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Aberrant: Dead Rising - Game Caps and Limits

Dawn OOC

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I'm officially raising the caps on stuff, with the following notes:

  • Taint can rise to 7 now.
  • Dots on Megas and powers can rise to 3 now.*
  • Quantum can rise to 6**, with appropriate effort, and Taint from Quantum at 6+ always causes the social penalty and an aberration, no matter how much taint your character actually has (if you're below four, it will be a -1 and a Low aberration, respectively). Additionally, these Aberrations also have to be special, as noted below.
Please confer with me before planning out your next aberration on your taint-bombed character. Taint at 6+ is special, and I have some specific conditions that you'll have to apply to your 6+ Taint.

*As always, temporary increases that artificially raise your powers and megas above three, such as Boost, are exempt from this. You can reach 4 or 5 with these powers.

**I'm not allowing Mastery. I hate it. All other benefits of Q6 are allowed, where caps don't interfere.

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