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Aberrant: Stargate Universe - Specialist: Doctor Taylor Price


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Name: Taylor Samuel Price, Ph.D

Occupation: Formerly a bestselling author, and well-known psychiatrist

Age: 26 (appears early to mid twenties)

Marital Status: Single

Known Relatives: Father, Mother, Younger Sister

Group Affiliation: SG24

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 158 lbs.

Eyes: Green

Hair: Straw Colored

Known Powers/Abilities: Telepathy, Empathy, Sensory Recollection/Retention

Notable Skills: Trained in psychoanalysis and pharmacology, as well as a capable researcher. Has some training with firearms, which was encouraged by his publishers due to his rising fame.

Personal Interests: Sometimes follows politics, and enjoys anything with John Cusack. He likes to read pop-culture magazines, and the New Yorker.

Quirks: He does his best thinking, while walking, and can sometimes be rather intense.

Background: Born and raised in New Hampshire, he attended Stanford on an academic scholarship, and graduated Summa Cum Laude. He started his graduate work at the tender age of twenty, having already skipped two grades before entering college. After receiving his Ph.D., he went into private practice with an associate, and quickly discovered an interest in unique and bizarre cases. He was noted for his curiosity, and authored several books including The Modern Vampire: Studies in Blood and Bondage, The Modern Werewolf: The Wild and Reckless, The Modern Witch: Fictions, Facts, and Folklore, and his least pop, and most well-respected work, Outside the Lines: The Criminal Mind.

More can be found on his official website. Any autograph requests should include a SASE.

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