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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Bleach - [Bleach] Jiro


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Name: Jiro

Race: Soul Reaper

Age: 112

Gender: Male

Occupation: 10th Seat shinigami of Squad 2.

Hair: Black

Eyes: Hazel

Height: 5'10

Weight: 180 lb.

Relatives: Unknown


Jiro freely speaks of his past; finding himself in District 46 of West Rukongai and finding a family to adopt into...the mischievous days of his youth...how his life was upended when he realized he needed food, and what that meant. From there he joined the Academy, did well in his studies, and became a Soul Reaper. It's a common story, and one that he tells with lots of embellishments and frills, but sticks to the well-established plot. This alone makes some shinigami wonder if there's more to the tale that he artfully leaves out...papering it over with a story so ordinary that most folk lost interest in it before he was even done telling it. On the other hand, what he could possibly be hiding is hard to imagine.


When not on a mission, or confronted by danger or duty, Jiro is laid back to the point of seeming lazy or indolent. He often gives mild complaints about having to do things, even as he does them, or suggests that people 'lighten up.' He loves a good party, particularly singing...which he's absolutely terrible at. At more solemn affairs he sometimes is in danger of falling asleep during the proceedings, especially if there was a party the night before. He is often overly familiar with people, using informal addresses and phrasing even when it's not desired or appropriate. This leads women to often assume he's making passes at them, or is lecherous. That, combined with his mastery of stealth Kido (making it easy for him to be accused of peeping), has given him a bit of a bad reputation with the female shinigami of the 13 Squads.

When on task another side of him emerges. Like a cat's claw, a sharp and hard edge emerges from a fluffy velvet concealment. On a mission he is entirely focused on achieving objectives and is very efficient in doing so...when demanded, ruthlessly so. He fights with only victory in mind, with no qualms about using an opponent's notions of honor or proper conduct against them if it will give an advantage.


Despite his skills and high spiritual power, his previous Captain, Soi Fon, despised him on a personal level and refused to advance him past 10th seat. Jiro took the snub in stride, claiming not to be the ambitious type anyway. Now that Soi Fon's lieutenant, Omaeda is in charge things may change...though Omaeda himself, being a son of a noble family, is known to sometimes be prejudiced about shinigami from Rukongai.

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