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  1. And now to figure out who Trigon's father is. Alex, did you want me to make him up, or did you? Also, gonna handle Draygos' reply next but first: gonna eat. And a question for Shade: how does your character's weird bargain power work again? I got the general idea, I don't wanna get it wrong when you start...
  2. ((I have no detailed information for Iarte, I'm just making it up as I go. Since this is your home city feel free to add some things to it.)) ((Awe-Inspiring is on.)) As Trigon approaches the docks he walks by villagers, fishermen, traders, and others on the city's outskirts. As he passes by most stare in awe. Some recognize the boy that fell overboard and was thought lost forever; others just see a handsome naked nova carrying a Trident. A group of baselines begins to form and follow him as he makes his way past the docks and into to the city, whispering to themselves the entire time. As Trigon approaches, his father steps outside to see what all of the commotion is about... ((And now is about a good time to decide who Trigon's father is. We should do that in the gameplay discussion thread, or through PMs.))
  3. ***** Kalukatesh Awareness (Per 5, Awareness 4, M-Per 1, +3 from EMV): 2, 2, 2, 6, 6, 8, 8, 8, 9, 10, 10, 10 (Mega: 3) Successes: 7 (phenomenal) ***** As Kalukatesh descends he sees that the site is deserted. There are no laborers or novas in sight, and no actual construction seems to be taking place. There are no labor camps and no proof that any ever existed. Kalukatesh cannot even find any footprints. The foundations for the citadel have been laid out and a few walls have been erected. This structure differs in size and shape from the other two citadels; it is smaller and uses rounded walls, unlike the sharp angles of the other two. But there are several other odd things that come to Kalukatesh's attention. The first is that this citadel is being constructed out of thick, solid wood whereas the other citadels are made of rock and iron that are shaped into sharp angles. Some of the walls look 'incomplete' to Kalukatesh; part of a wall will be missing, as if the wood used was too short or not thick enough. But the most important observation ((thanks to 7 successes and telescopic vision)) is this: When Kalukatesh gets close to the walls, he can see that they are actually expanding and enlarging at a very slow speed. It appears this citadel is "alive" and growing from the ground up. This explains both the lack of workers, and how it managed to appear so suddenly and without warning. Obviously a nova and/or some form of magic are involved. ***** Kalukatesh Military Science (Int 5, Military Science 5, M-Int 1, Ability Mastery): 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 (Mega: 8) Successes: 5 ***** Like stated before, sending a unit of soldiers would take a day by land and be risky. But if Kalukatesh does go to Enicaar there are some griffon riders there and a good possibility of finding a nova or two willing to accompany him. But that is all assuming he wants to bring combatants here. There are no enemies to fight, and no defenses that he can detect. He could probably annihilate the structure on his own right now from what he can see, but something seems wrong with the situation. It is strange that Sile Amune would command a new citadel be constructed, and not put up any defenses or guardians. Nertartaral typically swarms masses of soldiers into places he wishes to advance into. That's how he built Talon and Claw Citadels. Kalukatesh could destroy the foundations now and report a success to Samaethir, or he could leave it as is and tell her of his findings. He could also choose to investigate more in whatever way he feels necessary. He has a week after all. There doesn't appear to be anything near the structure to provide any clues, so going elsewhere may bring an answer. Someone at Enicaar or the gardens at Silgaea may be able to help, if Kalukatesh decides to involve anyone else.
  4. ***** Coraline Rapport (Wit 4, Rapport 1): 1, 5, 8, 9, 10 Successes: 3 Phyremus is not offended by your presence, though she keeps a calm and serious expression at all times. Her tone and mannerisms tell you that she is curious. She does not seem preoccupied, so you are not bothering her. ***** "If it's a view of the city you want, then there is no better place than here. Welcome to my temple Coraline. I am Phyremus, the guardian of the city." "Your father says you have lived within the Upper Realm until recently. I've never been to the sanctuaries above but I understand they are places of tranquility. Gaia must be a shock to you." Phyremus pulls her wings closer to herself so that she may approach Coraline. Even with her wings pulled to her back, they tower behind Coraline and cast her in shadow. She looks over the city once she is at Coraline's side. "My job is to watch over the city and the baselines within it as if they are my children. I carry out the law when it is necessary but spend most of my time here." Phyremus walks back from the ledge. "Erwin will command his own legion soon. I cannot recall his skill in battle since I have not seen him in war, but he will have a chance to prove himself to everyone eventually. Our lands are besieged on all sides by enemies. You may have noticed that war is a constant presence on Gaia. Novas that prove themselves in battle gain the respect of the Archon and the Pantheon." Phyremus walks to her large cushion but doesn't sit down. "If one isn't a warrior, then one must find some way to contribute to the war effort. Your father says you are a master of the forge. That is fortunate. We haven't had one for some time now. We look forward to your efforts young one." When the conversation is finished Phyremus walks to Coraline, and places a strong hand on her shoulder. "Justice be with you." ((Is there anywhere in particular you would like to go next? Otherwise, I can chose a random place for you. You could also have us fast-forward to meeting Erwin if you want.))
  5. I didn't even realize it was New Years Eve until I heard fireworks...
  6. Sorry for the delay, been getting IRL financial things taken care of. Things should be okay for now in that realm.
  7. I stand corrected! But since I don't have a map made up, we have no clue how far/close places are from one another and I totally made those travel times up. But in my head, Cibura was kinda close to Silgaea, thus the reason everyone guards it so well. But at 566 kph... *goes to edit post*
  8. RAGE! Look what I missed while my Internet was down! http://www.teamfortress.com/war/part1/ Internet, I shall never leave you again! *sob* At least Soldiers won...
  9. The Temple of Phyremus stands tall at the top of Mount Silgaea. The narrow walkways to the temple's entrance wind around the mountainside almost at random, and give a breathtaking view of the city below. Coraline reaches the base of the temple. The tower is extremely wide, and the doorless entrance is wide enough to march a small legion through. Two men stand watch at the entrance; each carries a spear and wears a metal helmet with a pair of long feathered wings at the sides. One of them approaches Coraline to question her, but when he sees her silver eyes he stops with a quick and short bow and then extends his arm towards the tower to invite her in. "The mistress is at the top floor." he says. He does not follow Coraline in and returns to standing at his post. The temple's lower floor is one single circular room, with four sets of stairs at the outer edges leading to the floor above. The room is full of bird-oriented artworks such as small carvings and tapestries. Sets of armor with feather motifs adorn the walls with ornamental polearms crisscrossed in between. The marble flooring displays the stars of the night sky. A Champion of Phyremus bows in respect to Coraline as he passes. The four stairways spiral along the wall upwards to the top of the tower. Open rooms line each stairway with the odd window looking out to the city. In all of the rooms Coraline passes, even a kitchen, she sees birds. The birds range from doves and pigeons to more exotic species Coraline has never encountered before, all living in harmony with one another and without cages. Even more odd, none of them make a sound of any kind or flutter away when she passes. They seem to be at peace. Coraline's stairway reaches the top of the tower, though the walk is long. The walls disappear and the domed roof is instead supported by several marble columns. The entire floor is exposed to the skies and the winds; it's intimidating to those not accustomed to great heights. There are no railings at the edges to stop Coraline from tumbling over. There is a large circular cushion at the center of the floor, and several other pieces of furniture scattered about. Near the cushion stands Phyremus. She wears a robe with a metal breastplate and boots. She appears as a beautiful baseline with one great exception; white feathered wings sprout from her back. The wings are so massive they would span the entire tower's radius if she were to stretch them out. She is clearly too large to use her own tower's stairs. A dove lands on Coraline's shoulder. Phyremus turns to face her with an inquisitive look when she appears. "A nova visitor. I don't believe we've met before. Are you perhaps Erwin's sister?" The dove flutters away.
  10. Added Prologues for Coraline and Trigon. Added an entry for Lycetrian to the regions thread.
  11. Lycetrian Lycetrian is a small coastal region lying along the western borderlands. It serves as an important trading location between Darmathia and the lands to the west, as well as being an important stop for sea traders. Iarte The trading port of Iarte may be smaller than Silgaea but it is more multicultural. Traders from around the world sell their wares at Iarte, where they are then sold and traded throughout Darmathia's inland areas. The city is governed by a family of nova merchants. Mount Kakus Kakus is a semi-active volcano near the ocean. It stands out from other local volcanoes because of it's green magma, which is sometimes sought after by nova blacksmiths because it is reputed to have enchanted properties. A small tribe of volcano worshipers live in the forests near the mount, in homes built atop stone stilts. The volcano is named after a nova who once ruled the region. The Green Shore The product of Mount Kakus, the sands of this shore are a deep green. The sands go so deep into the ocean that the entire shoreline has a green hue to it. It is a favored gathering spot for the Merfolk.
  12. Sorry to BN and Alex about the lack of intro fiction like with the other prologues. I kinda just wanted to get them started. I'll edit one in later for each of you, since I want every prologue to be bookended by some. Up next are meta and Shade. So I propose: Meta - I was thinking the prologue could be about establishing your people's new home. It would start with you and your people at their new "home" city which they recently started setting up. The rest of the prologue would consist of you ridding the region of some bandits that have been threatening the area. Sound good? Any ideas you have are welcome. Shade - I have no idea. How would you like to begin? Also, what kind of theme and flow would you like your prologue to have? Your character is a trickster, so NPC interaction is pretty much a necessity.
  13. ******************** Location: The Green Shore, Lycetrian Waves gently roll upon the green shores of Lycetrian. The green sands run deep into the ocean making the shoreline waters glisten like a giant emerald. Crabs and other sealife dart around the waters, and a heron stands still watching for fish. Off the shoreline the sands give way to soil and forest. In the distance the smoking peak of Mount Kakus can be seen. A figure emerges from the waters. Trigon stands at the shore, nude. In one hand he holds a trident. ((This is Trigon's first time back to Darmathia since he fell overboard. It has been around a year. What he does or where he goes from this point is up to him.))
  14. ******************** Location: Coraline's Workshop, Silgaea Coraline has been in Silgaea for a week but most of the Pantheon novas only know of her name. She has been introduced to Marmir and several prominent novas in the Pantheon, but has spent most of her time setting up her new workshop. Her twin brother Erwin hasn't had much time for her either and has asked her to meet him later in the day at his chamber so they can catch-up. Before the reunion with Erwin, Coraline has time to familiarize herself with the city and meet a few more novas. ((If you'd like to extend the scene in the workshop for whatever reason you can. Otherwise we can move along. If there are any particular places or novas you would like to have Coraline come across then she can head in that direction, otherwise I'll have her 'stumble' across places at random as she explores. I also understand you may not be able to reply as often as you would like due to RL issues. No rush.))
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