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  1. malkboy


    I don't seem to see any new things being posted in the last week or two.. what's going on... did my computer break again.. please no.. it took forever to fix last time.. am I here? did I see this what huh ARGH.. ninjas! malkboy (the confused)
  2. Link's focus broken he looks at the municipal defender with a confused look, "Is that what you really think I'm here on my own dime for? I can share with you the real reason that I'm here if you'd like, because it's got nothing to do with what you think I'm here for."
  3. Link having already heard the start of a battle already had doubled back, realizing how badly he had misjudged who was in the alley. His eyes and mind focus on the alley to find the target he's sure is there. (Unless he sees anything, he's just on high alert) Ian doesn't let his focus go down one bit as he figures out the coversation. His eyes narrow as the Templar makes the threat to turn someone into another one of those.. those.. things.
  4. Erwin thought to himself a moment, *scary-ass invisible ninja? Why does this have Lucky stench all over it?* "Sssimple answers to all of your questions... To do the civilly correct thing and stay at the scene of the accident, I was rushing back to the original place I saw your vehicle. Your sssaid hurry forced me to use ssssome of my skillsss. Which isss why the hissss in my speech. It will disssappear soon enough. So Shelby, how'sss about a ride away from the ssscary ninja," asks Erwin non-chalantly as his body continues to sway as leaf on a branch being blown by a gentle breeze.
  5. Link, siding with his paranoia, turns and keeps going down the street without missing a beat. Wanting to alert his team inside to the possibility of danger, Link reaches with his mind to the cell phone in his pocket so that he can quickly message Ghost a warning and not alert anyone watching.
  6. Taking the opportunity, Celeste surreptitiously tries to moves herself in the path of the bodyguard so that she would be making full contact with the bodyguard and could do what she does best. They could still use the intel off anything she might be able to snatch after all.
  7. Ian casually strolls down the street and glances back the way he came. Things could have gone better with his brother, but at least now there was some clarification on the situation and a way to find them. The one drawback was, Ian had a feeling his brother wasn't going to just let him do this one alone. Slipping his mask over his head in the shadows of the alley, Link emerged near where he was told the meet was going down.
  8. Okay okay.. i got a chance to post.. no WoW disease or Storytelleritus or anything.. just a case of life. I'll post in QZ later tonight, but I'm a little confused but getting better... btw, Welcome back Prof!
  9. Britt looks down into the gaping hole of the amazing structure and wonders idly just how long he's going to be used as bait on this new world. Moving away from the hole, he glances up into the air and takes in the amazing view. Up there was what he became a member of the TEF for, but the bad with the good he supposed.
  10. Xander smiles, 'Nothing else today. I'll make arrangements for a place in New York and we can go from there." Xander reaches into his pocket and pulls out the rest of the envelopes from his inside pocket. He tosses them onto the table and heads for the door, 'Try not to be too hard to find. I'll get in touch with everyone in the next week or so."
  11. Erwin stops for a moment not sure what to make of the man. Erwin says calmly, 'The name isss Erwin. I'm not sure if you entirely noticed, but I just went under your car and I'm not really acting threateningly ssso I've no clue whatsss up with the piece. Since we're being so friendly like, what's your name and why the rush? If that'd been anyone else they'd be a permanent pancake." Erwin slowly starts swaying as he speaks with the driver, just biding time until he gets more information but prepared to respond if a real threat emerges.
  12. I will give her your well wishes when I see her tomorrow guys.. thanks for everything and all the support!
  13. Okay so I'm about to give up on keeping my games going because life keeps happening.. For those of you that know, froggie, is my wife and was admitted to the hospital this evening for major back pains. Shortly afterwards she was commited (yes, commited) because of the depression and anxiety she's had combined with the pain she's in from her back (her spine has lost it's curve and is straight) made her suicidal (obviously enough that the doctors feel she is a threat to herself again)... I've been trying to keep her happy and well since July when she got out of the hospital last and will probably be doing more of the same. I appriciate all the patience everyone in my games has displayed and apologize for every delay. It's not that they aren't important to me, but life is just happening in force. anyway.. to sleep.. i have to go to work in 5 hours.. -- malkboy
  14. I'm okay here in Tennessee.. just doing alot of work to help out for people who have family affected.
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