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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Monster Academy - Not So Alone in a Strange World...

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In the days following His and Delilah's consummation of their status, Kyohei found himself remembering more and more of what his life had been. The good memories he'd told Yuuki of were there, as were those of his intensive martial arts training.

Those weren't an issue in the slightest. It was the others though that made him edgy. He remembered running through the woods, chasing down an evil spirit, cornering it and dispersing it with the techniques his grandfather taught him.

He remembered chasing a feline looking demon over the rooftops, with Karona running at his side. The two of them coursed the feline like hounds, finally herding it into Haruka's trap, and watching as it was removed from the human world.

He remembered Aoi, her white resplendent wings unfurled as she slew the renegade draon that had been terrorizing a small town north of Tokyo, as he and his siblings watched.

He remembered the hunts against many demons, oni, trolls, virtually every sort of monster he now called a member of a friend.

He sought out the only other person with human blood he knew of on Campus, finding his way to Skye's room and Knocking politely. "Skye, It's Kyohei, I need to talk to you."

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Skye was a little distracted when Kyohei came knocking. She was staring at the note in her hands, fighting off hysterical laughter. Of all the possible reactions to her dating Kuromaru, this was not the one she’d foreseen.

At the knock, she rose from her bed and opened the door. Kyohei looked around, an eyebrow rising when he saw the obviously empty other half of the room. “I thought they didn’t have room for any more girls,” he said leadingly.

“They don’t, I’m getting traded,” Skye grumbled.

“Your roommate is moving out?” he asked.

“Yeah she found someone to trade with,” Skye said, flopping down on her bed. Her skirt flounced with the movement, but somehow managed to not flash him. It was definitely an art. “I dunno who yet.”

“Why?” Kyohei asked, taking his own seat on the bare mattress on the cleaned out side of the room.

“She’s scared of ‘offending me’ unintentionally,” Skye groused. “I didn’t even know she was hengeyokai!”

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"Well, more room for you then isn't there?"

He smiled. "Are things going alright between the two of you?" His tone was inquisitive, but not invasive.

He looked around, noting how spartan the whole room seemed. "You might want to talk to Yuuki, she could get you a nice plant to accent your room. I know it's made our dorm room much better so far."

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“Yeah, I think I’m getting another roommate, and I should wait until I know what they are. I think it sends the wrong kind of message to have wolfsbane if I end up with a werewolf roommate or something,” Skye sighed. “Unless she pees on my stuff, and then totally. Besides, I don’t know Yuuki well enough to impose yet.”

She picked some lint off her skirt and jacket as she said, “Kurosoroshiimaru and I are fine, thanks for asking.” Skye paused, not looking at Kyohei. “Alright, I’ll be nice. How are things with you and Delilah?”

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"If she pees on your stuff, you're more than entitled, though with your boyfriend, I doubt you'll have to worry about such a thing. As for Delilah and I, we're good, though it's going to be more complicated I believe."

He shook his head. "I've remembered alot of things in the last few days. I tried to ignore them as nightmares, but it's to vivid, and I needed to tell someone."

He looked at her. "I come from a family of monster hunters. It turns out I'm not half as innocent as everyone, myself included thought."

"I was one just like all my siblings. I hunted and slew various types of Yokai without thought, doing the duty of a member of my family. Though I'm not an angel like my sisters, I trained hard to be of some use. I spent most of my life killing the same sort of people that now comprise most of my circle of friends Skye. Since you've got a little more experience with the situation than i do, I thought you might have some advice."

His voice was low enough that it wouldn't carry far, just within her room. "I don't like to impose, but for the first time since I have come here I'm actually afraid. Sure it's logical to think I was one, but to find the truth, and realize just what i've done, it's been a pretty big downer."

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Skye was quiet for a moment. "I don't know that I have advice to give," she confessed, her blue eyes troubled. "I feel like schiesse some days because I'm dating a yokai. It'd be so much easier if I could have kept those walls up, but I don't want to. I like Kuromaru. He's my first boyfriend. When I'm with him, everything is better. I dunno how to describe it - just better."

She sighed and picked at more lint, almost obsessively. "But when I'm not with him, I feel bad about it. I haven't really killed many demons. Mom sheltered me more than you family did, but again, it was just Mom and Grandmother and you had your entire family. Then Grandma died and it was just Mom... she was really careful after that.

"I don't know what we're to do, Kyohei." Skye looked sad. "At least it's natural for Delilah to be with a guy." She sighed. "I think there's going to be trouble with Kurosoroshiimaru being with someone like me."

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"You and me both. He is the heir of of Yokai Lord. You are heir to a proud Angel family, even if you are a halfblood."

He looked at her. "No disrespect meant. I cannot even say that much for myself. I have only my training to rely upon. I have no innate powers like you or any of our friends."

He nodded. "For the record I feel the same way about Delilah. Being with her feels right." He shrugged. "They've all been nothing but kind to me since I got here, and I have to tell them this now. Some of them lost parents, siblings, other family and maybe friends to hunters, and now I go from being a regular human, to a former hunter with Angels for sisters who would like nothing more than to kill them all. I wasn't sheltered at all. I was trained harder, because it was the only way I'd live."

He leaned back against the wall. "Don't feel bad about it Skye. The more you fight it, the harder you make it, on you and him both. I promise you this though, I'll stand with you and him against whatever you might face."

"I am glad you're with him though. You smile more now, and if you forgive me for being too forward, you have a beautiful smile. I'm sure that your parents would want you to be happy and smile."

"This school is to teach Yokai how to be a constructive part of human society, yet there's no humans here, aside you and I. A few of the Yokai are excellent at it. Aside from when she gets startled, Miss Nekomone is great at it, and one of the nicest people I've met. Lilith has been among humans since we began to walk this world."

He shook his head. "I'm rambling."

"Just as you cannot judge humanity as a whole based on an individual, it's the same for Yokai. Many of them are good people, even if they don't fit the definition of "people" we grew up with."

"Listen to me, I'm giving advice when I came to get it."

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"That's probably because I have no advice to give," Skye said softly. "I'm just as lost in all of this as you, Kyohei. We're both feeling our way though this."

She was quiet for a moment before she asked the one thing that had really been bugging her. "Kyohei... how can your sisters be angels and you human? I mean, I thought my genetics were screwed up, but yours kinda baffles even me."

Her words could be taken as harsh, but her expression was guileless. She didn't mean what she said in a bad way; she was just talking, even teasing a little.

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"I don't know. I'm willing to bet you weren't born with wings though..." He smiled.

"I really can't answer. My earliest memories of my sisters and I, they all have wings, and I didn't. I remember when I was young, Aoi only had three sets, now she has eight. I remember asking my grandpa, and he told me when the time was right, I would be what I was meant to be."

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