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"Katya... where are you..." Sakurako thinks to herself, tapping her foot on the pavement at Shinjuku station in front of the statue of Hachiko the dog. Usually Sakurako's patient, but with this crowd, mostly staring at the new nova out and about, she's starting to draw attention. "Feel like I'm drawing flies..." She says, nervously straightening out her outfit.

Sakurako checks her ViaPad. It's still early by a minute or two and so far the subways are running with a variance of + or - 1 second. But it's a busy day, and the crowd keeps moving. She sits at a open spot at a bench next to a couple of girls. Probably waiting for their boyfriends or some of their other friends. She sighs looking up. "I really spend too much time at the computer..." She whispers to herself. She pokes through some OpNet postings, discretely enough to not show where she's looking to tip off some Nova obsessed otaku to the location of the site...

"Let's see... Another new nova... Cardiff, Wales... New profile from Japan... bloody hell another Kitsune... More chatter in the newbie threads... WhiteRain is being more chatty... Just another day in the world of the nodesparks." She mumbles.

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If you're wondering what Sakurako's wearing, she's wearing her business outfit in the profile picture.
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Just as the hour turned, there was a flash of light in front of the statue of Hachiko the Dog, which snapped open into a portal of writhing black and emerald light. A moment later, a young woman stepped through, impishly glamorous and gorgeous, sophisticated and sensual, her heels clicking sharply on the pavement.

Dressed in a stylish, deep teal skirt suit that ended well aboce the knees and revealed a tantalizing hint of cleavage, there was no denying that Katya was more than a mere baseline, if not a particularly well-known Nova. It was proclaimed in her flawless sculpted features and impressive presence, the smooth grace of her slender, curvaceous figure that betrayed a tireless strength, and her intense emerald eyes that glowed with perceptive intelligence and wit.

The playful curve to her lips widened as she noticed the attention she was garnering, but she dismissed it with a casual ease and a graceful wave of acknowledgment. There was something in the tilt of her chin or the way she carried herself that prevented the gawking onlookers from doing anything more than looking as she sashayed toward the pink-haired woman sitting on a park bench.

"Ah, it's a pleasure to finally meet you, Sakurako," Katya said in perfect Japanese, flavoured with a hint of her native Russian accent. She easily pulled her boyfriend's sister to her feet, giving her a hug and a kiss on either cheek in a Slavic greeting. The casual, friendly contact seemed more... tactile, more intimate under Katya's superhuman touch.

Her lips curled into a teasing grin. "I was beginning to doubt Ryu's claims that he has a twin sister."

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Wearing something like a sexier version of this:


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Sakurako stands up and brushes a couple locks of her light pink hair. (Speaks in Japanese) "Sometimes the relationship is more Mother and Son at times. You don't know how many times I've had to help him keep focus.

I am indeed Sakurako Hideyoshi... It seems that I am at a loss to your appearance. I... didn't realize up close you were this much of a... conversation piece."

She says, in perfect russian while extending her hand; Hello, and well met, Katya."

She clears her throat before speaking in a clear, well spoken Japanese. "Trust me, speaking in Russian is just one of my talents. If I really wanted to toss you for a loop, I'd have spoken in Latin." She quips with a wink.

For someone with the seeming awkwardness of a nerd, she doesn't look the part. Then again, if cute was someone's moe obsession, they'd be interested in a heartbeat.

"Oh, just thought of a great idea." Sakurako says. "Let's head somewhere to eat. My stomach is about to start growling something fierce! I know of a good restaurant that has a good mix of western and Japanese food. My treat."

Katya agrees, nodding. "I figured you'd want to do that, so I had a light breakfast." She says, taking Sakurako's hand. "Eating and drinking has become a purely social event for me, these days. Lead on."

"Then it's settled. It's only a few blocks down this way." She says as she points down the bustling streets.

The two start making their way along the sidewalks, noticing just a bit down the way the crowd is more packed than usual. "I wonder what's going on there... alot of people..."

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The crowd gathers quickly ahead of the two novas casually strolling down the street as they pause for a moment noticing the usual sudden gathering. The sight of smoke rises above the crowd and then soon the smell of brunt rubber and smoke is carried upon the wind towards them clearly an accident having taken place in the street. The crowd backs up a little bit as some people climb on things to get a better view of the car cash drawing even more attention by the minute. The sound of sirens off the distance can be heard rushing towards the scene as some by standards gasp and gawk.

“Is that a person in there?!”


“Oh my god their gonna die! Someone help them!”

“Look there! Help him!”

One of the drivers stumbles out of their car falling to the ground as several people rush forward braving the heat and flames that are engulfing the two cars. A couple men try to open the other drives car door finding it jammed and unable to open as the smoke billows outwards forcing them to back away or become over come by smoke leaving the unconscious driver to their fate.

Aki happened to see the accident occur by fate or chance while she was out seeking some supplies to restore old documents and scripts. The crowds gathering and attention was easily upon the accident in the street providing her the moment she needed to slip quietly into an alley way behind the crowd. Ensuring no prying eyes were upon her she quickly changed into her nova form with a soft sigh of relief.

Aki turned her attention now upon the accident that the crowd was watching so intently. They failed to notice her approaching from behind casually walking. Her eyes gleamed a little as her solid form suddenly became transparent in a almost ghost like appearance. She casually walked right though the crowd startling a good number of people whom she passed though causing a nice wake behind her. The crowd was torn between the spirit looking creature walking towards the unconscious driver trapped in his vehicle and the flames about to engulf the helpless victim.

Aki's form slowly become solid once again before the eyes of the crowd. She stood there for a moment in between the crowd and flames in her lavish white kimono. Her four fox tails swayed behind her while her fox ears swiveled catching the whisper murmurs on the crowds lips. A slight smile came to her lips as some called her a spirit others a oni. She couldn't help but to chuckle softly to herself as those silvery fox eyes focused upon the flames seeking to end the life of the man trapped within the car. Her arms stretched towards the flames as the smoke suddenly and abruptly stopped. At the same time the flames came to her beckoning flowing around her hands dancing around her finger tips before flowing like a small river down her arms over her kimono to her four tails.

The two fiery trails split into four as each trail seeks out a tail and then quickly takes the shape of a softball sized sphere as the color starts off as a dull orange but soon ends with a fiery white color. The fiery orbs slowly dance, swirl and weave in between her swaying tails. The two cars now smolder as the flame itself is contained. Her attention falls upon the driver going to his aid taking time to check his pulse. Her eyes slightly widen realizing his pulse is quickly fading she closes her eyes with a soft growl as a glow rose from her hand and then the man suddenly lurched forward gasping for air. A warm smile played across her short muzzle and nodded whispering something to him as he just stared wide eyed towards her and nodded the look of fear and awe on his face was clearly seen.

Aki attention soon was drawn up the street sensing two strong presences near by. A slight smirk plays across her muzzle taking a few steps away from the wreck ensuring the safety of the crowd and accident victim. The orbs dancing around her tails suddenly erupted engulfing her form in a fiery display of self immolation blinding the on-lookers briefly while she used her ability to quickly slip though the crowd into the back ally way once again. Thus leaving the crowd to be creative with new rumors that will be bound to fly. A part of her really enjoyed it deep down in a strange way.

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"Everyone! Clear the way!" Sakurako shouts, trying to snap the crowd out of their awe over the display the unknown Nova had left them in. "The EMS teams are on their way, they'll need space, MOVE!"

Sakurako rushes to the victims of the car crash. "Katya, stay over there, I know first aid, just try to keep the crowds away from the cars, who knows if the fires will return."

"Everyone alright?" Sakurako asks the victims near the two wrecked cars. "Yes, I'm fine" The first individual stated, moving as best she can towards the curb. The other individual the unknown nova helped still sits on the street... "My word... I never knew... never knew."

"Knew what, sir... stay calm and lie down. Help's almost here."

"She saved me, that spirit did, by the kami."

Sakurako looks the man over, seeing alot of the areas where there should be wounds have closed, but the totality of his injuries weren't healed. A medic will have to make sure he's fine. "The Paramedics will arrive soon. You don't seem in danger for now."

"I know. I was about to die, but she..."

"I know, sir, just stay there.... Katya! Let's go." Sakurako says, walking over to Katya. She whispers when she's almost at Katya's ear. "I know where she went... I think she deserves a meal for her efforts at least... I have a suspicion of who she is, and while I can't sense her, I can see there's some light over that way... she used an illusion to fool everyone, but she needs someplace to actually be rid of that fire she molded. She went down that alley I'm looking down. Be on guard in case she doesn't take kindly to us."

Sakurako looks about the crowd, who are more interested in talking with each other about the Kitsune that was in their midst than a pink haired nerdy nova, and her nova pinup of the year candidate companion.

"We should abscond before the crowd's attention shifts." Sakurako says, nodding her head towards said alleyway, the glow from the captured fire slowly flickering down the way.

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Feeling a mild pang of sympathy for Jason - a car accident had killed her brother and nearly ended her, his then, life - Katya gave Sakurako a nod as she calmly went to address the crowd. With superhuman charm and poise, she was easily able to subdue the panicking crowd.

Seeing Sakurako was done with her examination of drivers, one of whom was still trapped in his vehicle, though otherwise seemed fine, Katya deftly got the crowd focusing more on the crowd and the evident Kitsune than on the other two Novas on the seen. Then she walked over, meeting the adorable pink-haired girl have way.

Katya's lips curved with an admiring smirk as she listened to Sakurako's suspicions. "I can faintly feel the extra heat wafting from that direction too. The foxy lady certainly has a fine sense of the dramatic, doesn't she? A meal at the least. Just a moment, I can add a little help of my own before we go."

Katya approached the accident, offering her own smooth assurances to the trapped driver as she surreptitiously gripped the deformed door and with surprising strength, pulled it enough to open. The she strutted back to Sakurako, linking arms with her as she they headed into the alleyway.

Vivid green eyes easily piercing the gloom in the alleyway, Katya called out in a directed whisper. "Such a deft trick with such good results deserves a rewards, don't you think? Or at least, a meal and a drink on us."

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"Yes... but you should have left that man there for the emergency services to take care of. I don't think we knew the extent our mysterious, multi-tailed heroine's healing of his injuries."

Sakurako straightens out her suit as she walks ahead, but only by a little bit. "Not to be too critical though. I guess it may have been considered rude that I left him in there... This is working out to be an interesting day so far... Meeting my brother's girlfriend, running into a Nova who's just joined that one opnet site where Novas seem to be congregating lately... Very interesting."

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It was not long before she noticed the presence from before now following a little ways behind her. Her ears laid back just a little as she looked over her shoulder in the direction she came. They seamed to be in no hurry casually following a distance behind but out still of sight. Her eyes then fell upon the fiery orbs dancing with in her tails as they lept away onto the ground quickly changing from into small little fiery looking foxes.

"Now... Lets see whom my hunters are." A sly grin plays across her muzzle as she walks over to a near by dumpster and stands right next to it. She takes a few moments to examine the dumpster before she begins to fade from existence. Then in her place a second dumpster materializes looking much like the first but different enough not to cause suspicions.

The four fiery fox looking flames stand in the middle of the alley way awaiting the arrival of those whom are following.

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Sakurako walks down the alley and sees the light of the 4 firefoxes standing at guard. Noting Katya's location, she turns her head to her. "Okay... I think our heroine is observing us as much as we wanna find her..." She whispers.

"Excuse me, miss? Um... Hi... Uh, I thought I'd like to thank you for helping those motorists out." Sakurako states, earnestly but meekly. Being social isn't her forte. "I know those firefoxes are close to expiring... you should properly extinguish those before you cause a problem."

Leave it to Sakurako to be careful though. "Maybe we can talk... I was thinking as a thank you... if you wanted to have some lunch... you know... to get to know you better..." She says out loud, making sure even though she's not sure where the elusive Kitsune-nova is hiding, yet is probably at a position to observe or listen.

"Katya, maybe you should introduce yourself..."

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Katya gave Sakurako a wry smile. "You didn't offer you own name, you know," she murmured, amused, before stepping forward and crouching slightly in front of the four foxes formed of flame.

She could feel the heat radiating from them. Her grin deepened, though she gave no other hint, as her superbly keen senses caught the faint thump-thump of a heartbeat belong to neither Sakurako nor herself.

"My, your certainly are cute," Katya said in slightly accented Japanese, her voice a velvety alto that tugged at ears almost irresistibly. "My name is Katya, and this is my friend Sakurako, my boyfriend's sister actually." She gestured gracefully over her shoulder at the adorable nerd-queen.

"We're both impressed with the generosity of your gifts you've shared with the injured drivers, and more, with your sense of... drama." Katya's grin turned playful and she tossed her head, pointing out of the alley, her hair glistening like a midnight waterfall. "Why don't you let us take you for lunch and drinks as a show of our appreciation and we can talk?" Her nose scrunched up. "It is rather... fragrant here."

The impish woman's tone, her inflections, even the way she held herself made her suggestion seem like a eminently reasonable one, friendly and persuasive without being overwhelming.

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Aki watched the two strange women approach the fiery fox looking flames as one in pink hair stepped forward and spoke. She listened carefully to this strange pink haired woman while watching her carefully trying to discern if what she claimed was true. The other woman then stepped forward and smiled in a sly way as she looked around and then spoke addressing herself and her friends names. The smooth nature and alluring voice seamed to tug at her ears sweetly. The fiery fox flames began to flicker and then soon the heat and light diminished leaving a small object smoldering in the place were the flames stood.

Something started to flicker to the right near the two dumpsters as one of them literally begun to fade from existence before there eyes. What stood in its place was a lovely looking fox lady standing roughly five feet tall and wearing a very elegant white kimono with sky blue trim that hugged her slim frame well. Her silvery eyes took a moment to glance over the ladies standing before her before she bowed politely and then spoke softly in Japanese.

“Greetings, it is a pleasure to meet you Sakurako-san and Katya-san.” She waited a moment before speaking again, “I am called Silvertalon, a keeper of lore and knowledge.” A soft chuckle rose from her lips, “So to speak.....”

“So it is your wish to talk with me and provide an offering?” Her ears perk a little as those four tails sway playfully behind her.

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Sakurako scratches behind her ear awkwardly, pushing back a lock of her hair. "Well if you put it like that." She says with a chuckle. "It's not an offering, but take it as you will. It's rare that I get to see the real face behind the name on the site. But I'm glad you're... amicable to accompanying us."

She stretches out a bit, adjusting her back. "Yes, My name is Sakurako. I was so interested in who you were that I had let it slip to at least state who I was." She says with a sigh. "You truely were impressive back there."

She looks towards Katya. "Speaking of Ryusei, perhaps I should let him in on the fun too. I'm practically feeding half of Tokyo as is." She says with a wink before pulling out her ViaPad from a large laptop-carrier bag. She taps a few points with her finger and interfaces with the OpNet with Skype.

"Ryusei... pick up, it's me... Want some lunch on me? Katya is with me with a new friend of ours. Interested?"

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Ryusei answered the phone, suprised. "Yeah, that's great. I just finished this term's research paper." He'd promised to go through school, and managed to get into correspondence courses mostly so his lifestyle wasn't altered much.

He got her coordinates from the phone app and smiled. He hung up and appeared behind her, chuckling. He was dressed casually and he smiled.

"You didn't mention a third nova coming to the get together."

He looked to Katya. "I didn't expect to see you in Japan." He moved over to her and slid a hand around her waist. "It's a most welcome and pleasant suprise."

Finally he turned to the other nova presence he felt. "It is nice to meet you..."

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"The Kitsune-form Nova is Silvertalon. She just saved some civilians over there that were involved in a car accident. I thought as a bit of a reward I'd treat her to lunch as well. As a thank you. I was intending of getting there myself, but with the fire there I would not have been much help to one of the victims. He would have burned to death if it wasn't for her."

She smiles. "As for Katya, I had thought of helping with that Charity event for Victoria, and we were going to talk over lunch at my favorite restaurant. You know, the one with the east-meets-west menus and the cold-war memorabilia. I think the spy speak-easy look was a nice touch..."

She sees everyone just staring at her. "Oh... was I rambling?"

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Silvertalon bowed before the new nova that just appeared a moment ago, but after she was introduced by Sakurako. Her eyes soon met with Ryusei's for a moment as she grinned in a faux like way as her four tails swayed. She indeed looked like a kitsune in all respects as she stood there in her lavish white kimono with sky blue trimming and of course four tails swaying behind her in a playful manner.

“It's a pleasure to meet you as well... Ryusei-san” She softly spoke recalling the name spoken over the phone just a moment ago.

Silvertalon's attention fell upon Sakurako “Oh? That sounds interesting I usually do not prowl around in shinjuku but I do pass though from time to time....”

A grin plays across her muzzle once again “Mmmm... I promise I will re-frame from gobble up any tasty souls or spirits I might take a fancy to while where out and about.” She sticks out her tongue clearly being playful in her own way.

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"My, you are a delight, aren't you, Silvertalon-san?" Katya said, amused by her adherence in playing up the Kitsune angle. Admittedly, Silvertalon's fur looked amazingly soft and silky, and Katya only resisted reaching out to stroke it by slipping an arm around Ryusei, her deft touch arousing all sorts of thoughts. "Though that fur must be a terrible nuisance to keep clean."

Katya turned her head, giving Ryusei a playful kiss on the lips, her heels bringing her up to nearly his height. "I was going to surprise you later, Ryu. I still have one more client to look after, but this was supposed to be an outing where I finally managed to meet your elusive sister."

Katya turned back to the other two women, a geek-goddess and a kitsune (who probably would also appeal to a large majority of the same demographic), an encouraging grin on her face. "Shall we get on our way to the restaurant girls? We can see where Sakurako can fit in the Charity - imagine, two Hideyoshis for auction! - and Silvertalon here can tell us how Tokyo managed to earn its very own Kitsune, if she's willing."

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“Why thank you.” She giggle softly with a slight flush.

“Mmmmm, indeed I do take good care of my fur and tending to it can be indeed tedious at times... Have you tried dry cleaning? No? What you get is a nice poofie multi-tailed foxy. Ahhh then again taking a normal bath tends to give you quite the wet dog smell mind you I am not a big fan of that.”

Silvertalon giggles a bit while an ever so sly but naughty grin creeping upon that muzzle of hers, “But... The best way I found to keep my fur oh so soft, clean and down right silky soft to the touch. Is a good ol fashion tongue bath you should try it some time it does wonders.”

She does her best to keep a straight face after saying that while rubbing her chin with her right hand hmmming softly, “Then again you humans don't have fur.... What a pitty you were not gifted by Inari as we have. But.... Then if you do I doubt I wanna know where.”

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Sakurako sighs. "Really playing the part now, aren't we..." She says starting to walk as her ViaPad beeps in her bag. "We have approximately 15 minutes before it's supposed to rain and I did want to get indoors before..."

The sound of low thunder pierces the din of the city, and the sound of people scattering on the main street can be heard as the rain moves in. "Bloody hell. Mental note Sakurako... trust your own forecasts."

She starts to move as her eufiber colony shifts it's form into a semi-transparent pink poncho over her business clothes, then tosses Ryusei a spare rain poncho she stuffed in her laptop bag. "Don't worry Ryusei, made sure it was black. Although it was funny the last time when I made you wear a pink one." She says with a wink. She pulls out another for Katya, holding it up. "I got one for you too if you require one. I figured that I might be a little off on when the rain was supposed to arrive. And I wager that Kimono of Sivertalon's is eufiber, so she'll not be of any need to keep dry."

"In any case... we should get moving, one way or another, I'm sure if Silvertalon gets too wet we'll get to know her scent very well after all." She says with a snicker.

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Katya waved off the proffered rain-poncha with a grateful smile. "Thanks, Sakurako, but there's no need. I have my own Swiss Army Dress."

She flicked a finger at her chest, her teal suit blazer flowing smoothing into a light, shin-length rain-coat with a voluminous hood. Katya arched a dark brow at the ViaPad Sakurako held in hands. "If you can show me a screen shot of the restaurant and give me a general direction and distance, I can just make us a Portal there, bypassing any possible olfactory or tempestuous assaults."

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Silvertalons ears drooped a little bit as the first drops of water started to come down as a sigh left her lips. “I hate rain...” She softly whined and then glared up at the sky.

“Your always trying to get me wet arn't you!” She shakes her fist at the sky while her body shimmers a little.

A quirky smile plays across her muzzle as the rain passed though her and onto the ground while she takes a moment to stretch out giving a casually looking over at the other three novas. “As much as you all love to stand in the rain and get soaked, I think we should get going... Don't you all agree?”

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Sakurako looks over to Silvertalon and sees her phase out. "Show off." Sakurako mutters. "Forgot you're a ghost." She says with a wink. She pulls out her ViaPad, after quickly slipping it in a waterproof covering, and starts working with it. A bit harder since the pad's covering is already getting wet and is slightly more slippery.

"Alright, Katya, just a moment here... I'll need an outside feed since there's no inner shots of the place, and even if I did the Manager wouldn't like us just appearing in coats and stuff. Bit of tradition in Japan not to wear any overcoats when you walk into an establishment or home."

She pulls up a camera shot of the outside. "Here we go. just six blocks away... if I could attune everyone I could just transmit us to the wireless reciever and transmitter next to the shop, but I doubt that'll work for any of us. So, Katya, lead the way."

"One more thing... they do have a little roleplay element at the restaurant. A bit of entertainment while you wait for the food. I already got my card and everything... got saddled in the MI-6 team. Since I'm bringing newbies you'll probably be on my team. The cards have a cheap datastrip that keeps track of "missions" and "kills". Every visit creates a random number of completed missions and kills. If you don't visit in 6 months you take a death and have to start over."

"Once you rack up 100 kills or successful missions you rank up. This causes some intrigue because you can also compete against other agents of rival organizations. If you decide to "duel" with a rival and you have more stats than your opponent you kill then and get a percentage of their points. You lose, you start over from being killed."

"So far I'm really a killer... and this is a fun way to get return customers."

"Anyways I ramble. Here's the front... open when ready, Katya."

Katya starts the process of opening the portal to the restaurant.

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Katya opened the gate with practiced ease and Ryusei politlely waited for everyone else to go through before he and Katya went together. The front of the place was covered and he nodded.

"You always did like this place didn't you, Sakurako?" He didn't really care, though Kaien had brought him here more than once suprisingly enough. It was probably the only place that Kaien and Sakurako both liked that he knew of.

He held the door open for them and nodded, allowing Sakurako to take the lead this time, since it was more her thing. He was still trying to wrap his mind around Silvertalon. She honestly seemed to believe herself a Kitsune of legend. This was going to be interesting.

He tried to think of an outing that hadn't been interesting, and chuckled when he realized he couldn't remember one in the last five years.

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Sakurako walks under the overhanging awning, and has her eufiber poncho retreat into her free hand and it squeezes itself out until nothing drips from it, containing what was left in it's ball until it can be politely gotten rid of later.

"There we go... Yeah, I've always loved the place. I guess it's all the gadgets inside that keep me glued... to.. the..." She says. Then she gets light on her feet and has to hold on to a wall for a moment.

"Crud there it goes again... my inner ear... happens every time I teleport I sometimes have to take a moment to regain my balance. Never understand why that happens."

She recovers quickly, but not before holding on to Ryusei's shoulders. "Remember the time I tossed my cookies on that trip to New York? Ugh... Took weeks to get the stain out of my coat."

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"Thank you." She softly said as Ryusei held the door open as she walked in looking around for a few long moments while Sakurako got her bearings. "I.. never been in this place before.. Odd.. But yet comforting it as a nice air to it so to speak." Her eyes danced over all the antiquities and of course the themed props with a slight smile finding a bit of amusement of sorts in what she saw.

"So.. Where shall we sit? I can already smell a couple tasty ssso.. Tid bits in the air I might wanna nibble on."

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"Oh I'm fine, I'm fine... I think I'm getting more used to it. Just gotta do it more, I guess."

She steels herself and heads over to the manager. "Mister Kobyashi, How are you today?" She says with a bow.

"Well could be better, business has been awfully slow... Ah! Ryusei! Nice to see you again. I see you brought a lady friend with you."

"Actually, the lady is with me, as is the Woman with the tails."

"Wha... Oh I see! Excellent! I suppose you'll need stool seating because of her tails."

Sakurako looks Silvertalon over, to gauge her anatomy. "Yeah... I don't think her tailbones would appreciate the pressure."

"Excellent, excellent. I'll expand your reservation then. Feel free to look in the lobby until you're called."

"Excellent, Thank, you." Sakurako says, bowing again.

Sakurako walks over to a station and runs her card through the machine nearby. It starts chirping, and a readout appears. "Sorry... you've been killed, agent..."

"Bloody hell who..."

"Agent: Anonymous"

"Code ID: 00-0"

"Faction: Black Ops - Unknown"

"What... I've been nailed by a hacker?? Son of a..."

"Yeah, Sakurako, everyone got blanked by that delinquent. I made a server backup before the hack but it'll take a couple weeks to get all the accounts fixed."

"Damn... Anything I can do to help, Mr. Kobyashi?"

"Sorry, I got a security firm on it. I know you'd fix this up fast but... Only employees..."

"I understand. Thanks..."

Sakurako sighs as she walks back over to Ryusei.

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Forming her eufiber into a sleeveless vest over her snowy blouse, Katya glanced around at the restaurant and the decor and listened to the banter between the Hideyoshis with a bemused curve to her lips. Katya held Ryusei's hand, her thumb rubbing the back of his hand with subtle intimacy, and seeing their server coming to seat them, nodded at Silvertalon and arched a sable brow.

"Seems like our table is ready. Shall we be seated then, despite not being inducted into the ranks of a variety of clandestine agencies?" Katya suggested with a wry smile. Roleplaying, in some aspects could definitely add some spice, but it had never appealed to her when she was going out for meals.

Japan certainly had it eccentricities, even for her after visiting the country frequently in the last year and a half. Very Nova-centric, people stared. Katya's grin widened as she added a bit more strut to her gait. How can they not, with a pair of Novas as ravishingly gorgeous as I and Ryu in their midst?. They stared, true, but without gawking, somehow with out looking directly at them... for the most part. At least in the restaurant. And they took their furry, vulpine companion in remarkable stride. In North America, the reaction to Silvertalon would have been far more... dramatic.

Their table was a half-booth, a backless stool with a plush cushion set out for Silvertalon. Katya slid into the booth, her hip pressing close to Ryusei, her fingers teasing his thigh beneath the table as she leaned forward slightly to meet Sakurako's eyes.

"So, this being your favourite restaurant, Sakurako, what's good on the menu? Preferably not fish, but I'm willing to bow to your experience."

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"Well... the caviar is brilliant... well it's soy caviar, I wouldn't eat it if it were the real thing, mind you. Served with a nice side of borsht and some greens of various russian locales. There's several russian dishes on the menu but I haven't tried them yet."

She quickly taps her table in a for beat cadence. "Of course, the real winner is the hamburgers. One full pound. For a nova... it's not even a quarter pounder, but it fuels none the less with extra onion rings and a milkshake. Served in a classic 50's glass."

"If you're looking for something more aquatic... can't go wrong with the fish and chips.

"And trust me, this stuff might sound generic, and the descriptions on the menu are quite dry, but here... you can get it any way you want, and the portions... generous."

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After taking her seat she looked around and slightly nodded taking a menu into hand as she casually looked it over. "Indeed a strange listing of food here but I bet it's all good in its own way or another. Depending on the tastes and palate of each person whom chooses their dish... Mmmm, I'll take a more traditional meal today thank you..."

Silvertalon smiles over towards the waiter getting his attention as he was still handing out the menus. "I'll take some green tea with some honey off to the side and Okami sushi platter to start with please."

Her attention falls upon the crowd of novas that brought her here ignoring the stares she was getting for the moment. A part of her was clearly enjoying the attention. She quietly watched and listen to the others speak for the time being curious in her way to learn as much about them while they casually spoke to one another before their attentions fell upon her.

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"If it's not the real thing, what's the point?" Katya teased in response to Sakurako. "Then again, I'm not big on fish or fish eggs."

Katya quickly perused the menu, also decided on a hamburger. When she and Jason had been a couple, they had a favourite restaurant, The Works, that did amazing gourmet burgers, though they hadn't gone often, since it was expensive. She wanted to see how this place compared, maybe she'd bring Jason for old times sake.

"I'll go with the venison burger, medium rare, with bacon and works and fries. And if you would be so kind, bring me a glass of a suitable vintage. Thank-you." She smiled playfully at Sakurako. "Let's see how this place measures up to a local burger joint back home."

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Sakurako sits back, assessing her hunger.

"Hmm... I can top that... Pounder with Bacon, Onion rings on the burger and side, extra cheese, one slice cheddar one slice swiss, with lettuce, tomato... And formula X1." Sakurako says with a grin.

"Ah, our secret sauce formula... you have good taste agent." The femme fatale dressed waitress jots everything down on an old-school diner ticket sheet pad. "Although your new companion, the one in the white fur... she's pretty... unique. We've not had any pure Japanese orders in a month or two. Our cook's going to be very pleased he gets to branch back out again."

Sakurako nods as she pulls out her ViaPad. "Oh... and I'll take a Mello Yello." She notes to the waitress before starting to work on her pad.

(Note to admins, delete teh SuperCav post above, please.)

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"Secret sauce?" Silvertalon tilts her head slightly to the side hearing a bit of the conversation. "Something spicy I take it? Mind adding a side order of that for my sushi, I wouldn't mind giving it a try."

The waitress nods "Will do, one side over of secret sauce formula, but be warned it's quite hot for those that don't have the pallet for spicy things."

"I think I can handle it, I do enjoy a bit of spice in my life from time to time." She giggles a little giving a cute faux look.

As the waitress leaves she turns to the assembled novas and slightly grins, "So... Questions for a kitsune?" Her ears perk hinting the fact she is enjoying the attention in some way or another. "Don't worry I don't bite...." She gives faux like grin and winks, "... Much."

Silvertalon giggles a bit leaning back some as her eyes carefully judge the reactions of the others in a curious manner.

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"It's spicy... but it's the other flavors in it that might get you coming back for more. If you're a spice freak it'll probably not spike your interest, but what it brings to the table is still robust. It's hard to describe really..."

Sakurako leans back in her seat. "Oh, I have one question... perhaps at some point you think you might take into consideration what Katya's discussing with me? You're a community minded person I assume." Sakurako says, leaning forward. "I think you might be interested at the very least."

Sakurako's stomach growls a little bit... She had a light breakfast not wanting to be too full for the meal. After all if she was paying for everyone, go whole hog.

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Katya gave Silvertalon a smile that matched hers for pure foxiness, her emerald eyes cutting to Ryusei. "Don't make promises you can't keep," the young woman countered playfully.

Katya tilted her head to the side, her eye considering Silvertalon as Sakurako made her gently probing observation. A slender finger across her lips, Katya's grin widened. She could see Silvertalon being able to provide all sorts of functions at the Charity Event - some of them not even dirty! smile

"You might have fun getting involved in the Event, Silvertalon. I'm sure you have heard about The Victoria Crush from a few months back, hmm? I'm curious, however, how long has Tokyo had it's own Kitsune?"

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"Spicy eh? Well it's been a while since I had something hot I wouldn't mind giving it a try. If its to much I might get something a bit less spicy and with bold flavoring."

The waitress comes and places the tea tray down in front of her with four cups stacked to each side. She smiles and nods respectfully to the waitress as she leaves to gather the other drinks for every one at the table. She carefully takes each tea cup and places it down in front of her as each handle is pointed in a particular direction. Once that is done she traces a claw tip around each of the rims gently as her eyes close for a moment.

Slowly she opens them once again reaching over for the tea kettle and carefully pours the tea into each cup one at a time with out spilling a single drop. Once each cup is filled she gently places the tea kettle back in place pointing the handle in another direction as she takes the chop sticks and carefully takes a single cube of sugar and a mint leaf and places it into each cup before setting down chop sticks in front of her. Her eyes close again as her hands come up as you feel her drawing upon her quantum drawing upon her skills as each of you notice four lights suddenly rush the table and stop just above each cup of tea.

The lights are small fire balls that shift before your eyes into little fox looking sprites that begin to skim across the tea cups rims in a playful dance before they seam to swan dive right into the water causing a little steam to rise and heating the tea up just a bit more. She smiles and rises from her seat and carefully lifts each cup on at a time placing them in front of each of you the handle positioned in a different direction oddly enough. She smiles and takes a seat with a soft myrr before taking her own tea cup and sips upon the contents seaming to relax.

"My my... What a naughty thing you are ms. Katya such devilishness attracts many predators that could feed off such naughty thoughts and emotions. You should be more careful there are worse things that exist in this world then just mere mortals." Casually takes another sip of her tea.

"I rarely keep up to date with activities of humanity they are always such in a rush, constant movement while taking no time to enjoy the nature and peace that is around them. But to answer the question Sakurako I some times do keep in touch with the community when it peaks some interest for what I seek."

"Perhaps telling you might not hurt...." She sets her tea cup down and picks up the kettle refiling my own tea cup again. "It was three or four moons ago I found myself first setting eyes upon this world. I think I was draw here mainly due to my curious nature as I found myself in the mist of strange things you call tomes of lore and legends deep under ground. It was a few days until I reached the surface and was amazed at what I found...... In short I quickly started to adapt and learned what I needed to survive and the praise from belief."

Casually she takes another sip of her tea looking over at both Sakurako and Katya with a slight nod, "Indeed I learned about this community but I rarely did much other then watched and listened to what was going on. But as for current events I am a little behind so what is this event you speak of?"

(If anyone is aware of ceremonies she preformed a very old tea ritual in your presence.)

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Ryusei watched in silence, having seen the ceremony only a few times when he was younger, the first he remembered were his grandfather serving men he remembered were very old friends the family held close ties to, and one other time when his mother had served at one of the last dinners prior to her death.

He allowed the women to converse while taking in what was said. Silvertalon seemed to truly believe she was Kitsune. This could prove problematic.

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