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My Trip to Hastings, Nebraska


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This was copied from the secure forum of the Aberrant War Source book... but I thought the rest of you might enjoy it too...


  As promised I went down to Hastings Nebraska yesterday.  It is a relatively small town.  It has a Softball hall of fame, a large mall, and a nice museum with a lot of stuff that would do well in an Adventure! game.  The thing is, that is not what Hastings Nebraska is famous for... It is the home of Kool-Aid.  

  That's right Kool-Aid was invented in Hastings Nebraska.  Every year they hold this big fair with every type of Kool-Aid they can make.  They are even making an exibit in their museum about it.  That is the only thing that those poor people have to claim.

  When I heard that Hastings was indeed where Kool-Aid was created, and thought about Wycoff being a religeous zelot... well... it brought up images of Jim Jones and the Kool-Aid gang.  Once again... either I'm sick and demented or the guys at White Wolf are.  Neither would surprise me.


PS. Best Photos from my trip to Hastings, Nebraska

PPS. Kool-Aid... the official Soft Drink of the Teragen

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