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Leaving for awhile


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Hey everyone,

Just thought I'd let you know that I'll be leaving next week (probably sunday, that's sunday in 9 days) for the summer. I'm sailing from Québec City and crossing the atlantic so I'll be at least a month and a half without an online connection (I'll be living on the boat from the 19th and the actual crossing will be at the end of the month from Rivière-Aux-Renards, Québec to Brest, France) I don't expect to get to Brest 'til the last week of June or so.

Anyway. that's pretty much it. We'll be sailing around Ireland once we're there, can't wait!


Really looks like an awesome place to sail...I'll be back home most likely sometime in August...If I manage to find a connection in France I'll try to post an update...:)

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