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Aberrant: Children of Quantum Fire - Character - Alexandra "Genesis" Hart


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Name: Alexandra "Genesis" Hart

Nature: Architect

Theme: Matter creation and control


Strength **

Dexterity *****

Stamina *****

Charisma **

Manipulation **

Appearance ***

Intelligence ***** ***

Perception *****

Wits ***** **

Mega Attributes

Strength *

- Stunning Blow

Dexterity *

- Accuracy

Stamina *****

- Regeneration

- Hardbody

- Adaptation

- Unaging

- Health

Appearance ***

- Appearance Alteration

- Copycat

Intelligence ***** ***

- Mathematic Savant

- Engineering Prodigy

- Science Prodigy

- Analyze Weakness

- Discerning Mind

- Eidetic Memory

- Fast Learner

Perception *****

- Quantum Attunement

- High End EM Scan

- Hyper-enhanced Hearing

- Holographic Awareness

- EM Vision

Wits ***** **

- Enhanced initiative

- Quickness

- Hypercognition

- Lie Detector


Drive **

Awareness ****

Science *****

Firearms ***

Academics ***

Linguistics ***

- Spanish

- Japanese

- Latin

Medicine *****

Computing ****

Engineering *****


Resources **** (Genesis can create material wealth at will, though the cost of doing so permanently means she doesn't indulge as much as she might otherwise)

Cipher ***** (Genesis has used her ability to interface with computer networks and her prodigious mental speed and skills to erase the few records that existed of not only her, but her parents and other leads to her existence as well)

Node ***** ***** (During apotheosis, Alexandra altered her physical structure and incorporated farahcyte-equivalents distributed throughout her new body, making her entire being one mega-node)

Attunement ** (Alex has learned to control her quantum signature, extending it into objects)


Material Creation (Create Matter ***** ***)

- Extras: Reduced Quantum Cost

Molecular Shifting (Molecular Manipulation ***** ***)

- Techniques: Molecular Alteration, Shape Alteration, Second Skin, Destroy, Animation

- Extras: Reduced Quantum Cost

Molecular Reconfiguration (Molecular Authority ****)

- Note: Uses Intelligence on rolls not Manipulation due to certain alterations to the nature of the power.

Mechanical Integration (Incorporation ***** ***)

- Extras: Synthesize Ammo, Reduced Quantum Cost

Technokinesis (Elemental Mastery: Technokinesis ***** ***)

- Techniques: Immobilize, Lethal Blast, Sphere, Propel, Nonlethal Blast, (3 more)

- Extras: Reduced Quantum Cost

Nanotech Restructuring (Shapeshifting **)

- Limitation: mechanical/metal forms only

Computation Synergy (Cyberkinesis **)

- Techniques: Alter Data, Reprogram

Invulnerability - Biological Effects (****)

Sentient Quantum Energy Pattern (Immortality *)

Reinforced Structure (Armor ****)

- Extras: Extra-Heavy

Body Modification

- Dispersed Organs x2 (interlocking Nanotech Bio-mechanical structure)

- 2 extra Maimed health level

Psi Shield ****

Other (Initiative, Willpower, Quantum, etc)

Willpower: ***** **

Quantum: ***** ***

Quantum Pool: 75/75

Taint: NA

Initiative: 23

Soak: 22B/17L

Walk: Run: Sprint: Fly: 44m/rnd, 350kph


ADD - Genesis' mind works at such speeds that she gets bored over short periods of time.

Eufiber Incompatibility - Genesis is no longer an organic "living" being, and eufiber cannot symbiotically bind to her body.

Anima Banner - When Genesis uses her powers, there are often subconscious manifestations that appear around her as well. These are typically very short-lived, but can be distracting.


Alexandra is the daughter of a well-known pair of novas. A shapeshifter named Nora, and an inventor/genius named Clark, but who goes by the 'nova name' of Clockwork. They started out as sterile as any other nova couple, but as they aged Nora experienced a 'second eruption' event that reconfigured her body. This event had the effect of curing the sterility protocol within her, and making her even fertile enough to overcome its presence in Clockwork. Fortunately, having a baby without involving medical technology is greatly eased for one able to change the shape of her body, and Alexandra was born in secret and hidden away.

Alexandra wanted for nothing material as she grew up. Her parents were wealthy, and between her mother's disguises and her father's gadgets, they had nearly infinite means. What she lacked were friends. Though Nora could change her form and take Alex out for walks, it wasn't a deception that could endure any official scrutiny. And while Alexandra's mind matured quickly enough to understand the dangers and the reasons why, no amount of understanding could make the isolation feel all right. She collected dolls and other lifelike toys to keep her company, and it was in pursuit of ways to make these toys more lifelike that her powers blossomed. Even so, no amount of robot companions could really cure the loneliness.

By means of relentless eavesdropping, Alexandra knew her parents were afraid...and not just because of her. Her father was working on a new project, one that was attracting unwelcome attention from important people...from Project Utopia to the lowlifes of Japanese criminals. And with that attention to their work came attention to their private lives, as ghostly eyes and ears searched for weaknesses to exploit.

One night she was awakened by her father, who told her to get dressed, get some things together and come with him. He took her downstairs to where a strange man she'd never met before waited. She was to go with him, her father and mother said. He'd take her someplace safe, someplace where no one would find her. She couldn't stay at home anymore.

Alex and the man didn't exchange a word as they drove out into the night. That seemed to suit him fine, as he didn't stay with her either. He drove her to a small cabin in the deep woods, handed her a letter, and left her. The letter, from her father, explained in more detail that he'd gotten a tip that Utopia had a warrant to search the house for his 'other' lab, and that if they found her neither she nor her parents would be safe. He promised that the house would be safe, and kept stocked with food. He then urged her to practice with her powers...something that secrecy had long made difficult. Now, in the middle of nowhere, she could create anything she wanted, no matter how huge, or how loud.

Alone again, Alexandra sought solace in doing exactly that. Her rage took shape in the form of powerful weaponry that tore trees and rocks apart. She experimented with protection as well, studying steel and other metals, and experimenting with different combinations.

The Traveler came for her at the cabin. His message was urgent, if not emergency; She had to leave again. They'd finally tracked down the trail and would be coming. How wasn't important now, and why was too big to work with. Again she had to pack. Again she had to go. So she did.

But while situation hasn't changed, Alex herself has. How much, and how much farther she has to go, remain to be seen.

Traveler came for her: At 12 Years old

Experience Spending


New Ability: Medicine 1

Medicine 2nd dot: 1

Medicine 3rd dot: 2

Medicine 4rth dot: 3

Medicine 5th dot: 4


New Enhancement: Eidetic Memory 3

New Enhancement: Fast Learner 3

New Tier 1 Power: Psi Shield 2

2nd dot psi shield 2


Willpower 7 6

3rd dot Psi shield 4

4th dot psi shield 6

2nd dot Shapeshift 5


Standard Baseline Nova

1 0 1

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