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Star Wars: The New Sith Empire - Episode 2a: Forks in the Road

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Layel stared ahead at the gunner's controls, regretting his decision to fill in at the Jedi's ship. But only briefly, as emotionless eyes tracked the movements of an oncoming TIE fighter. These fighters were fast and many, but as the speed in the world helps for frak against a good gunner... he fired away.

Click to reveal..
Move Action to power up the weapons:

Standard Action to fire at an oncoming TIE: Attack Bonus 7 + Ship Bonus 5 + Synergy Bonus 2 for 5 ranks of Pilot = +14.


Damage Jeremy *rolls* 5d10: 9+3+5+1+5: 23 x 2 = 46

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Akira follows Dari, calmly but hustling out of necessity as they move to their battle stations.

As Dari settles into the controls of one gun turret, the Padawan climbs into the control seat for the other turret. "Milady, I suggest we concentrate our fire on the incoming fighters, one at a time. I will try to follow up your hits with ones of my own."

2 Move Actions to get into position at the second gun turret
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