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PDA Die Rollers


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I’ve done some research into the question begged here regarding die rollers for PDA’s. Below are all the juicy details.

My rating system is based on a five ninja ( ::ninja ) scale.

PDA used: Handspring Visor

Operating System: Palm OS 3.0.1H

Dice rolling applications: Die Roller, Roll Em, VLARP, and DicePro

Die Roller

Where: http://palm.dahm.com/roller/roller.html

Type: Freeware

Works on: Palm OS

This program seems to be a simple roller. You have a choice between d2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20, 30, and 100. It allows for easy adjustment of the number of dice rolled, the choice of die, and any modifiers (plus or minus), allowing you to assign custom rolls to a large number of available buttons. Customizing even allows for rolling against THAC0. Included is a roll history.

Though the interface is clean and relatively easy to work, the whole application seems designed for AD&D. The rolls are interpreted only in total format (successes are added together), which does not work for many systems.

Conclusion: This roller doesn’t work for the Storyteller system, but may do well for others. I’d use it were I still running my old WEG Star Wars chronicle. Since I’m looking at something more suited for the Aeonverse, this just doesn’t cut the mustard.

Rating:  ::ninja  ::ninja

Roll Em

Where: http://www.palmspot.com/software/detail/ps314a_98218.html

Type: Freeware

Works on: Palm OS

Roll Em is a similar application to Die Roller, but much easier to navigate and customize. It doesn’t have either the THAC0 or roll history feature, though. As above, this roller only totals the roll successes.

Conclusion: The interface is tidy, but the end result doesn’t mesh with the Storyteller system.

Rating: ::ninja  ::ninja


Where: http://www.rivalgamelabs.com/vlarp.htm

Type: Freeware

Works on: Palm OS

Despite how the name sounds, this is a die roller, not something that would be used at a LARP. Lucky us, too, since it’s made specifically for us White Wolfers. The interface is really easy to navigate. It shows the success rate at the top, has difficulty settings from 2-10, and a tabbed choice of die totals from 1-15. While the success field only shows how many, if any, there’s a handy little arrow that allows you to see what it actually rolled.

Conclusion: This is a really great roller for the Wolf fan. This roller is probably the simplest and easiest to use of the four reviewed here. If you only play by Storyteller rules and are looking for a die roller app, this is the one.

Rating:  ::ninja  ::ninja  ::ninja  ::ninja


Where: <a href="www.rivalgamelabs.com/dicepro.htm" target="_blank">www.rivalgamelabs.com/dicepro.htm</a>

Type: Freeware

Works on: Palm OS

This app is a bit complex. As with the previous interfaces, the success tally is at the top, printed large and easy to read. Like VLARP, it totals the successes, but has a drop-down arrow to let you view the actual rolls. It has six pages of seven sets of configurable rolls.

That’s about where all the similarities end.

There’s a large choice of die type including standard, non-standard, FUDGE, THAC0, Earthdawn, and Alternity. Amount of sides is 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20, and 100. It allows plus, minus, and multiplication modifiers, and has a huge range of roll results including Aberrant, Ars Magica, Exalted, Storyteller (and Revised), and 7th Sea.

Conclusion: If you want a roller that does everything. This is it. Once you get over all of the things it can do, you’ll fall in love. No need to have different die applications taking up space on your PDA when this one does it all. If you’re a gamer and have a PDA, this is a must have.

Rating: ::ninja  ::ninja  ::ninja  ::ninja  ::ninja

There you have it, folks. PDA die rollers from my Palm to yours.


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great info Joe  ::thumbs-up

...and I really must resist buying a pda...  must resist....  must resist....  meh.

*slaps self*

I'm better now

heya, Slag...  its hanging around online with Joe and I (the 'old men of Trinity' y'see :P ) that you have to watch out for you know.  ::devil

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