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Dave ST

Fun With Puns!

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Just a small example of the amazing talent that you can find right here on RPG-Post people. A pun game played last night in chat...

Jess OOC makes a rare post-midnight appearance, and oddly does not resemble a pumpkin.

[Ravi] 12:56 am: Well, that means you must have plenty of room.

[Jess OOC] 12:56 am: Or that I can't sleep. Take your pick.

[Lobby]: Asarasa has left at 12:58 am

[Lobby]: Long6 has left at 1:00 am

[Ravi] 1:00 am: Well, you must have plenty of room. Because you're not squashed.

[Velvet] 1:00 am: ...

Ravi flees!

[Velvet] 1:01 am: With lines like that, you'll be lucky not to get gourd.

[Ravi] 1:01 am: Ooooh. Scary. I'm chilled to the marrow.

[Revenant] 1:03 am: Peas stop with the puns.

[Velvet] 1:03 am: There you are, Rev. I was wondering where you'd bean.

[Revenant] 1:03 am: Orange you glad I'm still here for the long haul?

[Ravi] 1:05 am: Frankly, I couldn't give a fig

[Velvet] 1:05 am: You know, really, lettuce just stop with the ridiculous veggie jokes.

[Revenant] 1:05 am: That wasn't berry nice...

[Velvet] 1:06 am: We can't produce one single worthwhile tidbit of conversation like this.

[Ravi] 1:06 am: Well, I'm tired. That makes me tend to pepper my conversation with put-downs.

[Revenant] 1:06 am: Vine! I quit!

[Velvet] 1:06 am: Best idea I've heard to date.

[Ravi] 1:07 am: Well, someone's mood just got a little chili...

[Velvet] 1:07 am: I'm surprised we haven't seen someone like jameson turnip, honestly.

[Revenant] 1:08 am: Those are pretty good... you two make quite a pear.

[Ravi] 1:08 am: Yup, I'm sitting peachy.

[Velvet] 1:09 am: It's like the lines just sprout from thin air.

Jess OOC leaves the pun-filled landscape....

[Lobby]: Jess OOC has left at 1:09 am

[Revenant] 1:10 am: Once you prune out the bad humor of chatting while half asleep, it's quite entertaining.

[Ravi] 1:10 am: You guys ever get the suspicion that the others get sick of olive this?

[Velvet] 1:11 am: Well, Jess obviously thought it was the pits.

[Revenant] 1:13 am: She just didn't get the core of our humor. She'll come around.

[Ravi] 1:13 am: So it's carrot-on regardless?

[Velvet] 1:14 am: I don't see why not. You can't beet jokes like this.

[Revenant] 1:15 am: Limes and propaganda! We'r ejust too fucking tired to admit were off our nut.

[Revenant] 1:15 am: ((Double word score!))

[Ravi] 1:15 am: ((I call hax!))

[Velvet] 1:16 am: I've gotta admit, I am really just plum tuckered-out.

[Ravi] 1:16 am: Ahh, the seed of humor bears bitter fruit at times.

[Revenant] 1:17 am: Canteloupe to the bed room Vivi until someone runs out of words to use...

[Velvet] 1:17 am: And sleep-deprivation can definitely make a mango insane.

[Ravi] 1:17 am: Far be it for me to keep the fair damson from her beauty sleep.

[Revenant] 1:17 am: ((I'm copying this and posting it...))

[Revenant] 1:18 am: ((Mango insane!!! AWESOME!))

[Ravi] 1:18 am: ((hee))

[Velvet] 1:19 am: It could be worse. Rev could be grunting about having to take a leek.

[Revenant] 1:19 am: It was just that one thyme! Get ove it!

[Ravi] 1:19 am: Sage advice.

[Velvet] 1:20 am: True, true. I know what you mint, anyway.

[Revenant] 1:22 am: Now we're on spices! How oregano...

[Velvet] 1:22 am: Why fight it? Just go with the currant.

[Ravi] 1:23 am: Yup. Just open up and let the inspiration cumin.

[Carver] 1:24 am: Alright. I need sleep.

[Carver] 1:24 am: Later, all.

[Velvet] 1:24 am: Exactly! It's not a subject to be approached gingerly, but with full gusto!

[Lobby]: Carver has left at 1:24 am

[Velvet] 1:24 am: Night!

[Revenant] 1:25 am: This whole thing a salts my brain and lets the pain in...

[Velvet] 1:25 am: Honestly, I don't see what the big dill is.

[Ravi] 1:25 am: Well, at least no-one's broken out the mace

[Revenant] 1:26 am: Vivi - That was cheesy.

[Velvet] 1:27 am: I'm amazed we haven't gotten feta up with this by now, actually.

[Ravi] 1:27 am: Nope, game's stilton

[Velvet] 1:28 am: ((Okay, points for that one!!))

[Revenant] 1:28 am: ((LOL))

[Revenant] 1:29 am: Nice Ravi, that was pretty sharp.

[Velvet] 1:29 am: Seriously, though, edam, guys, we're gonna brie naming off cheeses until we're bleu in the face.

[Revenant] 1:29 am: ((Triple word score!))

[Revenant] 1:30 am: ((I think she shopped it... I can tell by the pixles.))

[Ravi] 1:30 am: Well, this has been a fun caper, but I have some cloves to buy tomorrow, and shopping gives me chives even when I'm not tired. Sorrel, but I

have to catnip this in the bud.

[Velvet] 1:31 am: Ravi wins.

[Revenant] 1:31 am: LOL

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Wow, it only took a little over half an hour for all of you to get the death sentence from VileBill... good work.

I, for my part, am going to copy and paste this to a word document and save it to my computer. This is just too priceless.

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