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Aberrant: Dead Rising - [Inactive] Jonathan Albright


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Name: Doctor Jonathan Albright

Status: PC Nova

Nature: Analyst

Age: 32

Height: 6'6"

Weight: 280 lbs.

Eyes: Bright Piercing Blue

Hair: Hairless

Body Type: Lean and Muscled

Appearance: Jonathan is quite tall and incredibly well built, a holdover from his days as an all-star collegiate wrestler. His features are rugged if rather plain and he doesn't seem to have an ounce of body fat.

Eruption has changed his body in a few key ways. His skin thickened and toughened so that he cannot but cut, at the cost of all body hair, skin pores and sweat glands. Somehow his body has found other ways to regulate his temperature. His body overall has transformed to be capable of superman feats of speed and endurance.


Jon Albright has always fancied himself a kind of Rennaisance Man. Growing up he excelled in both athletics and academics. He was Captain of both his high school wrestling team and head of the chess club.

In college he spent his undergrad education in his home state at Texas A&M University with an degree in Biomedical Science. For graduate studies he chose MIT where he earned his doctorate in Genetics and Bioinformatics. He also picked up painting as a hobby without much difficulty and just prior to Z-Day he was working towards his helicopter pilot's license.

After college he moved to California where he was hired at a premier biotech company in Silicon Valley. When Z-Day struck he was home for the holidays visiting his parents who were among the first to succumb.

Shortly after his eruption he met and befreinded another Nova survivor, Doctor Madison Letorre. Out of lonliness and desperation, the two have formed a tenuous and awkward romance. Neither can bear the strain of being alone and they are united in their common drive to find a cure and rebuild the world.

They have holed themselves up in a very secure and well stocked genetics lab complex just outside of Dallas.


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