4 0 3 6 10/20 60 1 2

5x Cyberspace Designs Dragonfly (x5): 5P Melee vs mini/micro drones, 1P +1 AP vs. other

- Autosofts: Targeting 4

- Spoof Chip

Device Handling Pilot Sensor Accel Spd Body Armor

4 +1 3 6 3/15 30 13 10


Jonas Tall Tree, or Khyber, as he's usually known, is a retired elite military non-com. He worked for twenty years for Ares Corporation, and retired honorably. He's still good friends with his former CO, who still works for the company. They often game together in the Matrix. Jonas has been shadowrunning for about a year and is doing fairly well for himself. He's not in it for the money as much as because being retired is kind of boring from his perspective. He's in peak physical condition, and running the shadows gives him a thrill he can't get anywhere else. While not quite an adrenaline junkie, he does enjoy doing what he's good at - which is essentially shooting people, and breaking things. He's a skilled armorer/engineer as well, and 'runs to be able to afford nifty toys so that he can do more and more complex jobs. He's seeking his limits, and when he finds them, he decides to see if he can push them with regular exercise.

Physically, he's not very imposing. He's about 2m tall, and wiry. He looks (and is) very fast and walks with a dangerous grace learned through long military service. He's got dirty blonde hair that might be brown, and can usually be seen wearing inconspicuous clothing under a brown duster, and a matching brown newsy cap that contains his trode net. He looks fair-to-middling for an elf.

Khyber is a very talented armorer, with exceptional skill in custom-crafting Firearms. He owns and operates a mobile gunsmithing shop between runs, and there are runner teams out there who swear by his custom work; himself included.

Khyber grew up in Salish-Shidhe Council territory, part of the Salish tribal community. His father, Robert Tall Tree, is a mid-level exec for Gaeatronics. Khyber's family moved to Seattle when he was a teenager, when his father was promoted to head a department inside the Seattle Division in Gaeatronics Mountain, Bellevue. Robert disowned Khyber when he left to work for Ares in Seattle. Khyber also has a sister, Lorelei, who went missing undermysterious circumstances after a Shiawase raid on Gaeatronics fifteen years ago, when she was twenty-two. She has not been heard from since, and her father presumes her dead, though Khyber continues to try to find leads and/or information about what happened to her.

3.Current Name: "Mist"

Archtype: Adept/Covert Ops

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Height/Weight: 5'2", 93 lbs

Eyes/hair: brown/brown

Birthday: 3/15/2052

Birthplace: Hokido

Attributes: 220 bp

-Body: 3

-Strength: 2

-Agility: 5(7)

-Reaction: 5

-Logic: 3

-Intuition: 5

-Willpower: 3

-Charisma: 1

-Essence: 4.29

-Magic: 4

-Edge: 2

-Initative: 10(12), 1 pass

Qualities/Flaws: 0 bp net

-Adept (5 bp)

-Astral Chameleon (5 bp)

-Erased (10 bp)

-Genetic Heritage: Genewipe (10 bp)

-Martial Arts: Arnis De Mano: Deal damage on disarm (5 bp)

-Prejudiced: Non-japanese: Biased (-10 bp)

-Day Job (-10 bp)

-SINner (-5 bp)

-Addiction: Kamakazi: Moderate (-10 bp)

Active Skills: 118 bp

-Athletics Group, level 2

-Infiltration(Urban): 5 {8} (+2)

-Unarmed(martial arts): 5 {6} (+2)

-Blades(sword): 3 (+2)

-Throwing(Knives): 3 (+2)

-Shadowing: 3

-Perception(Visual): 3 {+3(base)/+8(sight)/+6(hearing)/+6(scent)}

-(skillsoft)Demolitions: 3 (+1)

-(skillsoft)Lockpicking: 3 (+1)

Knowledge Skills:

-Japanese Histoy: 5

-Japanese Culture: 4

-Yakuza: 3

-Ninja Clans: 6

-Tactics and Stratagy: 2

-Improvised Weaponry: 1


-Japanese: native

-English: 3

Martial Arts: (4 bp)


-Finishing Move

Magic: (2 bp)


--Weapon Focus, Rating 2


--Nerve Strike (1 pp)

--Improved Ability: Infiltration, Rating 3 (.75 pp)

--Improved Ability: Unarmed, Rating 1 (.5 pp)

--Traceless Walk (1 pp)

--Power Throw (.75 pp)


'ware: Total Cost: 113,500y

-Muscle Toner, rating 2 (16,000y, -0.2e)

-(a)Datajack (1,000y, -0.08e)

-(a)Olfactory Booster, r3 (6,000y, -0.16e)

-(a)Attention Coprocessor, r3 (18,000y, -0.24e)

-(a)Single Cybereye, r4 (1,800y, -.2e)

--(a)Flare Compensation (1,500y)

--(a)Low-light Vision (2,000y)

--(a)Protective covers (200y)

--(a)Thermographic Vision (2,000y)

--(a)Vision Enhancement, r3 (9,000y)

-(a)Single Cyberear, r4 (1,800y, -0.2e)

--(a)Audio Enhancement, r3 (9,000y)

--(a)Damper (1500y)

--(a)Spatial Recognizer (1500y)

--(a)Increased Sensativity (2,000y)

-(a)Skillwires, R3 (12,000y, -0.48e)

-Genewipe (free - genetic heritage quality)

-Synch (30,000y, -0.15e)

Armor: Total: 10b/8i (7/5 w/out coat) Total Cost: 20,000y

-Form-Fitting Full Body Suit (1,600y)

--Fire Resistance, rating 6 (1,200y)

--Thermal Damping, rating 6 (3,000y)

--Auto-Injector (1,500y)

---Hardening, Rating 6 (150y)

--Gel Packs (1,000y)

--PPP: Shin Guards (150y)

--PPP: Forearm Guards (200y)

--Ruthenium Polymer Coating (7,500y)

-Steam Punk Line: Overcoat (1,000y)

--Nonconductivity, rating 6 (1,200y)

--Chemical Protection, rating 6 (1,500y)

Weapon: Total Cost: 33,665y

-Vibro-Blade, Sword, modified (2,000y)

--Ceramic/Plasteel Compomenets, rating 1 (6,400y)

--Chameleon Coating (1,000y)

--Personalized Grip (100y)

--Weapon Focus (20,000y)

--Hardening, Rating 6 (150y)

-Throwing Knife (Kunai), modified x10 (200y)

--Ceramic/Plasteel Componenets, rating 1 (2,400y)

-Shuriken, modifired x20 (600y)

--Ceramic/Plasteel Components, rating 1 (1,200y)

-Flash-Bang Grenade x3 (90y)

-Flash-Pak x2 (200y)

-Smoke Grenade x3 (90y)

-Thermal Smoke Grenade x3 (105y)

-Flare Grenade x2 (40y)

-Flash Grenade x3 (90y)

Commlink: (49,600y)

-Custom; Response 5, System 5, Signal 5, Firewall 5 (9,000y)

--Empathy Software, Rating 5 (2,500y)

--Lie Detector Software, Rating 5 (2,500y)

--Browse, rating 3 (150y)

--Command, rating 3 (150y)

--Edit, rating 3 (150y)

--Scan, rating 3 (150y)

--Stealth, rating 5 (5,000y)

--Activesoft: Demolitions: Personalized/Pluscode 2: Rating 3 (12,000y)

--Activesoft: Lockpicking: Personalized/Pluscode 2: Rating 3 (12,000y)

Other gear: Total Cost: 39,500y

-Subvocal Microphone (50y)

--Hardening, Rating 6 (150y)

-Holo Projector x3 (600y)

--Hardening, Rating 6 (450y)

-Stealth Tag x10 (50y)

-Directional Jammer, Rating 6 (3,000y)

--Hardening, Rating 6 (150y)

-Smart Area Jammer, Rating 4 (4,000y)

--Hardening, Rating 6 (150y)

-Endoscope (250y)

-Autopicker, Rating 6 (1,200y)

--Hardening, Rating 6 (150y)

-Cellular Glove Molder, Rating 3 (600y)

--Hardening, Rating 6 (150y)

-Maglock Passkey, Rating 4 (8,000y)

--Hardening, Rating 6 (150y)

-Maglock Sequencer, Rating 4 (800y)

--Hardening, Rating 6 (150y)

-Miniwelder (250y)

-Wire Clippers (25y)

-Glue Sprayer x3 (450y)

-GPS (200y)

-Rappeling Gloves (70y)

-Respirator, Rating 6 (150y)

-Survival Kit (100y)

-Grapple Gun (500y)

-Catalyst Stick (120y)

-Stealth Rope, 200m (170y)

-Medkit, Rating 6 (600y)

--Hardening, Rating 6 (150y)

-Antidote Patch, Rating 6 x5 (1,500y)

-Stimulent Patch, Rating 6 x5 (750y)

-Trauma Patch x2 (1,000y)

-Nanopaste Disguise x3 (1,500y)

--Hardening, Rating 6 (150y)

-Glasscutter (10y)

-Combat Load Vest (300y)

-Ammunition Pouch x8 (200y)

-Ration Pouch (50y)

-Smart Canteen (5)

-Body Cavity Escape Kit (10,000y)

-Fingernail Data Storage (200y)

-Kamakazi x10 (1,000y)

Lifestyle: (1000y)

-Low, 1 month (1,000y)

4. Samuel "Havoc" Molinero,

Human Male,

Age: 21 (Born 2059/03/13, assuming we play 2070)

Place of Birth: New York City


Body 4

Agility 3

Reaction 3

Strength 2

Charisma 2

Intuition 4

Logic 5

Willpower 5

Initiative 7

Magic 5

Edge 2

Essence 6

Action Skills:

Counterspelling 2

Spellcasting (Combat) 5(+2)

Summoning (Fire Spirit) 2(+2)

Binding( (Fire Spirit) 2(+2)

Assensing 3

Infiltration 3

Dodge 3

Con [influence Group] 1

Etiquette [influence Group] 1

Leadership [influence Group] 1

Negotiation [influence Group] 1

Perception 3

First Aid (Combat Wounds) 1(+2)

Knowledge Skills:

Magical Theory 4

Spirits 3

Parazoology 1

Radical Groups 3

Safe Houses 3

Local Area Knowledge 4

Gang ID 1

Gang Turf 1

Underworld Politics 2


Englisch N

Spanish 4

Latin 1



Magician (Chaos Magic)

Improved Concentration 2


Gremlins 2

Addiction (Alcohol, mild)

SINer (non criminal)

Allergy (Moderate, Insect Stings)

Lost Loved One (Sister Narcy)


Fake SIN Level 4

Lifestyle Low 1 Month

Armor Jacket

1 Stimulant Patch Level 4

Sony Emperor

Subvocal Mic

Mangadyne Deva OS

Common Use Software all rating 2

Sports Glasses with optical vision

magnification, vision enhancement 3, low

light vision, image link and flare


Earbuds with Audio Enhancement 1

Starting Money 3d6 * 50Y = 15 * 50Y = 750Y






Lightning Bolt


Improved Invisibility




Contacts: (L/C)

Fixer ”Chiefrat“ (1/4)

Street Shaman ”Lucy“ (Rat Pack)(6/3)


Samuel "Havoc" Molinero,

Human Male,

Age: 21 (Born 2059/03/13, assuming we play 2070)

Place of Birth: New York City

Skintone: Light bronze

Hair: Brown medium length (roughly chin length) dreadlocks

Eye color: Dark brown

Height: 1.78m

Weight: 81kg


Father Rodrigez Molinero, born in Mexico City, casual laborer

Mother, Salina Chrichton, born in New York City, geriatric nurse, died 2062 from injuries after an escalated marital dispute

Samuel was born into ordinary circumstances. His parents were earning the money they spent the next day and barely could afford a simple lifestyle in the 2 room, 40 square meters, flat near the purification plant. His father drunk, often more than he could manage and started fights with his mother, typically verbal fights, but sometimes also violent ones. Samuel has an older sister named Narcy who is two years older than Samuel. He lived a ”normal“ life, in the sence that he went to a public school, got some friends and avoided staying at home when his father was drunk again. Although his sister is older they often strayed the streets (where they could get to or where noone captured them) jointly.

One fine tuesday evening in April 2062, his sister was with one of her friends for a change, he came back home. Already at the front door he could here his father screaming, barely understandable as usual. He opened the door with his (oldschool mechanic) keys and stepped into the floor a few steps just to see his mother running out of the common room, her face convulsed in horror and with a cut across the cheek, bleeding heavily. His father went after her, the knive still in hand, stabing his mother from behind screaming that she is a useless whore.

The next thing Samuel rememberd was him riding back from the hospital. ”There is nothing more we could do, my son. I'm sorry but major arteries had been severed, she was practically dead when you brought her here“. That's what the oozy guy in the gown had said, before he turned away and asked the next patient for his credstick. They didn't even ask Samuel how she sustained such critical injuries.

He still does not know what happened between the scene where he entered the flat and the ride back from the hospital.

He arrived at home, early in the morning, still struck with horror. His father was nowhere to be seen. The floor and the common room still showed heavy traces of the fight, the carpet was still bloody. Narcy didn't answer any calls, she was not reachable by any means. Her friend just told Samuel, that Narcy received a message and left without saying a word.

The next day his father came back, looking more filthy than Samuel had ever seen him, and smelling like a distillery. It didn't take long for both of them to get into a fight, Samuel threatening to denounce his father and calling him a scallywag, his father acusing him of being a lazy strayer who didn't even realize his mother was whoring around. After a few minutes his father got violent, striking Samuel in the face and ramming him into the wall. Samuel turned to the door and ran. Blind with fury and despair he just ran down the streets, paying no attention to where he was actually going. After hours of walking he finally found himself in a dark alley where he never has been before....

Two guys were closing on him. Not that he had anything worth a robbery. But these guy looked so bad, one with no teeth at all and the other with just one eye and several scars, Samuel got the feeling there were not after his (not existing) credstick. As both of them draw nearer fear grew in him. He tried to run, but the bigger one of them grabbed him from behind. Samuel curled and kicked but he could not get away. As the other one drew a used looking scalpel, fear grew even more in him. In blind panic he screamed as the scalpel neared his chest...

He woke up later, in a dark and damp room with wet walls, looking into the eyes of a mid-30 women with black hair and green eyes who smiled down on him. "Hey, you've finally awoken little guy, my name is Lucy. How are you? I found you in the dark alley with these two...smoking coaly guys. I believe you have no clue, what you did or how you did it, have you?“.

He grew up on the streets, living with Lucy. She told hid what he had done and showed him the black spots on the walls, near the place where she found him. The coalish remains of the two guys had vanished. Although her way to work magic did not really work for him, he learned some basics from her, and from some other friends of here a vooduan priest and a black mage. But none of them really had the tradition and ways to magic he needed, so he adapted and took the best of all. In result he became what most people call a chaos mage.

5. Current Name: Stan Jawalski - "Quake"

Archtype: Rigger/Weapon Specialist

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Height/Weight: 6'8", 786 lbs (in suit), 5'10, 211 lbs (out of suit)

Eyes/hair: brown/natural brown, dyed green

Birthday: 5/15/2027

Birthplace: Detroit

Attributes: 200 bp

-Body: 5

-Strength: 2

-Agility: 5(7)

-Reaction: 5(7)

-Logic: 3

-Intuition: 3

-Willpower: 3

-Charisma: 2

-Essence: 4.2

-Edge: 2

-Initative: 8(10), 1 pass

Qualities/Flaws: net -20 bp

-Restricted Gear: Military Armor (5bp)

-Restricted Gear: Pilot Program, Rating 6 (5bp)

-Restricted Gear: Signiture Masking (5bp)

-Records on File: Knight Errand (-10bp)

-Enemy: Knight Errand (-10bp)

-Wanted (-10bp)

-In Debt (-25bp)

-Distincitive Style (-10bp)

Active Skills: 154 bp

-Firearms group: 3

--Pistols: 3

--Automatics: 3

--Longguns: 3

-Heavy Weapons: 2

-Thrown Weapons: 1

-Dodge: 3

-Armorer: 2

-Gunnery (Ballistic): 5(+2)

-Pilot Anthroform (Biped): 5(+2)

-Demolitions: 2

-Unarmed: 1

-Automotive Mechanic (Anthroform): 1(+2)

-Electronics Group: 1

--Computer: 1

--Data Search: 1

--Hardware: 1

--Software: 1

-Atheletics group 1:

--Climbing: 1

--Gymnastics: 1

--Running: 1

--Swimming: 1

-Perception: 2

-Infiltration: 1

-Ettiquete (Military): 1(+2)

Knowledge Skills:

-Knight Errand: 3

-Small Unit Tactics: 2

-Weapon Design: 2

-Armor Design: 2

-Military Weapon systems: 2

-AI: 2

-Balistics: 1

-Demolitions: 1

-Urban Combat: 2

-Shadowrunning groups: 1


-English: native

Gear: total cost 272,975 (50 bp)

'ware: 52,000y

-Muscle Toner, rating 2 (16,000y, -0.4e)

-Reaction Enhancers, rating 2 (20,000y, -0.6e)

-Hot-Sim Modified (5,000y, -0.2e)

-Control Rig (10,000y, -0.5e)

-Smartlink (1,000y, -0.1e)

Armor/commlink/drone: total cost 199,100 gp.

-Heavy Military Armor (20,000y)

--Fire Resistance, rating 6 (900y)

--Nonconductivity, rating 6 (1,200y)

--Thermal Damping, rating 6 (3,000y)

--Gel Packs (1,500y)

--Ruthenium Polymer Coating (7,500y)

--Strength Upgrade, rating 3 (4,500y)

--Mobility Upgrade, rating 1 (2,500y)

--Insulation, rating 6 (900y)

--Hydraulic Jacks, rating 6 (9,000y)

--Gyromount (4,000y)

--Foot Anchor x2 (6,000y)

--Hardening, rating 6 (150y)

--Expanded Capacity, rating 4 (4,000y)

--Military Helmet (10,000)

---Internal commlink upgraded to Firewall/Response/Signal/System/Encryption 6 (8,500y)

----Analysis, rating 6 (600y)

----Command, rating 6 (600y)

----Browse, rating 6 (600y)

----Scan, rating 6 (600y)

----Medic, rating 6 (6,000y)

----Stealth, rating 6 (6,000y)

----Black Hammer, rating 6 (6,000y)

----Armor, rating 6 (6,000y)

----ECCM, rating 6 (6,000y)

----IC, Rating 4 (10,000y)

-----Armor, rating 4 (n/a)

-----Black Hammer, rating 4 (n/a)

-----Analysis, rating 4 (n/a)

----IC, Rating 4 (10,000y)

-----Armor, rating 4 (n/a)

-----Black Hammer, rating 4 (n/)

-----Analysis, rating 4 (n/a)

-Drone upgrade (Str 4(7), Body 4, Agility 6, Reaction 6)

--Pilot, rating 6 (15,000y)

--ECM, rating 6 (6,000y)

--Rigger Adeptation (2,500y)

--Fuzzy Logic (2,500y)

--Nanomaintenance System, rating 2 (10,000y)

--Complete Skinlink (5,000y)

--Life Support, level 1 (2,000y)

--Signature Masking, rating 6 (12,000y)

--Touch Sensors (2,000y)



---Flare-compensation (50y)

---Low-light (100y)

---Vision Magnification (100y)

---Vision Enhancement, rating 3 (300y)


---Thermographic (100y)

---Vision Magnification (100y)

---Vision Enhancement, rating 3 (300y)

--Cyberware Scanner, rating 6 (450y)

--Laser Microphone, rating 6 (300y)

--Radar, rating 6 (1,200y)

--Motion Sensor (50y)

--Olfactory Sensor, rating 6 (3,000y)

Weapon: Total cost: 5,710y

-Ingram White Knight, modified (2,000y)

--Hip-pad bracing system (200y)

--Sling (10y)

--Chameleon Coating (1,000y)

--Heavy Barrel (2,000y)

--Personalized Grip (100y)

--Top Mounted: Smartgun System (400y)

Other gear: Total cost: 5,665y

-3x 100 rd belts, EX-Explosive rds (3,015y)

-Medkit, rating 6 (600y)

-10x stim patch, rating 6 (1,500y)

-Skinlink (50y)

-Subvocal Microphone (50y)

-AR gloves (250y)

-Holo Projector (200y)

-Armorer kit (n/a)

-Auto-Mechanic kit (n/a)


-Squatter, 10 months (500y)


-GAZ-129, stock (12,000y)

Contacts: 16 bp

-Belsarius, Connections 6, Loyalty 6; an AI who evolved from a Knight Errand Tac soft program

-'Jimmy', Connections 3, Loyalty 1; Borg's mafia contact


Born in Detroit, Stan joined the military at 17 to escape the sprawl. After a standerd four year hitch, he left the them to sign on with Knight Errand. He spent the next twelve years working his way up through the ranks, the final five of those years spent as the NCOIC of one of Knight Errand's elite response teams and the team heavy weapons gunner. Piloting top of the line personal battle armor, the team was a force to be reconned with.

During this period, Stan worked extensively with the unit's tacsoft, and over time noticed it growning more and more responsive and more personable. Eventurally it grew into a full fledged AI. Stan and the newborn AI grew close and he concealed its existance from his superiors for two full years. Eventually however, the discovered Belsarius. Rather then yielding to them, the AI made a bid for freedom. Unable to get off the Knight Errand base's secure node to the greater matrix, he (with Stan's willing aid) loaded himself onto Stan's armor comm and the two of them went AWOL together.

Bel escaped into the matrix as soon as they were clear, and Stan got himself smuggled from BoshWash to Seattle by the mafia, where he hoped he could fade back into the shadows. However, with a stolen AI and a quarter-million in top-flight military gear, its unlikely that the Knight Errands will be willing to let him live in peace.

6. Street name: Kalabek(Social Adept)

Real name: Jonathan Cucher

Age: 26

Human male

1.83 m, 85 kg

Bod 3 (-20BP)

Agi 3 (-20BP)

Rea 2 (-10BP)

Str 2 (-10BP)

Cha 5 (-40BP)

Int 5 (-40BP)

Log 4 (-30BP)

Wil 3 (-20BP)

Ini 7

Essence 6

Edge 2

Magic 5 (-40BP)


Positive- / Negative Qualities


Adept (-5BP)

Perceptive 2 (-10BP)

First Impression (-5BP)


SINer (+5BP)

Moderate Gold Allergy (+10BP)


Adept Powers (5 in total):

Melanin control 0.5

Voice control 0.5

Face shaping 2 0.5

Body Language 3 1.5

Astral Perception 1

Improved Perception 1 0.25

Commanding Voice 0.25

Eidetic Memory 0.5

Active Skills:

Computer 1 (-4BP)

Data Search 3 (-12BP)

Pistols (Semiautomatics) 3 (+2) (-14BP)

Unarmed Combat 2 (-8BP)

Dodge 3 (-12BP)

Perception 5 (-20BP)

Assensing (Aura Reading) 2 (+2) (-10BP)

Con (Impersonation) 4 (+2) (-18BP)

Negotiation (Sense Motive) 2 (+2) (-10BP)

Leadership 2 (-8BP)

Stealth Group 3 (-30 BP)

(-146 BP)

Knowledge Skills (27KBP):

Current News 5 (-5KBP)

Psychology (Profiling) 2 (+2) (-3KBP)

Con Politics 2 (-2KBP)

Magical Theory 2 (-2KBP)

Local Area Knowledge 4 (-4KBP)

Matrix News Nodes 3 (-3KBP)

Gang ID 2 (-2KBP)

Gang Turf 2 (-2KBP)


English N

Spanish 4 (-4KBP)

Contacts: C L

Ares Corporate Headhunter “Jeve Stobs” 4 3

Spider “Light” 1 1

Talismonger “Herbhead” 1 2

Trid Journalist “Seraphim” 4 1

Gang Leader “Stonehead” (Devil Rats) 1 2

Fixer “Sliver” 3 1

Lonestar Detective “B.” 4 6


Equipment (25000 Y, 5BP):

Binoculars 50Y


Thermographic Vision 100Y

Smartlink 500Y

Flare Compensation 50Y

Ares Predator IV 350Y


Silencer 200Y

Quick Draw Holster 100Y

30 Stick-n-Shock Rounds 240Y

30 Ex ex Rounds 300Y

BMW 2065 Mjöllnir 10700Y

Novatech Airware 1250Y


Iris Orb 1000Y

Sim Module 100Y

AR Gloves 250Y

Subvocal Microphone 50Y

Trodes (Baseball Cap) 50Y

Browse, Analyze, Edit, Encrypt, Scan all 3 750Y

Vashon Island Synergist Business Collection B I

Coat 3 2 800Y

Trousers 1 1 400Y

Shirt 1 0 300Y

Low Lifestyle (Barrens Apartment) 2000Y

Fake License 4 – Ares Predator IV 400Y

Fake SIN 4 “Gerry Molman” 4000Y

400BP total


How does your character look like?

He's a 1.83m tall human male. He weighs roughly 78 kg . His build is a little skinny. He's seldom seen in his natural appearance regarding hair color, facial features or eye color. If you get the chance to take a look at his natural appearance he has green-grey eyes and brown hair. His facial feature resemble a typical caucasian.

Where does your character come from and what is his history?

Jonathan was born in July 2044, he's the son of a Lonestar Street Cop, Richard Cucher. His mother is unknown to him. Richard never told him about her despite his questions. Jonathan grew up in the Renton – Bellevue – Redmond triangle in Seattle, where he also went to school. There is still the one or other friend from that time arround, Jonathan has still contact to a schoolfriend who calls himself ”Herbhead” today and works as a talismonger.

How has he learned his magical abilities?

In the age of 12 his adept qualities began to manifest, but in a hidden manner. Depending on his mood he looked different. In good mood his hair was brighter, more to a blonde color, in stress or fear his facial features began to change slightly and his skin color got darker (not paler as one might think). The slight variances in the beginning weren't salient enough to be taken seriously but as time went by the changes got more drastic but still unconsciously controlled. His teacher took notice of him and sent him to the test centre of the ”Ares school for gifted children”. They realized his adept qualities and so he went to the ”Ares school for gifted children” where he was trained in using his adept qualities (apart from standard school stuff). It was there he meet ”Jeve Stobs”, an Ares headhunter. They became friends as Jeve often showed up in the school to survey the new kids in the school and Jonathan and he often went for a good old fashioned pool billiard session after school. Jonathan wanted to become a Lone Star detective as his father, putting his abilities to good use.

Why has he entered the shadows?

When Jonathan was 18 years old his father was working on a gang related investigation. Against normal police operation rules they drove into the gang area only with two officers and began to ask questions. The exact history of unfolding events thereafter is not known. His father was found on the street shot dead. His friend and partner, Barney Brown (”B.”), was still alive as they found him and survived his wounds after long term medical treatment. The perpetrators were never found and the details of the investigation were classified.

After the dead of his father Jonathan collapsed. He bolted from the school and went of to live on the street. With his adept powers and social abilities he was able to adapt to living on the street. The first nights he lived under the free sky (as free as it gets in a 'plex like Seattle). Fortunately it was summer at the time. After these few days he even tried to get in contact with the gang which supposedly killed his father or knew who did it. He managed to infiltrate the gang possing as a young kid from the street. It was a small gang named ”Devil Rats” (gangsymbol is a horned rat head in front of blue flames) consisting of all kind of metahumans. Their leader is called ”Stonehead” and Jonathan still has contact to him. They were only 40-50 Gangmembers and they controlled just a relatively small number of blocks. After some weeks where he gained their trust he found out that the gangers knew nothing about the murder except that it happened on their territory and two black SUVs have been seen in the time frame where the shooting happened. He was frustrated even more after that and got addicted to BTL, which he financed with small gang crimes.

Time went by. After 3 months living on the street as a ganger ”B.”, the old partner and friend of his father, found him. He didn't rush Jonathan to quit the street life and get back to school. He just was there for him, talked to him, got him some good food and a little apartment to stay in (where he still lives) and, all in all, just cared. Jonathan picked up courage again. Jonathan tried to question ”B.” about the shooting, but he just blocked the topic and told Jonathan that he fainted without seeing the perpetrators (OOC: Whatever happened, B. is not only bound to the confidentiality of the case but forced to not tell anything by a cranial bomb. But Jonathan doesn't know that).

After the story of the Lone Star Corp. classifying the investigation arround his fathers death he did not want to work for them anymore. He decided to become a private investigator and started to work on his own. He made some business contacts (ooc: all with loyality 1) during his time and more and more got jobs which were shadow-oriented.

6. 400BP +50 Karma +Charisma X2 in free contact points +15 Bonus BP after qualities/Flaws

Metatype: Jaguar Shapeshifter

Name/Handle: Mouser

Resources: 22BP

Lifestyle: Low (1 month)

Body: 6

Agility: 7

Reaction: 6(9)

Strength: 4

Charisma: 4

Intuition: 4

Logic: 2

Willpower: 3

Edge: 1

Essence: 6

Magic: 5

Initiative Passes: 4

Qualities: (80 BP - Includes 20BP from maneuvers)

Astral Chameleon



Erased (24hrs)

Ninjitsu L2: +1 Gymnastic Dodge, +1 Infiltration

Krav Maga L4: Ready weapon becomes a Free action, +1 on Called shots to Disarm, Take aim becomes a free action, Ranged Attacker in Melee combat penalty reduced by 1

Racial Shapeshift: Human

Racial: Regeneration: P296 SR4A

Racial: Sapience

Racial (Natural form only): Claw/Bite DV: STR/2+2, AP: 0

Racial Improved Sense: Hearing

Racial Improved Sense: Low-Light Vision

Racial Improved Sense: Smell

Racial: Dual-Natured: Exists on and sees both physical and astral realm simultaneously. Can not be turned off. Does not suffer the usual -2 penalty for interacting with the physical realm while perceiving astral space.

Maneuvers: (20 positive BP worth)

Ground Fighting


Two Weapon Style


Finishing Move

Focus Will


Break Weapon


Kick Attack

Flaws: (95 BP Flaws)

Partial Amnesia

Poor Self Control: Thrill Seeker

Poor Self Control: Combat Monster

Poor Self Control - Light Compulsion: Cleanliness

Poor Self Control - Severe Compulsion: Compelled to follow out orders when name is used. IE: Mouser, shoot that old lady across the street. Can not be used to force the character to commit suicide.

Wanted: There are actually several corporations out to capture Mouser, alive. For one corporation he represents a lost investment that should be retrieved. To others he's a potential gate way to some one else's research in mind control of awakened animals. Great way to enhance those bleeding edge tech Biodrones. The multiple corporation involvement is due to the difficulty said corporations have on holding onto any relevant information of him due to his erased quality. However at least three mega corps have managed to retain and secure multiple hard copies which are far more difficult to get rid of.

Records on File: Neonet, Ares, Saeder-Krupp

Flashbacks - Uncommon: Random things bring back occasional flashes of Mouser's prior life.

Signature: Compelled to leave behind a small (usually cheap) figurine, toy or card of a mouse. Generally preferred to be a catnip mouse commonly available at any pet shop.

Racial Weakness Severe Allergy: Obsidian - Weapons made of Obsidian have +4 DV vs character. Obsidian does 1 point of physical damage per minute of contact with the character.

Racial Vulnerability: Obsidian


Athletics (Group): 1 (10 Karma)





Stealth (Group): 2 (10 Karma)

-Infiltration +1 from Ninjitsu




Unarmed Combat: 3 - Specialization: Martial Arts (2 Karma)

Astral Combat: 4

Perception: 1

Assensing: 1

Dodge: 3

Blades: 6 - Specialization: Swords (2 Karma)

Pistols: 1 - Specialization: Semi-Automatics (2 Karma)


English: N

Sign: 3

Japanese: 3

Knowledge Skills:

Academic: Paranormal Critters: 3

Academic: Magic Phenomenon: 3

Academic: Spirits: 3

Academic: Poisons: 1

Professional: Security Procedures: 2

Adept Powers:

Improved Reflexes III - Adept Geas: Talisman (See Collar)

Wall Running - Adept Geas: Talisman (See Collar)

Missile Parry 1

Attribute Boost: Agility 1

Attribute Boost: Body 1

Attribute Boost: Strength 1


Traceless Walk (Tied to Initiation 2) - Adept Geas: Talisman (See Collar)

Nimble Fingers (Tied to Initiation 2)

Initiation Grade 2: (22 Karma - Group + Ordeal includes + 1 karma for severing tie to group +5 Karma for joining group)

-Initiation 1: Oath + Masking

-Initiation 2: Meditation + 1 Power Point


A collar made of real leather, fastened with an orchalium plated buckle and featuring a silver plated name plate with the name 'Mouser' stamped in bold lettering.


Fake R5: Charles McCarthy

-Fake R5 Licenses: Plasteel Components, Milspec Armor, Ruthinium Polymers, Private Security Contractor, Silencers, Firearms License, Explosives, APDS Rounds, Melee Weapon License, Drivers Permit.


Hermes Ikon

-Novatech Navi

-Nanopaste Trodes (1 container)


-Virtual Music

-AR Gloves


-Sim Module

-R4 Programs: Command, Browse, Analyze, Encrypt


Heavy Military Armor


-Thermal Damping R6

-Ruthenium Polymer Coating

-Full Body Armor Chemical Seal

Formfitting Full Body Suit:

+Armor Vest

-SecureTech PPP (Shin guards, Forearm Guards, Leg and Arm Casings, Vitals Protector)


Honda Spirit

-Spoof chip

-Morphing Plate

-Runflat Tires


2x Colt Government 2066

-Quick Draw Holster

-Concealable Holster

-Extreme Environment Mod L1


-Electronic Firing

-Built in Silencer

-Melee Hardening


-30x Spare Colt 2066 Pistol Magazines

2x Katana

-Chameleon Coating

-Ceramic/Plasteel components L3

-Personalized Grip +1 to Melee Combat

-Gecko Grip

2x Katar

-Ceramic/Plasteel components L3

-Personalized Grip +1 to Melee Combat

-Gecko Grip

Monofilament Garrote

-Personalized Grip +1 to Melee Combat


380 APDS Heavy Pistol

300 Gel Heavy Pistol

Grenades/Throwing Weapons:

4x Thermal Smoke Grenades

4x Flash-Bangs

11x Throwing Knives


Contacts R3:

-Image Link

-Flare Compensation

-Vision Enhancement R3

Sun Glasses R2:


-Vision Magnification

Earbuds R1:

-Spatial Recognizer

Smart Pack

Smart Canteen

10x Smart Pouch: Pistol Ammunition

2x Smart Pouch: Ration

Combat Load Vest


Zack Wilds -Troll Bounty Hunter: Loyalty 5, Connection: 3

Contact Details:

Zack Wilds: Mouser met him by pure chance actually shortly after Zack had decided to try and track the shifter down for the bounty on his head. However Mouser at the time was entirely unaware of said bounty and Zack had very little information to go on due to the individual(s) that keep some how managing to wipe out the information on Mouser. The best part yet, was that Zack and Mouser started to work together for a short while while Zack was busy trying to track down leads on his main target, there were still plenty of other fish in the sea to go after that were less illusive but still offered a decent pay out. Some of them were bail jumpers, others were wanted for various crimes against assorted different corporations. The list goes on.

They worked together for six months all told before Zack realized that his 'big prize' had been literally in front of him this whole time. However with each having pulled the others hoop out of the (sometimes literal) fire several times by then, Zack just didn't have the heart to turn in a buddy. So instead he confronted Mouser about it one day, made it look like he was serious about turning Mouser in for the reward, laughed, got both of them drunk and they've been fast friends since.

Mouser's BG (Work in progress, not final)

In 2060 a research group was formed to study the potential for creation true biodrones as well as advancing research and study into the potential for cybernetically augmented guard animals. The main focus of this group was primarily to attempt to properly train and control paracritters as well as study the effects of cybernetics upon awakened animals. The group was made up of several ex intelligence agents specializing in programing and deprogramming humans for black ops missions, numerous biologists, parazoologists, trained handlers, cybernetic specialists, cybernetics engineers and simsense experts and programmers.

Over the years they managed to bring about a number of breakthroughs, sometimes with assistance from information gleamed from competitors through the use of both in house and external shadow assets. By 2070 they had even managed to bring about a reasonable measure of success in some awakened species and biodrone research. Indeed in another 10-20 years time it was expected that new control methods would bear fruit on a number of methods on a sufficiently large and economical scale to make it economically feasible to deploy such assets to any and all high sensitivity level sites.

Awakened critters however, like metahumans reacted rather negatively towards cybernetic methods of augmentation and control. Shapeshifters for example could quickly loose the ability to transform if augmented too heavily (not to mention loose their awakened abilities that made them so useful). Even then unless the augmentations were delta grade their bodies would simply absorb the augmentations. Even then the moment they shifted the augmentations would be 'absorbed' until they shifted back. As such alternate methods were expected to be explored, and with the growing sophistication of simsense, PAB units and other similar systems a breakthrough was arguably inevitable.

So in may of 2070 89SJX7-CV3; also known as Test Variant 89 - Shapeshifter (Jaguar species) Experiment 7 - Control Group Violet: Subject 3 - Hence forth referred to as 'Mouser' finally began to bear fruit of years of research. Mouser specifically was a name chosen by Subject 3's handlers due to his apt ability to chase down and 'kill' both live test subjects (Mainly mice and rats) as well as small drones in his formative years. Mouser was born and raise in captivity, independent of other members of his species. This was deemed as having the best chance to properly instill the necessary familiarity with metahuman handlers as well as properly allow programming to begin in the crucial formative years. Shapeshifters unlike metahumans mature just as quickly as their non awakened species and therefore makes early training even more crucial than in metahuman children.

Training was a mix of vocal obedience training combined with and reinforced by hot simsense based training that was possible through the advancement of simsense and nanotechnology. To better allow integration with human handlers and due to a shapeshifters ability to assume human (And in the case of rare individuals some other metahuman variant) form, Mouser was brought up to accept corporate metahuman culture. However given his animalistic instincts as well as the desire to keep him as a pliable guard animal efforts in this regard only went so far as to ensure that he had at least a basic grasp of how to deal with others, as well as how to use and recognize current and emerging every day technological devices and weaponry.

Once obedience training had been deemed sufficient the project lead decided to go a step further and see if Mouser could in fact be trained not only to be a guard animal, but also a potential shadow asset. As a result he was given basic infiltration and firearms training. However he seemed to have severe difficulties in understanding how to proper use firearms though he started to show some promise with handguns and as such further attempts at training were deemed as being desirable. Where he excelled however was in close quarters combat. Specifically he responded well to several forms of hand to hand combat training as well as showing what seemed to be a certain level of natural affinity for bladed weaponry.

Several issues with Mouser however, must be noted. First and foremost he is beginning to show some signs of resistance to mental programming. This is the most alarming and important issue. Further study is not only advised, but absolutely required for further success of this program. Secondly; Mouser has shown a tendency to be reluctant to draw back from combat when ordered to do so. This has been theorized to be the result of slightly excessive aggression training. On the positive side he has shown himself to be quite eager at engaging in the more dangerous experiments when we have run him through simulated infiltrations of enemy installations including the use of low powered lethal ammunition.

Unfortunately the other members of control group Violet have not fared so well. It is suggested that Subjects 1, 4, 5, 6 and 9 be liquidated and the remaining test subjects of control group Violet be reassigned for proper field testing. Mouser appears to be particularly suited towards the theorized Project Kipplan. It is suggested however that if Project Kipplan is authorized; that Mouser be given further reinforcement on training to aid in tracking his actions.




Mouser couldn't remember how he got into the shadows, or even who he was. Indeed when he initially woke up he had found himself in a dingy apartment with a rather.. interesting assortment of contents. He knew, as he went through all the things that they were his. He didn't know why they were his, or how he'd obtained them, but he knew them intimately. All his weapons were clearly fitted to suit his hands just so. So too had his armour, including the suit of heavy milspec he'd found in a locker in the closet. He'd even found a set of licenses and a SIN claiming he was a Charles McCarthy. However a note next to the SIN information also clearly stated that this had all been faked by his 'friend' as a return for a favour. Who this 'friend' was though he hadn't the slightest damn clue.

He did however have a second message asking him if he was available for a job. It would pay his usual rate and include a sufficiently large initial advance to pay his bills for a few months at least and then some. The message had also been addressed to 'Mouser'. This in turn matched the name stamped upon the shiny chrome plate at the front of a leather collar about his neck. It also seemed to match up with the name of the person addressed in any correspondence that didn't seem to be directed towards the apparently fake identity of 'Charles McCarthy'. It took him some time to go about the apartment though he found himself oddly familiar with everything, and yet not. The contents of the fridge, well stocked as it was with various cheap foods was also unknown to him, yet apparently clearly suited to his personal tastes.

Eventually, without a clue of what else to do, he simply accepted the job.

A year later he was still running the shadows, he'd even managed to finally make a good solid friend in the form of Zack Wilds. A rather.. interesting and colorful character to say the least. However they had worked well together but it had been the first indicator that there was apparently a price on his head. Indeed, that there were several contracts out for him. Why these people wanted him, he had no clue. That his first contact had apparently been friendly at least helped, but he couldn't help but feel a mild sense of paranoia about the whole matter. In the end, he decided there wasn't too much point in worrying about it. The hunters would come, or they would not. If they did, he was prepared, or so he believed.

But now the jobs were drying up, and along with it his money. Money was important, it was important to the metahumans. For some reason it was important to him too. And so eventually, when he called Zack out of desperation for work, Zack had told him he'd do what he could, and like any good friend pulled through a little under a week later. There was a job, he didn't know what it would pay, but it was better than nothing. Doubly so for some one who was a shifter, and as such couldn't legally work anywhere. Indeed in the UCAS he was just an animal with no more rights than some one's pet dog. And so Mouser said he would go.

At least it offered the chance for some excitement...

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Another build for Mist, opinions?

Mist build 2

Magical Covert Ops Specialist

(Drain Resistance is Willpower+Intuition)


Body 3

Agility 4

Reaction 4

Strength 1

Charisma 3

Intuition 5

Logic 2

Willpower 3

Edge 2

Magic 5


Pistols (Dartgun) 4

Locksmith 2

Influence 2

Stealth 4

Escape Artist 2

Perception 4

Computer 1

Spellcasting 6

Counterspelling (Combat spells) 2


Astral Chameleon



Sensitive System

Allergy (Moderate, Silver)

Incompetent (Forgery)


Parashield Dart Pistol (Injection darts with Gamma-Scopolamine and Narcojet; Silencer; Internal Smartgun; Concealable Holster)

Armor Jacket

Fake SIN (Rating 4)

Fake License (Dartgun, Rating 4)

Glasses (Rating 3; Ultrasound; image link; smartlink)

Plasteel Restraints

Autopicker (Rating 6)

Grapple Gun (With stealth rope and catalyst stick)

AR Gloves




Detect Life

Detect Life, Extended

Mind Probe

Improved Invisibility



Alter Memory



2/2 Fixer

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First, Incompetent (Forgery) is not acceptable. A flaw has to have a real chance of affecting you for you to take it. I have problems with giving free points to players, and allowing a flaw like this would, in my book, count as such. I have allowed some versions of incompetent to be taken, but being unable to forge your own fake ID's and such is not below the norm, it is the norm. The vast majority of runners have no appreciable skill in that.

Sensitive system is specifically prohibited to mage characters in the recruitment thread unless you take cyberware and/or bioware, for the same reason.

AR Gloves are useless for the same reason as there are no commlinks. The second matrix Crash resulted in the entire infrastructure of the matrix needing to be rebuilt. The upgrades that occurred at this time are what made augmented reality possible. An option for you, though, is to keep the same cost and have your goggles be capable of limited interaction with the matrix by connecting to a hard point with a cable. Any decker or even a person using a trode rig will be able to tell that you aren't actually jacked in, and you will be unable to break through IC(intrusion countermeasures), but it will let you look things up online, communicate through the matrix, etc.

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I'm not sure if you're a stickler for this Wyrd, but I noticed that nearly all of your Shadowrunners don't own Commlinks. How do they access their day-to-day lives? Where are they putting all their fake SINs? How does the Rigger actually maintain a network of vehicles and drones?

A commlink is like their wallet, it carries their life in it, fake or not, and without it they can't even make regular transactions at a Stuffer Shack to buy a burrito.

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As I've said elsewhere, one of the themes I want to work with in this game is all of the massive changes the world goes through in this decade. Starting before those changes means that commlinks are not ubiquitous, they are not the wireless focal point of a character's life. Decks are still about the size of a keyboard, and regulated, at least at the level of power a decker would want.

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There is a lot of intercharacter stress going on right now, and I wanted to address that here.

I understand that each of you has in character reasons for your actions and attitudes. I'm not asking you to act out of character. I do feel that if we can get past this first real run together, you'll be able to work together, and ask that you give it at least that much time. If nothing else, you've agreed to the contract, so backing out now would really hurt your rep, though, admittedly, sometimes you do need to know when to just walk away. If, at the end of this time, you still feel that, in character, your characters would not choose to continue to work with Essa, I'll ask LL to write a different character. She knew from the beginning that her character might not be workable depending on how the other players responded to her, and I do not wish to push any of you into doing things that you don't want your characters to do.

On the other hand, I have several players wanting to join with the next run, which makes introducing a new character for LL easy if it turns out to be necessary, but there are so many opportunities for good plot hooks built into her character that I would like Essa to stay with us if that isn't asking too much. For one things, i recommend to LL that she use some of her karma to raise her English skill a little to reduce the miscommunications.

As a GM, I want to work with all of my players, but I know that sometimes a concept just doesn't fly.

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I think that part of the problem is the difference between a tt game and a pbp game - I've played a character similar to Essa in a tt game and she worked well - but the inherent differences in pbp might make her unplayable. I will respect everyone's wishes and if Essa can't work I will have her run back into the wilds.

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It's just a combination of things that are weird. The fact she's 14 - which I hadn't realized - that she can barely speak English, and now throwing a strop over getting into a van and not being remotely able to verbalise why she doesn't want to.

It doesn't shriek 'this person will have my back in a firefight'. It's true that you have more time in TT to explain things, but I can't see how those combinations of factors leads to 'person who belongs running the shadows' in the eyes of anyone but her. I'd have thought any half-humane runner would be thinking 'she's too young for this' and a hardhearted one is just going to see a walking liability and/or disaster waiting to happen.

I was sort of expecting Asa to vouch for her but that hasn't happened yet. In fact, far from it, they got into an argument in public and she ignored him, AND he directly said 'maybe you're not ready if you can't handle this'. Well, he said that and she can't handle it, so what does that mean?

It's not that I think she's unworkable, it's just that after witnessing that argument outside the club, I can't fathom why Jaleena wouldn't put this up to bad karma and wait for a running team that can handle getting into a van without an argument. There's literally nothing in that exchange to inspire confidence in Essa's abilities. I don't know, am I being unreasonable or is that a fair read for what happened there?

How did you get round the age issues in TT? Or were all the other characters fine with a kid in the group? Or did they know her by reputation or something?

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No one actually questioned her age in tt - they knew it - but it didn't bother them. I do agree her lack of english makes things difficult. In tt you get expressions and gestures to get communication across that you don't have here. When it comes to it, she considers herself full grown because the wolves to - and to be fair though in modern society 14 is still young - history is full of instances in which 14 was an adult - people got married - had their own farms - some even led armies.

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