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Star Wars: The New Sith Empire - People of the Galaxy (NPCs)

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The Galactic Alliance

Zon Telana, Ambassador to Chandrila (Int 15, Wis 17) (Major NPC)
A human Chandrilian noble and Dari Telana's foster father. Preferring not to involve himself in the affairs of the Galactic Alliance and The Sith Empire, Zon had been able to live a life of relative neutrality spending their time mostly undoing the damage caused by the violent rulers of the galaxy. Together the two had managed to keep a low profile until a furious Imperial Governor decided to show Chandrila an example of his power by laying waste to the Hanna Institute of Antiquities.

25,000 years of lost cultures and irreplaceable articles of history and knowledge were gone a shower of orbital laser fire. It wasn't long after, 'Ambassador' Telana of Chadnrila made contact with the Galactic Alliance and devoted his time and energy to seeing the Sith removed from power.

He a wise and calm man who rarely acts without first knowing all the facts. His polite and serene demeanor put most who meet of balance as his emotions are hard to read. His concerns seems to always be for the galaxy as a whole, never just his own people which has made him an incredibly well respected individual.
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The Jedi Order

Sen Udo-Mal, Jedi Consular/Jedi Master (Int 21, Wis 19, Cha 16)
An aging cerean man who council and wisdom have help lead the Jedi Order out of the ashes of Sith treachery. Almost singlehandedly responsible for gathering, training, and reestablishing the lost Jedi reputation as the galaxy's protectors.

Kind, serene and old, Master Udo-Mal is all that is left of the once proud Jedi Order. As the last of the Jedi Masters and his years catching up to him, others fear that if he doesn't pick someone to pass the ancient techniques of the Master's onto that they'll die with him.

Dabri Masu-ka, Jedi Guardian/Jedi Ace (Wis 15, Cha 16)
A female twi'lek with yellowish tinge to her skin. She is a capable pilot and has been instructing new Jedi recruits in the proper operation of all kinds of vehicles. A bit brash and reckless at times, she's a bit of a thrill seeker.

Icei Avi, Jedi Guardian (Str 16, Con 15, Cha 16)
A female s'kytri with green skin, jet black hair and piercing yellow eyes. A powerful Jedi Guardian who is a veteran of several missions against the Sith. She's emotionless, calculating and when not on a mission spends her time in deep meditations, only breaking to eat or answer the calll of Master Udo-Mal.

She's described as being 'as cranky as a Hutt on a diet', although never when she is within ear shot.

Tieso Lora, Jedi Consular/Jedi Instructor (Int 20, Wis 15, Cha 17)
A male adarian who is clam and patient to a fault. With the guidance of Master Udo-Mal he has begun training a new generation of Jedi Knights. His presence seems to inspire confidence in those around him, as if the Force speaks through him saying 'all things are possible'. Like Master Udo-Mal however, he is very old and some fear the Force will claim him soon.

Resh Imei, Jedi Consular (Cha 18)
Consular Resh Imei is a proud male ithorian who takes everything one step at a time. Never in a hurry, Consular Imei follows a philosophy that if the Force needs him somewhere, then it will always get him there on time with everything he needs to accomplish his task. An eternal optimist and aggressive pacifist (meaning he refuses violence, and will only engage in combat under the guidelines of the Jedi Code) no one seems to have more faith in the Galactic Alliance's capabilities than he.

Leavae Uthae, Jedi Guardian/Jedi Weapon Master (Str 16, Con 16)
Weapon Master Uthae is probably the harshest task master of any of the galaxy's new Jedi. She teaches through discipline and all of her students (even Resh Imei) were put through hours and hours of grueling training. Although she is a Weapon Master she hones all the Jedi's bodies into a state appropriate for defending the galaxy. Hours of running, Force training, excercise and meditation come weeks before a student ever touches a training saber.

Despite her 'cruelty' she has never harmed a student, they've always harmed themselves due to recklessness. She possesses an excellent specimen of a double-bladed lightsaber.
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The Sith Lords

Emperor Malus, Dark Lord of the Sith
The dark emperor known as Darth Malus has ruled the galaxy with an iron fist for nearly half a century after usurping the throne from the previous emperor, Darth Wyyrlok VII in the traditional Sith fashion: he slaughtered him with his bare hands at an imperial gala in front of half of the Sith Empire's most prestigious officers. Once he completed the task he immediately challenged everyone present to come and take his throne from him.

No one did and the gala continued as if nothing has transpired, although the body of Darth Wyyrlok VII remained upon the floor, and still does to this day. The annual Imperial gala has been held in a different assembly hall since then.

Darth Malus is the poster child for the slogan 'the path to hell is paved with good intentions'. All he wants is there to order, his order, all through out the galaxy and will stop at nothing to achieve that end. His power is phenomenal and he's already stymied seven attempts by his fellow Sith Lords to over throw him, two of those attempts required him to battle three of his Sith Lords at once, and he proved the more powerful both times. Rumors abound among his fellow Sith Lords that he has discovered a means of immortality through the Force.

He is a dark tyrant whose cruelty, malice and lust for power go beyond anything anyone could hope to understand.
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Scum, Villainy and Everyone Else

Depp Tarwin, Bounty Hunter (Major Villain (?))
Dari Telana's biological father and one of the most ruthless and feared bounty hunters in the known galaxy.

Birrsk, Mercenary (Minor NPC)
The trandoshan leader of the Crimson Scale Mercenary Company. Like most trandoshans he's not a people person. He and Layel seem to have some history together, despite not liking the human soldier he appears to at least harbor some respect for him and coming from a trandoshan, that's a lot.
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