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Aberrant RPG - A compliment or an insult..


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I was getting some fun going on with a new character (not the soda one) who was (when we started) a teenager in high school, baseball player. All the people in the game lost thier memory as the prom exploded into carnage extreme. 4 of the people escaped death... anyway fast forwarding.. one of the survivors erupts.. then throws a "ball lightning" (quantum bolt with area effect of bashing) at the bad guy who is currently trying to kill them all. Of course, everyone in the immediate viscinity *BUT* the nova nearly die.. I'm knocked unconscious until after the fight.. (only 2 rounds later) I wake up glowing... My character not used to such a thing starts shaking his hand The next comment was oddly recieved but quickly spread..

The ST tells me about the line..

A new player would simply try and say, "Darn it stop glowing..."


A seasoned player is the one that says (my line) "Go Go Gadget Glow-Be-Gone"


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