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World of Darkness: The Academy - [Mortals] F. Renata Hodges


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Full Name: Fatima Renata Hodges

Class: Junior

Age: 17

Birthdate: June 6th

House: Lancaster

Concept: Cynical slacker


Born to a wealthy political family, the last of six kids (all girls), Renata was destined to be a black sheep and fell into the role with all the unenthusiastic grace she could muster. Perhaps intentionally, she bucked the family trend by being lackluster in her studies but quite accomplished at various sports. That gift was accompanied, however, by a certain surly temper that sometimes flared, peppering her record with little black marks.

With a politician father who was mostly interested in just making sure she stayed off the media radar, and a somewhat fanatically Catholic mother who paid attention to Renata primarily to criticize her, Renata at first acted out to get attention, then finally slid into apathy. Being transferred to Dalton Academy was the result of her father deciding to run for state legislature...important enough that he wanted to make sure the loose cannon was well away from prying eyes.


Renata is a bit on the short side, with a cute face that would be spritely if she smiled more. She keeps her hair in a sort of perpetual disarray that was probably better looking when it was cut shorter. Now it's grown out enough that it's starting to look more disheveled than charmingly rakish.

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