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Aberrant: The Middle Children of History - Thunder and Obsidian [Complete]

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Aurora, or Dauntless as she now called herself, inspected her new home in Seattle, she’d gathered some resources, and her parents had helped guide her a bit with the best choices, she had moved out of home, and now had her own place, and she was fairly happy about it.

It was time to start making her mark on the world, and she thought that the party involving the cities municipal defender might be a good place to start, after all, a lot of folks said that the Eagle Thunder was a great defender of the city, and besides, he was an old friend of her mothers, and someone she had met a few times when she was young, visiting them in secret.

Well, this is your entrance to the Nova world, lets make it with a bang.. She told herself, as she shifted her eufiber outfit to give it a prismatic smooth glass look, the colors shift and with her everyone motion, and she vanished from her new home, shifting though the dark matter that was the background energy of the universe, reappearing in the center of the well lit ballroom, making it clear as folks snapped pictures, that she was certainly a nova.

Reaching her hands to Eagle, who’s frame crackled with electricity, she smiled at him, and took both of his hands in hers, and then kissed him on the cheek. “Hello, Eagle, it was so good of you to extend your invitation.”

With a smile, he responded. “It was the least I could do, for such a lovely young woman.”

She laughed and responded. “I’m sure that’s what you say to all the women, you tease.” She released his hands, letting them slide out of his with a wink. “Now, you promised you were going to show me around, so please do.”

And so she roamed around the ballroom, as she was introduced to a number of folks in the city, mostly officials and the like, but also some of the common folks. She wondered a bit about what it was to be a baseline human a moment during her mingling, they seemed so frail, slow and oblivious at times, she had a bit of difficulty grasping it as anything more then a intellectual exercise.

As she moved though the party, she noticed she got a lot of looks, mostly admiring from the males and somewhat jealous or envious from the females, but there were a few females who also gave her interested looks. Of course, she was quite aware of why, she’d been getting those kinds of looks ever sense she was fully mature, and some before even.

She was just beginning to really enjoy herself.. When there was a crash at the door, and yell “Eagle Thunder!! I’m calling you out! Let’s see if your pansy ass can take on a real nova, Obsidian Rampage is here to take you down…” A man who appeared to be made out of pure obsidian, had smashed down the door, and was now marching directly toward Eagle.

She blinked, impulsively started to move toward this rude newcomer, deciding that he needed to be taken down a peg, when Eagle put a hand on her arm. “Let me handle this, I’m the City Defender after all” She paused, hesitating a moment, then shrugged and stepped back. “Alright, but if things look bad, I’m going to step in.” Eagle smiled and nodded, then charged forward, his body moving with sudden increased speed, and Aurora watched, though she tapped her fingers against her belt impatiently.

For several minutes it seemed as though Eagles increased speed and electrical powers would rule the day, until Obsidian managed to get his hands on him, and as the stunned crowd watched on, he lifted him up and slammed him down on his knee, and there was a gasp as everyone could hear the sound of his back braking and Eagle’s body bending at an unnatural angle.

Dumping Eagle down on the ground, Obsidian laughed then turned to gaze at the crowd, his face contorted with glee and triumph. “This is my party now folks, and I suggest you give me all your valuables…” His voice was cut off as a lovely hand silver appearing had made out of solid iridium closed around his wrist with incredible strength. In this form, her body was tougher and stronger then it had been a few moments earlier, and it’s greater density gave her considerably increased strength and armor.

“Bastard” She said, as she yanked on his arm, pulling him off balance, and as he stumbled a moment, she followed that up with a roundhouse kick from a master martial artist, who was presently mega-strong, vastly stronger then most folks dreamed, slammed into the Obsidian nova with enough strength to shatter titanium reinforced steel. The sound if it was like thunder almost, as the shock of it seemed to reverberate though the room, as cracks appeared on the other nova’s obsidian skin and he went flying, into and back though the doors that had swung shut behind him, with such strength at both sides of the door were simply torn from their hinges and sent flying with him.

Marching forward after him, she heard and differentiated a number of different voices speaking behind her, in various different emotional overtones, such as the person with medical training knelling beside Eagle, and for a moment she felt a pang of sorrow.. Due to her own medical knowledge, she believed that the spine and body were broken in a manner that would kill him in the next few minutes, and she didn’t know anyone with healing powers. She didn’t think he was going to survive that, but she’d see to him in a moment, she could hear that he was still breathing. She also noted the excited voice one of the reporters who’d been at the party, talking to his camera man. “Your getting this right?”

A dazed and rather shocked looking Obsidian Rampage was pulling himself out of the rubble that consisted of three cars that he’d struck, one after another, bending each around it, from the force of Dauntless blow.

“Who the heck are you?!”

“You can just call me, Dauntless, I don’t see any reason to give my real name to a murdering psychopath, who just pissed me the hell off.. “

He then tried to block her next set of blows, ones that were carried out with perfect precision and expertise. While he was fast, faster then any human could be, in fact, it was just barely so, and she was just a touch faster, quicker witted, and greatly more skilled. What followed was a humiliating beating that lasted no more then 10 seconds. Obsidian relied mostly on brute strength and basic brawling, where as Dauntless was all about precision and control, and the blows that followed were each carried out with perfect precision and skill, enough that any watching martial artist would recognize a master in action.

Every blow left cracks in the hardened rock like skin of the other Nova, but she stopped short of actually killing him.. Not because she didn’t want to, but because she wanted to speak to Eagle while he was still conscious, and because taking a life wasn't something she was quite ready to do.

Leaving the broken, unconsious and shattered body of the obsidian nova, she turned and marched back into the hall, her body changing back to flesh and bone as she went to kneel beside Eagle, taking his hand in hers. Up until this moment, she'd appeared competely unfazed and confident, fully dealing with everything that was happening, but now, that armor seemed to show a crack or two, and her voice had just a hint of sorrow in it as she spoke up.. “I’m sorry, that your party was cut short, I should have stepped in earlier.”

Eagle spoke up with a pained voice.. “I didn’t let you, girl, and you were being respectful of my wishes, no reason to be sorry, this wasn’t your fault. And you know and I know, I’m not long for this world, but at least I get the daughter of one of my best friends at my side… if you can.. take care of.. my city, I love this place..” Her eyes begin to water a bit, as she took his hand in hers, and squeezed it, she’d never really watched anyone die before, and this was someone she knew, a friend of the family even.

“I promise, I’ll watch over your city, but, isn’t there something I else I can do, Uncle John..” She dropped his Nova name for what she used to call him when he was younger and visiting her family, though he wasn‘t actually a family relation. “Aurora, my girl… you’ve already done it… you’ve taken bastard down… before he could hurt anyone else…”

She gave him a half-hearted smile, as several tears began to slide down her cheeks, and she squeezed his hand a bit harder. “Any last requests?” She she asked, at the moment willing to accommodate just about anything.

“A kiss?” He asked, as he looked down at her, and more tears began to slide down her cheeks falling from her face like drops of crystal from ivory. She leaned forward and kissed his lips, softly, before drawing back, and several tears falling onto his face.

“Now I can die with a smile on my face.. “ A sob escaped her as he closed his eyes, and breathed his last, she looked up and saw the cameras and flashing bulbs, as well as the others gathering around.. and for a moment, she was very angry at them, but it did't show.

She wanted her father, she wanted to feel his arms around her, and to hear him tell her it was going to be alright, though she knew it wasn’t going to be. She’d never look at the world quite the same way again. “I'l be back for the funeral.” And with that she vanished, she was going home, where she could find comfort in the arms of those who loved her.

Shortly after that, about 20 minutes or so, several folks arrived to take the Nova Obsidian Rampage, who was still lying unconsious in the rubble outside, into custody.

A few days later, after she returned to the city, upon attending the funeral of Eagle Thunder, she would be asked to, and agree to take on the roll of Municipal defender for Seattle.

(OOC: This is more or less how Dauntless become a known Nova, and the Municipal defender of Seattle. It's pretty much recent events. Also, For those of you curious about the properties of Iridium: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iridium)

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