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Trinity RPG - Luna Rising Cover

Blue Thunder

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I'm sorry if this topic was already discussed. I looked for it and didn't find it.

What is on the cover of Luna Rising? The person looks very peculiar. Thier skin is metallic looking and thier clothes are also strange. And that purple glowing gem is a mystery to me.

There's nothing like that in the book. None of the pictures show anyone dressed like that, or anyone with a kind of metallic-looking body suit either. I first thought that the glowing gem was the focal crystal that all clairsentients used but the focal crystal looks different in the book (In Dramatis Personae everyone is wearing a diamond-shaped pin that I assume is a focal crystal). If a clear were to use a focal crystal, I don't think it would glow with electric energy either...clears are supposed to have powers that never show any visible effect.

My current guess is that its some kind of anima-inspired image, since a lot of clears like anima.

Am I right?

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Well I think the short answer is that it was some cool Sci-fi art they had, but I don't think that quite gets at your question. I figure the chick's outfit is some kind of Bio-armor, or just some standard armor suit and the glowing gem is the ISRA emblem, which is also a piece of bio-ware in the book (pg. 122 "Focal Crystal"), I guess it is glowing because she's using it. I tend to disagree with your asertion that clear powers would never be visable.

It is also possible that the image is of a psi using her crystal to take notes while in a vision. So, everything is all funky and stylized, cause it's not quite real.

Those are just my thoughs on it.


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