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Character Biography


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Post the publicly known information on your character here. At minimum it should be; your name, your parens name, your House, the name of your original Covenant, and a brief physical description.

Please make sure your character is approved before posting here.

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Micheal Goodman - Magus of House Flambeau

Parens - Harold Ventnar of House Flambeau, known within the Tribunal to be one of the better, if not the best teacher in the Tribunal. His Apprentices are generally better prepared than others by the time they face their Gauntlet.

Covenant: Glastonbury

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue/Grey

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 140lbs

Hand: Right

Age: Early 20's

Micheal is known to be an outdoors type person, given to regular walks in the countryside. Indeed he occasionally has taken part in hunts with members of the Coven. He has a generaly positive attitude and has expressed his goal to Master all Elemental magic.

Magically he is known to be a generalist rather than dedicated to Ignem as many Flambeau are, although given his stated goal it is to be expected that he would be better with the Elemental Forms than the others.

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Name: Victor Fillius Trophaeus, follower of Tremere.

Taught by: Trophaeus of Tremere.

The dirt:

Trophaeus and Victor recently came out of a Faerie regio raving like lunatics near London. After being discovered in the local drunk tank by one of the covenfolk of Spatha Obscuris, the covenant beneath London, he was liberated for the cost of a quick bribe.

Once the supernatural mania wore off, Victor and Trophaeus told a story of great battles, capture by the enemy and imprisonment in an unseelie gulag for who knows how long, all set durring the Schism war 200 years ago.

Though initially pegged for lies or insanity, when the masters of Coeris were contacted on the matter, the house records and geneology backed up their claims, and they were welcomed back to the house.

Since then Trophaeus has gone back to Transylvania to write his experiences down and negotiate for his back-vis. Victor, having just completed his apprenticeship inside the prison and been profoundly affected by the imprisonment, has elected to make his way in Stonehenge for the time being.

Current covenant: Spatha Obscuris, beneath London/outskirts of London

Victor is

Bulgarian, black-haired, bearded, armored and robed, for anything outdoors, merely robed when not.

He dedicates himself wholely to whatever he does, which is usually training. He is right-handed, just under 6 feet tall and heavy for his size.

He's handsome in an intense, heavy-browed sort of way, and despite being unnable to speak the local languages, seems to have a way with Spatha Obscuris' turb, whom he trains with Latin commands.

his eye-color is simply 'dark'.

His readily apperant statistics include:

+2 presence

Inspiratinoal (virtue, General, minor) which provides a +3 bonus to personality trait rolls around him.

Gentle Gift (Virtue, Hermetic, Major)

As skilled a warrior as he is a magus

He has terrible trouble remembering details about places and towns.

Prefers not to go out without a horse.

Tilts with the turb on occasion.

Drinks wine like water but NEVER gets drunk.

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Public Information

Johnathan Smithson - "Hook nosed John" - sometimes called "John Hook"

Height - 6ft

Weight - 140lbs

Hair - Black with some white streaks

Eyes - Blue

Hand - Right

Taller than most at 6ft tall, he also has the typical broad chest and powerful arms of an Archer. Despite that his foresters trade shows in his quiet step and manner. An easy man to recognise, both from the many times broken hook shaped nose, and from the long facial scar he bears since the battle in France. Like all archers he bears callus' upon the first two fingers of the right hand, but he also bears others on both hands from his use of the axe of his forester trade, and the bowyer's tools with which he makes his own bow staves and arrows.

John's first language is Cornish, but he has picked up a smattering of both English [Haltingly Functional] and French [basic Conversation] over the years both in service in Cornwall and later in London. Although a big man he has no great appetite, eating and drinking little more than is sufficent to his needs, he remembers hard winters as a child and neither wastes food, nor succumbs to gluttony. Unfortunately he is sometimes embarassed by his poor memory for names, he will remember a person, recognise their face and other things about them and where they met, but finds it very difficult to remember the name that goes with that information.

As for skills, John is acknowledged to be one of the best archers in England, having been highly placed in a competition in London last year. In melee he uses a shaft hafted battle axe, that is familiar to him from his forester days, and with which he has beaten many a knight in sparring sessions. He is most comfortable in the woods and countryside, where he has a knack for finding natural resources and good tracking skills. Although he rides, and can do so in combat if necessary, he is not greatly skilled at it, but more than sufficient for normal travelling.

He is active in setting up what is needed in the new Covenant, and helping others settle in, but has expressed a desire to visit his home area of Cornwall when he can be spared.

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