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There are a variety of opinions posted about how Orgotek WILL be an Order that would fall, possibly the very next one to do so....

Opinions both in canon books, and posted around the net by fans.....

What I'd like to know is _why_ people are so sure that the Tek's days could be numbered........

.......  and for those of you who disagree, why you think they won't fall ?

Lets hear your opinions.....

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As I did state that I thought the Big O would fall if the Doyen were revealed in another post, I will reply here.

I don't feel that Orgotek is ridinag a handbasket. They are doing surpirisingly well considering they are headquartered in a country that doesn't like some of their business practices, let alone that the CEO and a decent number of its staff are psions. I base this on two things, really:

1. The corporate structure that it utilizes really makes sure things are on the up and up, even when they're not.

2. Alex Cassel.

Cassel's a smart man, and has tried to mke sure his board is cohesive and shrewd. He presents an approachable and likable demeanor, even helping out where he can (DR series demonstrates this). He aims at helping humanity, even if it goes against what some would want. (The Pueblo incident.)

One thing that really inspires me to believe that his heart is in the irght place is the KIM project. How cool is that? Short term, there is no corporate gain. It's much like IT in a business, money only goes out. (I know this too well, being in the industry. Managers aren't normally big fans of us.) It may pay off in the future, when the children that KIM is educating begin to look for ways to make it in the world, and look to Orgotek for a job.

Orgotek has a good thing going for it. With only one real splotch on its record (Huang-Marr), it's a pretty strong order.

The only reason I see them going down fast, is in the aforementioned scenario with the Doyen revelation. Being housed almost wholly in the FSA, I don't think the fascist regime would hold back any longer, even under threats by the UN. In my opinion, they would direct massive assaults on the order. Though in review of this thread, and thinking a little more clearly on the firepower that Orgotek commands (primary bioVARG producer, among other things), I could see them holding out for a while before getting as much equipment and personnel off-world and secure as possible.

Hm. Maybe they would make it. Perhaps they have a Leviathan or two that doasn't need a Clear...


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