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Star Wars: The New Sith Empire - The Jedi Trials

Dave ST

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Before becoming full fledged Jedi, all Jedi PCs must pass their Jedi Trials. Failure to pass will prevent you from taking any more levels with the Jedi classes and you'll have to step down from the Jedi Order.

The biggest problem with doing a post describing what you'll need to succeed is that people tend to meta-game. Thus, instead of giving you all your trials at once your PCs will be graded (on a curve) by your Masters from the end of Chapter 1 on out. Your actions in Chapter 1 do not affect the overall grading system. For ease of reference so none of you are blindsided, I'll provide you with an adequate list of what your Masters are looking for:

1. Facility with the Force.

2. Knowledge of the Jedi Code.

3. Lightsaber construction

4. Lightsaber proficiency.

5. Self-Defense Capability.

6. Sound Judgment.

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